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Hmm, the trailers do show the 'Titan of Bravos' though. Then again, isn't Sandor supposed to be wounded with the wound starting to fester later on. In the book, the fight with Polliver a) got Ayra Needle back and b) got Sandor injured. He looked fine riding away, but it did look like he took one in the back before he got knocked down in the fight. Does anyone know why the change of actor for the character Daario Naharis - In other casting news, the Mountain gets a new face yet again (some ginormous Norwegian guy), and the guy playing Ilyn Payne got cancer so he's written out apparently (from the trailers looks like Bronn becomes Jamie's sparring partner). IMO the dude they picked now is much more fitting than the one they picked last season. He looked a little. eird. o me. Too effeminate for some reason. I liked the ending a LOT. 'Twas good. Can't wait for some of the other's to go the same way.

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When we look at the Middle East and North Africa, the challenges of climate change are evident. Farmers have been planting in drylands and dealing with climate variability and water shortages since the beginning of agriculture. They understand adaptation here, but no one is prepared for what we could face if the world doesn’t act to stop human-induced climate change now. We published a report last week examining the science of climate change, and the findings should be alarming to anyone. If governments don’t take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, globally we’re headed for a 4 degree Celsius increase. The rise will be even higher across the Arab world, and the effects on water, agriculture, and livelihoods will be far more pronounced than what people here already face. Climate models show that over the last 30 years, temperatures in the Middle East and North Africa have increased 50 percent faster than the global average. Aggressive mitigation is needed to slow greenhouse gas emissions, but here and in much of the world, adaptation is now critical to survive the changes that are already underway. In a new report released today, Adaptation to a Changing Climate in the Arab Countries, we draw on the knowledge and expertise of the Arab world in adapting to changing climates. The authors, the majority of whom are from the region, consulted with civil society, academia, and governments, and worked in partnership with the League of Arab States. They came away with three main conclusions from the Arab experience. These are things that affect people’s daily lives and for which political leadership is essential. In this region as elsewhere it is the poor who are the least resilient and who will suffer most.

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Royal Plaza Cinema Palace (3): White (Malayalam) 2pm; The Great Gilly Hopkins (2D) 5pm; Boo: A Madea Halloween (2D) 7pm; The Accountant (2D) 9pm; The Accountant (2D) 11:15pm. She pursues her career in dance as a performer, teacher and choreographer. Her recitals are marked by boundless energy and technical mystery coupled with grace and simplicity. Mohiniyattam by Smitha Rajan One the India s best and internationally acclaimed Mohiniyattam perfomer, she is well known for the spiritual intensity that she brings to the stage. She is a member of numerous cultural organisations and associated with many television networks in Indian and abroad. Smitha is the artistic director of institution Nrithyakshetra (Temple of Dance) based in Missouri, USA. She has been an active performer and a teacher for the past three decades. Oddisi by Uthara Antherjanam Uthara Atherjanam started at a very early age of five from her mother Shobha Anterjaanam being her first teacher. She has also learnt dance under eminent personalities and taken her bachelor s degree in dance. Tickets are available at Indian Cultural Centre and Children Education Centre. For further information: Call, or Chinese Festival DATE: Nov 2-5 TIME: 5pm-10pm VENUE: MIA park The highly anticipated Chinese Festival in Qatar will open at the Museum of Islamic Art Park today. During the event, some of Zhejiang s leading musicians and performers will entertain crowds in a beautiful outdoor setting that will include a Chinese market, Chinese teahouse, stage, photography exhibition space, food stalls and a children s play area. China will be celebrated with musical performances, film, children s activities and delicious food.

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Bay skips the traditional scene from other alien attack films: a montage of world capitals in a united front for self-defense. Decepticons in pursuit always seek some Cybertonian power source and an ultimate weapon to wipe out Autobots. And they seek dominion over Earth as a resource to rebuild Cybertron. Hiding amidst the rubble, she stands by stigmatized, stereotyped Autobots: “Someone’s got to take care of them. Do you know how that feels? This nurturing militant is a social justice warrior for illegal aliens. Yeager and his comrade Autobots let her tag along. Colonel William Lennox (Josh Duhamel). “You push them and they push right back. Lennox counters: “Whose side are you on. They’re all bad. Transformer-phobe and rogue C. .

