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Conversely, Ware and Young’s planning-based model of conflict considers conflicts between plans and therefore cannot account for conflicts between achievement goals and moral goals or values. Ultimately, the variety of conflict-based computational models reflects the broadness and fuzziness of the original concept of conflict. In the process, the model is extended with new types of structural elements. In Sect. 3, the model is implemented, along with an algorithm that extracts existing conflicts from a given narrative structure. Section 4 provides a practical illustration of the algorithm on one story. The practical results of this experiment draw new lines of investigation regarding groups of conflicts to deal with the complexity that characterizes authentic storyworlds. Automatic Detection of Conflicts in Complex Narrative Structures 417 Table 1. This model is based on goal-task structures that describe dramatic situations in terms of a relational network that consists of six types of nodes: goals, tasks, obstacles, side-effect, characters, and character sets. These elements are connected via different types of weighted and oriented relations. For example, the fact that a task enables a goal to be reached is represented by a reaching relation from the task to the goal, with weight “1. A given arrangement of nodes and relations creates a situation, formally described as a well-formed2 and oriented graph.

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Secondly he's the one who came up with the alliance plan for the Islanders to attack the Westerlands. Secondly, at the time of Roose taking command, he's done nothing treasonous that anyone's heard of. He's a seasoned commander and known for being level headed and a man who thinks. He is the logical choice at the time in comparison with the other idiotic lords. Even after he pretty much defies what Robb thinks he would do. e can't be relieved. He's one of the most powerful bannermen that Robb has. This isn't a centralized state where you can just pull generals left and right. Balon is known to hate the Starks and to be vindictive. There is a 0% chance that Theon can convince Balon to join the Northern cause, and Robb should've been smart enough to know that. By sending Theon, his only potential leverage over the Iron Islands, he's almost guaranteed that his coastline will be raided. As for Bolton.

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The Sonora state attorney general said the drugs consisted of 203 packets of marijuana, weighing more than 1,800 pounds. The search also uncovered a gasoline motor and a tank to store air. Authorities also found 1,965 bullets of different calibers and 26 magazines. Authorities found the van and the materials on Agua Prieta's Avenue 14, which runs right up to the border, though it's not clear where it was on the avenue. In September last year, Mexican federal police in the same municipality found another van modified to carry a similarly designed cannon, as well as an air compressor, a gasoline motor, an air tank. US authorities have said since 2012 that smugglers make use of such cannons. Cans and packets of marijuana, cocaine, and crystal meth have been found on the US side of the border, and those projectiles can be launched from as much as 200 meters inside Mexican territory. The area around Agua Prieta has seen a variety of high- and low-tech smuggling attempts. In 2011, would-be smugglers a few miles west of Agua Prieta were observed setting up a catapult just south of the border fence. Mexican authorities moved in, seizing the catapult and about 45 pounds of marijuana. In February this year, US border patrol agents found a catapult attached to the border wall near Douglas, Arizona, and discovered two bundles of marijuana nearby. Detour signs will not be posted so motorists are encouraged to seek an alternate route, the department announced in a statement.

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When I first saw the man in the plaid flannel jacket on the side of the road, I figured him for another refugee. But then he saw us, and lurched out into the path of the car waving his arms for us to stop. By the way he moved, all stiff and jerky, I could tell that he was infected. I had a brief nightmare of him flying through the windshield like a deer, because that would be it for us then. But I twisted the wheel at the last second, clipping him with the bumper, and he flew off the side of the road while I held onto the wheel and controlled the car. Fighting every natural instinct in my body to pull off to the side of the road, I put my foot down and hit the gas. “It’s all right. Everything’s all right. . What if he was just an accident victim, injured, looking for help. I pushed those questions out of my mind; I had to assume he was infected. If we stayed on it, we’d end up in the university town of Athens, where there were too many people.

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Gwendoline Christie, channeling dragon-fire in my top five dead or alive designer Iris Van Herpen, the person whose couture is most aligned with GoT style costuming (or, perhaps, the designer most likely to make fashion out of fabricated faux dragon skin). One thing that the series has delivered on since it premiered in 2011 has been the twists and turns in the story arcs of your favorite characters. These can get so extreme, it has inspired plenty of impassioned fan theories over the years. Even for the upcoming eighth season, which hasn't even premiered, there are already plenty of predictions—about a statue of Jon Snow, about Sansa and Daenerys' relationship, and more. And although we do know a bit about what to expected from the last six episodes, we. More from Hidden Remote - Nathan for You: Nathan's top 5 most hilarious and daring business ideas21m ago - Interview: Dominic Purcell on Mick's status as the Legends of Tomorrow team's SPOILER4h ago - The Orville: Stupid, funny, or stupid-funny5h ago - The Walking Dead: Kirkman and producers sue AMC over profi. Davos helped Gendry escape from Dragonstone and Melisandre. Gendry rowed out of the harbor and disappeared from the show — until now. When Davos smuggled Tyrion into King's Landing on Game of Thrones, he stepped away to take care of some business for himself. Turns out he was looking for Gendry, and he found him. Davos had given Gendry what amounted to directions to King's Landing before they parted. Several great houses of fallen entirely on “Game of Thrones,” but a new announcement about the cast for the HBO series’ upcoming 8th season might be a tease that at least in some capacity, one of them will return.