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And her book arc calls for a character that will have the skillset to help rebuild westeros after the war. Knockout, though? How would the GC deal a knockout blow to an army plus dragons? If Jon and Dany's armies have no food to subsist in WF till spring, their only course is to go back down South - to KL. A hostage serves Cersei as insurance against a dragon attack on KL. Why wouldn't they change sides after they see the army of the dead with their own eyes? But nonetheless they also have a very obvious reason to help the Stargaryens. And, as I said, the idea that Cersei is fixated on taking Sansa hostage really isn't borne by the show. Moreover, if the Golden Company actually did manage to sack Winterfell and was aiming to take hostages, they would logically walk away with a bunch of them, including, e. . Bran. But it's always just Sansa that people claim is going to be scooped up. I don't think Sansa was delineating a military strategy of having everyone north of WF evacuate and move in to WF, letting their homes be sacked by the NK while Jon sits idly waiting while jamming half his population into the fort. Sansa is specifically NOT a military strategist, so I don't think she was speaking for Jon about military strategy in dealing with the NK. Somehow though, Verys finds out about it and tells Tyrion.

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There's no sassy robot or clumsy oaf, no blithering CPO or bullying captain, or snarky adenoidal teen. Everyone's cool, competent, and good at teamwork, as Hawks would say, they re professional men doing a professional job, even the women. The closest thing to a ditherer is the guy up at right--the Robert Wuhl of the team--but he just has trouble getting to the point, whereas he's still an invaluable addition to the team (recognizing the alien helmet's visor as the sort of thing an alien gecko would wear, etc. The closest thing to a problem is actually Kitsch's character, which is a fascinating touch. He doesn't reach the heart-wrenchingly beautiful depth of --- in THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES, but he still makes his amateur styles work to convey a real courage in the face of the unknown. In other words, he's a truly fearless and valuable guy for a pic like this. There's note made that the USS Missouri, the boat reactivated for the climactic battle was where the Japanese signed the surrender agreement at the end of WW2. And so naturally there's a Japanese captain (Tadanobu Asano) whose ship is, like Kitsch's, wiped out by the aliens, and they work together to bring the Missouri out of retirement for one last ride - this after fighting on the soccer field the day before. For any WW2 buff, these wounds are still fresh and insight into the highly competitive nature of our individual national identities. (Contrast, say, Spielberg's joke toward the end of LOST WORLD with the fleeing Japanese salarymen. 8. Beautiful Hawaiian scenery Berg uses minimum green screen, so there's all sorts of great ocean lighting and actors really bobbing around in real ocean makes all the difference. Plus the land scenes, drenched in beautiful greenery and blazing blue skies, chills one out. Let's face it, we don't watch BATTLESHIP for art or thought, we watch it to chill out on a lazy weekend. We don't want a lot of feel bad eco-moralizing (ala GODZILLA) or Chicken Little overacting (TRANSFORMERS) and product placement, dated slang douche chills (Will Smith), We want just enough action to keep us from dozing off and enough strikingly photographed scenery to chill us out without us even knowing (i.

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Step into the shoes of a company chairman in a land threatened by giant Kaiju. It’s up to you to turn the shattered remains of your city into profit and prosperity, but watch out for the next wave of monster attacks. Make money, construct buildings, and research products related to the war on Kaiju. When an unscrupulous business magnate meets an undignified end, a fierce competition for his estate begins. Each player in Hoax assumes one of seven secret identities, from the resentful chef to the ambitious son-in-law, and attempts to make the other players believe that they are actually someone else. The United States and the USSR are the only Superpowers who can lead the world toward a better tomorrow. An exciting card game of bluffing and risk-taking for two players, Cold War: CIA Vs. KGB puts you in charge of a spy network during the post-war era. In the revised edition of Arcana 2-4 guild leaders send their loyal Agents into the districts of Cadwallon to entice, bribe, or win over powerful citizens, buy precious treasures, and utilize locations. Whichever player earns the most victory points wins. This vibrant game creates a fantastical atmosphere for players to enjoy while they attempt to best their opponents through strategic card play. Masques is a card game in which two to four players take on the roles of influential families as they plot, scheme, and outmaneuver their opponents for the favor of powerful Venetian guilds. Hire agents to carry out dirty deeds by assassinating, robbing, and wooing the members of the court as you work to become the secret power behind the throne. The basic game mechanism is trick-taking, but whoever wins the trick can distribute the cards amongst all the players, depending on his character's ability. Bilbo, for example, must keep one card from the trick, give one card to another player, then discard the remaining cards.