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Plus Dany knows shit all about these lands, her only trusted tacticians who had sort of a clue were Theon and his sister, and lets remember they both are barely anything from a military perspective than Jamie, even on Jamies worst night. Jamie now post the last few wars and without a hand has become twenty times the tactician. And it was always clear Euron was a better soldier and military man than the rest of the entire Greyjoy family. So I don't think it's that crazy to say they were able to surprise them no. Basically an excess of cool shit, with an end that felt like watching a computer take its turn in a turn-based strategy game. Loved it. I'd totally forgotten that Tyrion indirectly got Davos's son killed at the Blackwater. Goddamn though, she's getting her ass beat this season. It's kinda great to see Cersei being a legitimate adversary when she seemed an easy picking at the end of the last season, but I guess Dany can thank her good nature for that. Granted, it's hard to not cheer for Cersei's vengeance against Ellaria at least. It was nice to see them actually win a battle again.

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The comfort zone is a very powerful draw and yet to succeed, you often need to push yourself out of that comfort zone. Do you have any articles that would be helpful that give insight into career choices. That principle that separates the classes, and for many the sexes. Dad bought one stock, once IBM,100 shares),HE enrolled in the re investment of dividends-into more shares, in 1954. He bought full “blocks” pages of Stamps from all over the world. I bought Proofs, when a “pinch” came in the housing crash of 2009, i sold ONE for 2450. TIME. APE the rich in buying the best and in appreciation of goods. USE time. Over 16 millions in non taxable T-bills, do you think he knows the interest rates are going up. Own your time and your own life, invest and how long.

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He stated he knows he should have gone back and warned the Watch, which implies he didn't. It feels authentic. I remember watching GoT for the first time and it got to this scene and I told myself I'm gonna watch this show right up to the end because it had my interest. DEATH! Attached: D1DA14DC-B4E6-4BE7-B233-A51AFE82B53C. pg (1. 9 MB, 4032x3024). They’re the most insufferable main characters in a tv show ever. Really good post Attached: DB9F55ED-B4A5-4066-9933-74504D4E62AD. pg (36 KB, 500x271). I know its going to be bland as shit but Jamie being Azor Ahai would be fucking great.

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He had worked his whole life on the Texas oil fields, a job that kept him physically active, and in pretty good shape. Theories about this area range from reasonable to just plain ridiculous, but whether you believe it’s the site of time warps, alien abductions, or just plain paranoia, it certainly abounds with strangeness. This talk was originally slated as part of a TEDx event in Hollywood in 2013, but the. Taken in 1929, there is something disquieting about these black and white photographs. He sat down with me and said, “Claudio, this is a very important year for the club. It is very important for us to stay in the Premier League. A grouchy woman is sitting on a beige and golden throne on the stage. She's complaining about builders and dispensing dietary advice. That’s right, I’m talking about the super-human abilities that can be gained by those who follow the protocol for what’s known as sun-gazing, a valid practice recently confirmed by NASA. What I had failed to do was ask myself some of the tough and honest questions early on. Sometimes, especially in the dark evenings of the fall and early winter, I had the uncanny sense that I wasn't alone.

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I don’t think I have all the pieces of the puzzle to say if Unity or Improbable are right. What I can clearly see is the fact both sides made a fine mess in this situation. I found difficult to believe Unity couldn’t take a more light-handed approach. The problem is not in the facts, these we may never know for sure, but in the perception of the situation. In the end, the price will be paid by the developers, even the ones directly affected. Maybe Unity could simply have made this sharp move months ago. For example, retroactive use rights face contractual changes. Sure Unity may not have done anything harsh before, but this situation shows the fragility of the legal side of their business. I want to make a bold proposal and I would be very glad if someone from Unity could say something to us. This is big, but I think could revert the bad taste this ugly business let on everyone’s mouth. If not, I suggest adding a safeguard mechanism to the TOS and EULA.

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In the 1970s, Simon used his art successfully to promote Jamaican reggae and its leading practitioners in the U. . As anyone born after the nation’s bicentennial can attest, there’s nothing quite so tedious as listening to their parents and friends describe how they lived in the ’60s and how cool it was to starve on communes or panhandle for money to buy inebriants. “Through the Lens” suffers from Simon’s many anecdotes of the period and photos of naked hippies with goats. The first disc ends with more anecdotes about life on the Vineyard and rubbing shoulders with its celebrity community, from the Kennedys, Clintons and Walter Cronkite, to John Belushi, Larry David and Mia Farrow. The second disc is far less celebrity-centric and, by extension, more compelling. Instead, the photos and narration are more issue-oriented and journalistic, with stops in Jamaica, the Occupy protests, Shea Stadium and places where the disparity between wealth and poverty, blight and beauty, collide. Much of the scenic photography is nothing short of spectacular. Funded by a Kickstarter campaign, “Through the Lens” suffers from name-dropping, celebrity worship and Simon’s own charisma deficiency. I simply can’t tell the difference between the stories, anymore, and don’t particularly care. This isn’t to say that I don’t experience the occasional chill or continue to relish unexpected surprises.


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Lots of things happened quickly, then we'd get into a prolonged lull. Unlike the arc of the original, which pretty much sped up as it went along, this one was fast-slow-fast-slow. Same mood, same sound design (only better), fully consistent. See it on the biggest screen you can find (I did IMAX ). Music was not by Vangelis, but some of his themes were used and a very similar aura is generated -- which is to say IT WAS GREAT. Wrongly, mostly. I like movies that make me think, that I have to see multiple times. I'll be digesting this gourmet meal of a movie for a long time. Will another Indiana Jones have him teaching paleontology to a son. I enjoyed the book and the movie, but King has a habit, IMO, of throwing one too many elements into some of his books, and it's often the one that's the most weird or potentially supernatural. For Gerald's Game, the main situation was interesting enough that it could have been kept a bit simpler.