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Language represents a people's heritage and identity. owever, the imposition of Urdu as the national language ofPakistan has been disastrous to the country. Urdu language evolved during the declining period of Muslim rule inSouth Asia. But Persian (Farsi) always remained the officiallanguage of South-central Asia (i. . Pakistan region) during theMuslim rule. Turkic and Arabic languages were also popular, Turkiclanguage being the mother-tongue of many among the ruling elite,and Arabic language learnt for religious or scholarly purposes. Thebase of most Southern Asian Muslim empires was in North India,particularly in Delhi and surrounding areas. Other regions continued their native languages such asPunjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Kashmiri, Seraiki, Baluchi, etc. Prose Urduowes its origin to the British occupation of India and to the needof text books for the College of Fort William. The Hindi form ofHindustani was invented at the same time by the teachers at theCollege.

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After all, if the shoe fits, you must wear its golf spike puncture wounds in stoic grace or be labeled a boorish philistine. As I once famelessly said to Damien Hirst, contemporary 'conceptual' art wastes valuable wall space that could be better left blank, to contemplate the infinite (see also: Godard and the Urina l). While of course the actual child living there could have drawn a perfect Cubist masterpiece in crayon and his dad wouldn't even deign to put it on the fridge or if he so much as drew a mustache on the scribble piece of crap Dubuffet I brought over, that kid would have been whisked to boarding school for the rest of his life. You don't even want to know how much that Dubuffet went for. Decency forbids me showing it to you, or quoting a price. I kept hoping she'd lead him into a giant wicker man or tie him to a tree and set him on fire, but at least he's there, frothing at the mouth, for minutes on end. I was so impressed I had to fast forward through the second half of his endless tirade of threats against the rest of the girls at the slumber party. But there are so few nihilist deconstructions of human nature, the Lord of the Flies -style fundamental ambivalence humanity has about its own apathy towards its own ambivalence, the amorality of children cliques, that Subkoff would have been better off letting it alone to find its own abyss. She was doing okay with the whole 'pretty sixth graders dying as grand modern art spectacle in their glass house frames, that when she lobs it into the collective 'apathy' of the media punditry infield instead of trying to smack it out of the park into genuine dangerous territory, it elicits a shrug, like honey, you're rich and successful, part of the jet set world of successful working artists; why not try and say something about that, about what is art vs. Joycean aesthetic arrest, the way rich kids' lives are measured and devalued by the shitty art that surrounds them rather than just be one of the 'social media horror' stories being cranked out nonstop around the world. To say that our craving for gossip and diversion is now so instant and keyed into itself that the slightest aberration of behavior is irreversible, well - it's true, but is it art.

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It’s also hard to imagine how, if Durant elects to explore his options this offseason, he doesn’t at least give Ainge another chance to sit down with his family. . The things Donovan described is pretty bad basketball. But if the light to which Donovan referenced serves as a wakeup call for the Thunder, then some good can come from this stretch. And at least, the Thunder proved that it’s far ahead of its potential first-round playoff foes. The Thunder routed Portland 106-90 in OKC in December. In fact, he said, he long ago accepted his knee injury as the unfortunate coda to his pro career. He was finished with basketball, and he began to pursue a new life as a filmmaker. But after months of rehabilitation (with the primary goal of just being able to walk again), he regained enough strength to join a regular pickup game with several friends at Santa Monica College, near his home. I found the tweets to be innocuous at best, unnecessary at worst. Certainly not a sign of collapsing chemistry, though.

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And in Sunday’s episode, Olivia Williams’s character, Emily, finally finds out. In terms of the actor, it simplifies things because that really was the most complex aspect in the first two seasons. It was not so much differentiating between the two versions, but trying to find those shades of gray when they’re pretending to be each other, and becoming somewhat better at it as we go along. That was a big relief for the character, and a bit of a stress-relief for the actor as well. It’s always tricky for actors to play somebody who’s acting. One Howard, because he’s a superspy, he’s initially a little bit better at assuming somebody else’s persona. As opposed to the kinder, gentler Howard, who is utterly out of his depth, who has no experience trying to do that kind of thing. A lot of the aspects of his counterpart are so foreign to him, it’s hard for him to access or put on. Are there physical differences between the two Howards. Ultimately there are subtle — I hope — detectable differences in physicality. But really, I didn’t think of it that way, with rare exception.