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Mr. Sung was playing around with cool drum patterns and really exploring how to evoke them hyper melancholic feels usually associated with teen-pop. Yet it quickly gets a bit stale and most of this rests on the strengths and weaknesses of the vocals. The higher registers in his performance come off as overly serious and moody and the energy of the project quickly dissipates. The instrumentals lack a fair bit of dynamism but I will say that the actual production and mixing works quite well and I love the ideas he's playing with. But yeah, a fair bit of potential here and I can't wait to see what he plays around with in the future. With a concept of death and doom, the Swedish metal majesty of Cardinal Copia reigns supreme yet again. I think being able to tell a visual story with an audible narrative that ties everything together is one of the things that makes Underoath special to fans. The band has released five studio albums including two gold records: They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line, and have earned a pair of Grammy nominations. The Tampa-based band parted ways following the release of 2010’s O (Disambiguation), returning in 2016 for their self-proclaimed Rebirth Tour. Erase Me was written and recorded over the summer of 2017 with producer Matt Squire (Panic. At The Disco, 3OH! ) and mixed by Ken Andrews (Failure, Jimmy Eat World). The brainchild of Paramore drummer Zac Farro, HALFNOISE originally formed as a solo creative outlet, but has evolved over the years into a full band comprised of some of his closest friends and creative collaborators. On the Flowerss EP, Zac’s acute understanding of rhythm is on full display, often letting the drums and bass guitar lead the track’s instrumental composition, while his attention to vocal melody remains front-and-center. The evolution of HALFNOISE’s sound between 2016’s Sudden Feeling LP and last year’s The Velvet Face EP shows the band taking tones you would find on a record from The Beatles and presenting them with an updated psychedelic surf vibe akin to The Beach Boys. The announcement comes on the heels of SOLD OUT shows in London, Nashville and New York City.

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The next presidential election may be weeks away, but the Bushes have remained tight-lipped since Dubya's brother Jeb dropped out of the race. Bush's daughter Barbara has publicly revealed she is voting for Hillary Clinton, as has her cousin Lauren. Their grandfather, former President George HW Bush, also told his family he is voting for Clinton. Four dead after a horror accident on a ride at Dreamworld Conveyor belt at the end of Dreamworld's Thunder River Rapids Woman nicknamed Poison Ivy sexually humiliates men online That smile. Trailing 3-1, Brayden Schenn and Mark Streit scored the tying power-play goals with 3:05 left in regulation. Buffalo’s Dmitry Kulikov was whistled for charging when he wiped out Jake Voracek late in the game to start a scrum between the two teams. Schenn quickly followed with a power-play goal with 3:05 left to make it 3-2. Streit scored with 1:51 left in regulation when he knocked in the puck on the fourth rebound past a stunned Anders Nilsson. Moulson scored both goals in a three-goal second period that chased Flyers goalie Michal Neuvirth. Neuvirth allowed three goals on 17 shots and was pulled from net for his second straight start. The Flyers were listless in their third game in four nights and were soundly booed off the ice at the end of the second. Those jeers turned to cheers by the time Voracek knocked in Philly’s second shootout goal. Moulson had his first two-goal game since Dec. 11, 2014 against Calgary and has four goals this season. The Sabres had the last four days off and were clearly sharper early than the Flyers. The Flyers had 10 giveaways through the first two periods and Giroux’s boarding penalty early in the second sparked Buffalo to two straight goals. Tyler Ennis opened the scoring 2:06 into the second when the puck appeared to deflect off Streit’s right leg.

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They seem more interested in maintaining episode count for the characters more than anything else. They have already turned this into the Sansa show anyway. This season is going into the bottom of the pile for me, lol. This is not castle black Jon, it’s Jon trying to play the game of thrones but it so it happens he’s a bastard. Ian McShane killed his scenes. could have watched a whole episode of that actually. Blackfish is a badass and Jamie got pwned. imple as that. was good to see Bronn back too. Sansa throwing shade on Davos later was the first time this season I have been “grrr” at her. illy twit. nd I KNOW that raven is to Littlefinger. t has to be done of course but just makes me feel all slimy lol and We have Wunwun. ust give up now Bolton Dog. Roose was not stupid: he knew the value of alliances. She needs the Vale, and sometimes you cannot be choosy about your allies. The Stark alliance is not amounting to much: and given that that Starks so badly failed the North, and given Jon’s treason of letting Wildlings into the kingdom, that shouldn’t be too surprising.

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Sarabell Oh please. It is men who have brought every modern convenience to the world. Plumbing, electricity, communications, buildings all created and given by men. Ccfluff But Samsung gave us a pen with their note series. So, at least they thought about uh s poor women who cant hold a big phone. LobstersUnite If there is subconscious sexism in, for example, females being assumed to be the passenger when a man is driving, and women cooking more than men, perhaps the author should conduct some ecologically valid research and have a look at how the real world works, rather than play the victim. JennaAz This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. Lollipop19 Some of this is nonsense- but the phone is true. Even the standard size of most phones is too big for my little hands. Diane Abacus Considering that most engineers, designers, fabricators, tradesmen, inventors, etc, etc, then it's understandable. Push in the button and the top of your seatbelt slides up and down to accommodate your sitting height in the seat. Mollydog46 Why are some people in our society he? l bent on driving a wedge between the genders and constantly suggest women are victims and have to make do in a mans world. We are told constantly women are equals, just as capable and can be anyone they want to be and this is right but to contradict this some within society obviously with an agenda keeping trying to paint a picture that women aren? equal and this isn? true in fact in a lot of cases it? quite the opposite.