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He said that the increased amount of taxes realized by the government would be used for the various developmental activities and social welfare measures for the general public. The implementation of these schemes would ultimately lead to poverty alleviation and overall prosperity for all. ajesh Gupta said that only a visionary leader like Modi Ji can take such bold and big decisions because his only interest is the welfare of the people of this country. The social activists who accompanied the MLA included Raman Suri, Tinku and Rotary club President Rakesh Gupta. he members of the Kanak Mandi Traders Association Anoop Mittal, Ashish Mahajan, Nikhil Gupta, Rakesh Gupta and Vipan Gupta were present on the occasion. The prominent who accompanied the MLA included Viney Gupta, Rajinder Gupta, Suraj, Harjang Singh, Raju Sethi, Anita Gupta, Kiran Chouhan, Bobby and Kurneesh Gupta. The program was organized by team BJP Gandhi Nagar Mandal. he prominent present were Mandal General Secretary Kulbir Charak, S. On this tour, people brought Baloria to the water supply and the disruption of the lanes. After listened to the problems of people, Baloria said that some streets and drains of Ekta Vihar were done and some work was being done. He said that the government is working to provide better facilities to the people.

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SAM WANAMAKER b. June 14, 1919, Chicago, Illinois; d. December 18, 1993, London, England Movies: Columbo: The Bye-Bye Sky-High IQ Murder Case (1977), My Kidnapper, My Love (1980), The Killing of Randy Webster (1981), Columbo: Grand Deceptions (1989) Wanamaker acted in more than 50 films or TV movies, and got his boost in directing on The Defenders, in which he also appeared. He directed other series—Hawk, Cimarron Strip, Dundee and Culhane—and graduated to features, including the espionage thriller The Executioner (1970) with George Peppard and the western Catlow (1971) with Yul Brynner. Wanamaker was founder of the International Shakespeare Globe Theatre and father of actress Zoe Wanamaker Wanamaker traced along the outline of Peter Falk’s usual numbers for the Columbo movies. And My Kidnapper, My Love was a so-so effort with Glynnis O’Connor as a girl from a wealthy family who’s ransomed by a pair of sleazy brothers. But The Killing of Randy Webster was one of the better TV movies of its time. Hal Holbrook starred as a father determined to get to the truth behind the gunning down of his son by Houston police. Based on an article by Tom Curtis, the movie was driven by Holbrook’s superb performance and the conviction alive in Wanamaker’s hold on the story. The film concentrated on what’s known in police parlance as a “throwdown,” a weapon planted by officers on a dead body in a cover-up attempt. The cast was superb, even in small roles by Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Nancy Malone, Barry Corbin, Anthony Edwards, and Chris Mulkey.

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And yet in the middle of it all, Littlefinger and Varys remain enigmas. Much as we come to understand more and more of their motives, their precise plans remain a mystery, meaning we can never quite be sure where anything is really going, whichever format we’re following. The wealth of writing around and about it on Reddit, mainstream content outlets, tiny blogs, and Tumblr undoubtedly has surpassed that number. Brynden B Fish, one of the web's foremost ASOIAF theorists, has alone written dozens of essays with word counts numbering in the five digits. It was only after the second season that I actually read the books. I finished the last published book, A Dance With Dragons, and I had dinner with my brother the night after. I really didn't know and I just figured it was a mystery that would be revealed later on. Little did I know that there was this massive theory behind it that had really taken on a life of its own. A super zany one, or one that you think has been overlooked. He's not necessarily in it for the Realm, so to speak. He has a quest to restore Westeros to the Targaryens — in the show it would be through Daenerys, but in the books it's through the legendary son of Rhaegar Targaryen who survived — but the motivations aren't super clear.

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In the end, our frontend needs to communicate with our backend. In our pilot project, this happens by running a local webserver (the backend) on our PC. This is the same PC that runs the multitouch interface, so the data from backend is supplied from the same PC running the frontend, which means virtually no latency and a very high performance of both loading and displaying interface and requested data. The involvement of users in a a co-creative interface design process usually ends prior to its deployment in an exhibition process. In our case, we aim to involve users in an iterative design process throughout the exhibition since such a real-life experience o? rs a much more comprehensive co-creation setting than an isolated workshop. However, this requires adjustments to conventional user testing methods. We will explore the possibility of involving users in other sites (and countries) in a follow-up process that allows us to iterate our co-creation approach to interface design. 3. Vision While our work on the project in context with the exhibition nears completion, we already have both tangible and more distant goals and possibilities in mind. For one goal, we want to strengthen the storytelling aspect, the user as co-author and co-creator, even further.

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A massive demonstration was held in Aligarh the day after his assassination. It was my first experience of participating in a large demonstration, in which both the communists and socialists took part. It also happened to be my first communist demonstration. Do you remember the slogans that were being chanted. The communists and socialists and others were saying, Gandhi ke hathyaron ko, phaansi do, phaansi do. Mahasabha walon ko, phaansi do, phaansi do. (Hang the killers of Gandhi, Hang the Hindu Mahasabha people. The houses of Hindu Mahasabha leaders had been attacked all over UP, in Aligarh as well. Everyone went around saying they (Mahasabha leaders) had distributed sweets; it fanned rumours. The distribution of sweets happened, of course. (Sardar) Patel records it, though he said someone’s nephew or niece had got married and the person was therefore distributing sweets.