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He labored for thirty days and thirty nights until it was done. However, when he went to temper it in water, the sword broke. He was not one to give up easily, so he started over. The second time he took fifty days and fifty nights to make the sword, even better than the first. To temper it this time, he captured a lion and drove the sword into its heart, but once more the steel shattered. The third time, with a heavy heart, for he knew before hand what he must do to finish the blade, he worked for a hundred days and nights until it was finished. This time, he called for his wife, Nissa Nissa, and asked her to bare her breast. He drove his sword into her breast, her soul combining with the steel of the sword, creating Lightbringer who would be jon's Nissa Nissa, if jon was indeed AA. I give you your Targaryens: Daenerys, Tyrion, and Jon. Some think that the Night's Watch is Lightbringer in a metaphorical sense - I am the sword in the darkness - and this being the case, Ygritte is Jon's Nissa Nissa because her death played a vital role in returning Jon to the Night's Watch, and Jon becoming its Lord Commander. Jaqen isn't taking on faces at the citadel for nothing. Has anyone read the sample chapters that have been released. Marwyn is the one that taught Mirri Maz Durr, and after talking with Sam, Marwyn decides he must go find Dany.

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How could she be so sure she would set him free if that was planned which I do think he planned to be in the cage because he’s a beast and will only be caged if he allows it so that point is valid with me. I don’t know its possible I’m sure but for some reason i am not feeling it as I can’t see any hints that were given at the start. The theory implies that Arya was targeted as a suitable recruit. If it were so, maybe he would think she wasn’t ready. I don’t know, you pointed out some holes in the theory, maybe it’s nothing true about it. Maybe it’s how useless i felt and how vulnerable he was and harmless and I couldn’t save him i still blame myself and can’t focus on it without breaking down and I’m not a cryer. I usually hold on to my emotions, in Ireland you grow up around everyone being tough, hardened and never letting our emotion only anger sadly, that’s one thing I like about America the people here are not afraid to open up, which I admire, sadly some people take it too far and the latest generations are very feminine and overly sensitive, where they have lost their thick skin, sorry didn’t mean to ramble, my puppy just opened up a few emotions. Jon snow is azor ahai and will lead an army against the white walkers and they will be losing the battle until Sam arrives with his new friends dany and the dragons. I introduced a couple to it sometime around season 2, and now they host a party every week at their recording studio, in a big live room with a projector and huge speakers for monitors. It’s pretty fun and I have made some good new friends out of it. I am a Gaiman fan (I have all the leather oversized collectors editions of sandman, and pretty much all his other stuff), but that is a great read. There were rumors years ago of HBO picking it up, but evidently they backed out, or Gaiman did, depending on whose story you read. I just drove across the States the last couple weeks and made my way through the north country during winter- it was probably because of this book that I decided to drive my truck across a frozen lake (not my sharpest moment, but what the hell- the locals were doing it!

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The eye color on the Boy Aged 12 is incorrect, but it’s possible there was a mix-up at the casting agency when it came time to note Bean’s eye color (which is green, not blue). Previously we assumed based on the details that young Ned was the 7 year old but now with the expanded descriptions think he might be the Boy Aged 12. For me, this is one of the best pieces of news that WOTW has shown since it started. He’s 13 lol. It says right in the casting breakdown that he’s going to be sparring with the other boy with wooden swords. He could be a younger Brandon, I believe, in the scene with child Ned. I don’t really have a visual association with what Brandon Stark would look like, but Fergus reminds me of a larger Gendry. I forget how old they were when he fought over Catelyn. This young teen Ned is for a flashback long before TOJ. I assumed the Tourney at Harrenhal, but honestly this actor looks too young to play a late-teenage Ned at Harrenhal. More likely he is one of the outlaws (like Flynn), the submissive maester, one of the nameless sympathizers, or Hunter from the casting leaks. No he’s actually older than the role described but that’s typical for child actors. Which is why I’m scratching my head over people bringing it up.