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It was harrowing to know that in Iraq, with the existence of Talibans and the growing Isis group, gays can be punished, being killed on the streets, or being thrown out from the top of the building (as you can see in the film). COMPANY TOWN is a groundbreaking investigative documentary from Dir. Natalie Kottke-Masocco, about the people and employees of a big company situated in the small town of Crossett, Arkansas who are working for the largest paper mill and chemical plants Georgia-Pacific, owned by billionaire brothers charles Koch and David Koch of Koch Industries. Prominent in the story is David Bouie, a pastor and community leader who has lived in Crossett for 30 years. He has worked at Georgia-Pacific for ten years while his wife has worked for the company for 25 years. Her sister was killed in the tissue paper machine while working at the company and her older sister who also worked there for years has recently died of cancer. Together, they are a couple who are brave enough to represent and fight Koch Industries polluting their town. Another character featured is Hazel Parker who is a Crossett residence for 51 years. Her mother and sister had cancer and her father had prostate cancer. Her father died in 2010, her mother in 2006, and her sister in 2001.

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Guide Turtles Forever by Rob David, Matthew Drdek and Lloyd Goldfine (Roy Burdine and Goldfine, directors) First aired: 21 Nov 2009 Some goofier-than-the-real-turtles turtlebodies seem to be impersonating the real Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and what’s more they seem younger than today’s turtles, young enough to have come from 1987. The younger shellheads come from an alternate 1987—the original incarnation of the cartoon—but I figure it’s still the past. In addition, perhaps all the turtle universes are splinters from the original Turtle Prime which that bad guy targets. I ’ ve already got four turtles to worry about. These are. superfluous. Guide Related An Eloi Bronze Medal Winner “A Flash of Lightning” by Robert Scherrer First publication: Analog, Dec 2009 High school student Terri Bradbury and her high school class take a field trip to the distant past where Mr. Schoenfield sets off a nuclear explosion to experimentally study three theories of time travel’s effect on the future. W e ’ ll discuss the ethics of time travel in the spring semester. “Inside Time” by Tim Sullivan First publication: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Dec 2009 On returning from the future via the Arrowhead mechanism that he invented, Herel Jablov finds himself trapped in a small station between universes along with a pretty woman named Mae and a criminal named Conway.

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ust ridiculous. The whole notion that Heather might be alive in the woods somewhere 20 years later and is reason to go exploring is beyond moronic. Grave Encounters at least recognized it was a contrived plot and made it part of the fun, which is why I felt those movies worked as well as they did. To me, there was just no reason for this Blair Witch reboot other than to make some fast cash on a remake. You can easily tell because the story is so thin, it's virtually a poor recreation of the first film. I have ridiculously high standards for fright films because it just seems like everything that comes out anymore -- from It Follows to Don't Breathe -- is complete and utter shit. They were in the shape of the sticks from the first movie. I also agree with the stupidity of the premise and the characters. It could have been fucking youtube videos instead, about 15 minutes worth. I think i could have done a better job writing it, for fuck's sake.

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Ironically, time proved Tywin wrong and Tyrion correct: had Tywin done the honorable thing and just ground Robb down through attrition on the battlefield, Robb's surviving followers like the Mormonts and Tullys might have accepted that Robb was a brash failure and grudgingly accepted Lannister rule. Robb's strict adherence to personal honor may have seemed naive and cost him the allegiance of the Karstarks and Freys, but Tywin's use of dirty tactics is now coming back to haunt his family. As Tyrion said at the time, every time the Lannisters destroyed one enemy using dishonorable tactics, all this did was create new enemies who swore vengeance for the Lannisters' crimes. House Glover 's heraldry has never appeared in the TV series before and is first introduced in this episode: a silver armored fist on a scarlet red background. The other new heraldry is for House Mormont; though curiously, House Mormont's heraldry was actually introduced in the TV show in the first season. What is introduced in this episode is a significant redesign: instead of a striding (passant) black bear on a white background next to green trees as has been depicted in prior seasons, the sigil in this episode is depicted as a black bear rearing on its hind legs (rampant). In Westeros arms belong to a family, and any trueborn child may use them. This is similar to the practice in German heraldry, and converse to the practice in British heraldry, where only the head of the family may use the family arms; other members of the family have to difference their arms in some way. In Westeros this is not compulsory, though many choose to adopt their own personal arms, usually a minor variation on the arms of their house. Their banners appear again at the Stark army camp in this episode (a brown moose head on an orange background).

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