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a little bit more. Lets just finish the damn thing. Mom spirit rocks. Elizabeth Burton 6 bulan yang lalu The stool scene reminds me of Poltergeist. Elizabeth Burton 6 bulan yang lalu Yep that's a real wise idea to stick your hand down in the garbage disposal. Kyril Jordanov 5 bulan yang lalu Elizabeth Burton That freaked me out. DLM Studioz Super Dave Enterprizes 6 bulan yang lalu It’s a demon (fallen angel) impersonating her mother because people’s spirits go to heaven or hell. Only God’s Fallen Angels and Lucifer roam the earth along with good angels. Jill Trenholme Bulan Yang lalu Yes been there I was 13ry old my parents said I was mental and lost time at school cos of board I won't ever forget wot I went thro Zoe Simmons 2 bulan yang lalu True shizzz. ? Ghostatic 5 bulan yang lalu Agreed. The Djinn have not been accurately portrayed in western culture especially, hence the stereotypes. They are real living beings that exist amongst us here.

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Personally, I don’t see a path to that happening as a suitable finish to the series, but stranger things have happened. Bran And Night King Theory There’s a couple of prevailing theories about the relationship between Bran and the Night King. That Bran’s ability to warg either has him become the Night King at times or that he traveled back in time to become the Night King in some sort of LOST timeline play. Sansa There’s a sect of fans who believe that it will indeed be Sansa who ultimately claims the Iron Throne. Sansa has undoubtedly been through the roughest road, all the while maintaining grace and calm. Her experiences have morphed her into a smart, ruthless, driven and strong female who has reclaimed her father’s home of Winterfell. There’s some who theorize that she will ultimately end up killing her beloved sister Arya on the way to the throne. It’s really hard to believe that a part-time character would become the King at the end of this series, but his unrevealed Baratheon bloodline could potentially come into play. A big reason for this movement is multiple interviews in which Joe Dempsie, the actor who plays Gendry, hints at a bigger role for his character in season 8. It seems like common sense and good writing will prevail over this theory, though. You can find the rest of the odds to be the ruler of Westeros at the end of season 8 below and if you want to place a wager, these odds are available at Bovada: Who Will Rule Westeros At The End of Season 8 Of Game of Thrones. WrestleMania 35 Betting Odds Released: Becky is the Favorite WWE Fastlane: Odds Say Becky Will Main Event Wrestlemania Odds to Win Best Picture at the 2019 Oscars 91st Academy Awards Betting Odds Printable Oscars Party Game WWE Elimination Chamber: Odds Predict Bryan to Win Odds on Barstool Sports at Super Bowl 53: Who’s Going to Be Apprehended Next. Rollins is the Odds-On Betting Favorite to Win the Royal Rumble Read More Entertainment News Premium Betting Picks Subscribe Today.

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Okay, it's not so brand new, but it requires quickthinking and problem solving as you descend 20 floors. Played on Hard difficulty, Come join me as we traverse through this dungeon in the hopes to make it out alive. Status: Decline Brand New Quest (Koji, Hard) 1:00:00. Gadget must cleverly utilize his vast array of gadgets to rescue his niece Penny and defeat Dr. Claw. Gadget can only take two hits, and he has a very large hitbox, so positioning and accurate timing is crucial. We play as a child on a quest to restore a crumbling world with the power of a lightbulb, exploring vast lands and crafting items along the way. Did I mention that we have to go into the file explorer and locate a code to unlock a safe. Every fourth-wall break can be easily shown on-stream without a layout change. As originally seen in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, Ultimate mode combines Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Master back-to-back via some custom code, and results in a much longer Monkey Ball experience. Taking inspiration from the original Super Monkey Ball, this hack features some extremely difficult levels, but retains the crowd-favorite dynamic the series has. RNG takes two forms in Arkista's Ring: Random exits, which the player simply has to deal with; and a steady flow of randomly dropped consumables which make this game a lot of fun to replay. No two runs will have the same items available so it's all about improv.

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He assigned a soldier to guard me while he figured out how to handle the situation. As I sat on the couch with another soldier staring coldly at me, I gazed around the operations center. There was a white board with a funny quote about strippers, an empty office with a blow-up doll in it (oddly enough! , and some metallic signs on the walls demonstrating football fan territory. At this point, I wished I had just stayed in my sleeping quarters. A phone call to my liaison Mike was my get-out-of-jail-free card. The Sergeant Major explained the situation to him and the JAG (legal) officer. Even though the presentation was out in the open, my act of taking notes classified my entire notebook. He handed the notebook back to me and I was on my way. I wanted to simply get out, lick my wounds, and meet the commander who was waiting for me. The commander, who was not terribly impressed with my antics, laughed about my story. He decided to bring me on board on the spot despite my initial casting as a troublemaker. I like to think this gave me an edge or maybe he saw value in having me around to take notes (ironically) and provide insight into the strange cultural environment he was about to encounter.