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It is that real-life report that Plaza uses as a starting point. Busy with her school work, looking after her siblings full time (her mother is around but works long hours), but feeling outcast at school, Veronica is a girl mature beyond her years in many respects. However, she seeks an escape from her isolation in the form of a ouija board seance, which she plans to carry out during a solar eclipse with her school friends Rosa (Angela Fabian) and Diana (Carla Campra). The glass smashes, the lights go out, the board rips, panic ensues. It’s ticking all the right boxes but doesn’t ever feel like it’s convincing in any of it. Seemingly pivotal lead characters in the first act are largely forgotten by the end, whilst the mother changes from negligent workaholic to loving mother over the course of three days, without ever feeling like there’s a strong bond between her and her children. Twin sisters Lucia and Irene (Bruna Gonzalez’s and Claudia Placer respectively) have a real bond and it is in some of their natural banter that the film sparks into life. Their younger brother Antonito inspires a lot of sympathy due to his hopelessness, which Ivan Chavero portrays wonderfully. Together the results are great and the scenes they share are entirely believable. Black, monstrous hands appearing from out of a bed is something that is so easily done as a practical effect, but yet this seems to be something many modern directors would add in the CGI studio at a later date. What we have is an isolated, depressed teenage girl who is obsessed with the occult. The police may have been called to the house, but it would be negligent to blame the occurrences on the occult based on the scant evidence available. This is clearly a girl in need of attention and mourning the loss of a father, unable to find an outlet. Sometimes horror is just about delivering thrills and making your audience share in the terror of the main characters. For the last fifteen minutes that’s exactly what we get. It\u0027s silly, convoluted, cheesy and makes absolutely no sense.

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She certainly knows how to sell gibberish languages. Best to just please themselves and in turn there will be a good sized percentage that will agree. Just look at what a perfect candidate we have in Donald Trump and tens of thousands Americans still have an issue with him. Like you said they are in dire need of men to inhabit these castles and defend the Wall when the WW come, he’s smart so he made the right call but he failed to see the effects it would have on some members of the NW who weren’t that fond of him in the first place. Hence my prediction that he might not be as good at microlevel politics-mind you not many great military leaders are, even Alexander the Great made some dubious political decisions during the later stages of his life. No one would expect him to be, most great players of the game suck at tactical decisions and vice versa. Sophie has improved a lot and starting to rise above the rest, too. ? Her facial expressions in this episode’s preview alone are on point, IMO. Humiliating and distracting prob are not best words to describe it. Point is I understand and accept the white lie at face value and nothing sinister. There’s this triangle between Ramsay and Sansa’s “war”. I assume Ramsay is honoring this as the Vale is at Moat Cailin safely (and not getting peppered by arrows). In the BotB, the only important player is LF and he’s offscreen. I do have a feeling from the way I heard she’s directed to act here does stifle her range a bit. She’s in a movie now that I’m looking forward to watching when it comes to red box or cable.

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Maybe he encounters Quaithe, the veiled woman he ran into in Qarth, who seemed to know a lot. It is the ancestral seat of House Targaryen and was the stronghold of a cadet branch of House Baratheon. The Chamber of the Painted Table is inside the castle. I only remembered because I binged S6 last weekend (twice). Called the cable company they are supposed to come and take a look. I'm watching the whole show again, i'm starting with the first season. I don't know if you get HBO but a few weeks ago they re-ran every episode from season 1. I only caught the last 2 episodes of season 6 which at least reminded me where we left off. Petyr Baelish has Sansa Stark's ear, and wants more than that. he wants the Iron Throne and her hand in marriage to cement his claim to it. He's going to do his best to drive a wedge between Sansa and Jon. It was a little slow in places, but it has set up a lot for what is to come. But, it wouldn't be GoT if it wasn't starting slow (and annoying me with that). I read online that some fans felt that it was too slow paced. n my mind, the pace is right on time. Especially being that this season is going to be extremely short at 7 episodes.

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Sansa, Catelyn, Septa Mordane, basically everyone at King's Landing, Gendry, Hot Pie, the Brotherhood, the Hound, etc. She's very much a lone wolf who, as far as she's concerned, should be able to abandon Westeros and her old life. Arya will learn she simply can't abandon everything like the Faceless Men do. Obviously she already knows this, at least on some level, but the realization that she'll need to return to being who she really is and getting help from others is very important, as it will drastically change her philosophy as a character. That and she'll learn how to warg, but they'll probably cut that from the show. I guess the producers realized this and just decided to kill everyone. I mean, what was even the point of casting Areo Hotah. I'd say I hope the Sand Snakes do something cool now, but they'll probably all just be killed off next episode. nd that would be for the best, to be honest. I hope they don't screw up the Iron Islands subplot too. The burning of the ships in Meereen seems to be setting up the need for the Iron Fleet to go there. Also I'm pretty sure there's no way Sansa and Theon could have made it more than a few yards into the stream before their legs went numb, let alone crossed it easily and been fine after hugging each other. Doran Martell was completely irrelevant to the tv show. Took up air time and was then killed off randomly with little reason why other than he didn't do enough apparently. Was she an old witch this whole time, similar to the old crone who confronted Cersei as a child. So obviously, she's going to be killed fairly soon, and her plot line is not going anywhere at all.

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11 To maintain its original structure of EG in the polymer matrices, careful procedures should be taken to avoid the fracture of EG sheets when mixing and compounding. Direct hot molding of the composites led to the deformation of EG and the orientation of graphite sheets. 22 Therefore, to obtain fully foliated graphite nanosheets, the fragmentation of EG by ultrasonic irradiation in the absence of grinding is recommended. This is believed to result from the intercalation of polystyrene into the lamellae of graphite. The extremely low filler loading required to display unique properties enhancement makes the nanocomposites competitive with other conventional materials. The composites represent a radical alternative to conventional filled polymers or polymer blends a staple of the modern plastics industry. In contrast to conventional composites, where the reinforcement is in the order of microns, polymer nanocomposites are exemplified by discrete constituents on a nanometer scale. The value of polymer nanocomposites technology is not solely based on the mechanical enhancement of the neat resin nor the direct replacement of current filler or blend technology. Besides, the solid lubricant particles transfer fairly readily to a metal counterface, leading to the formation of a strengthened transfer film. Finally, some fillers are used to improve the poor thermal conductivity possessed by polymers, thereby facilitat- 20Wear resisting polymer nanocomposites: preparation and properties M Q ZHANG and M Z RONG, Zhongshan University, People's Republic of China and K F R I E D R I C H, Institute for Composite Materials (IVW), Germany ing dissipation of frictional heat. However, the composites filled with the micron particles usually need quite a large amount of filler to attain an evident improvement of wear resistance. Yamaguchi found that the wear rates of unsaturated polyesters and epoxy resins filled with different proportions of SiO2decreased significantly only at a high loading of 40wt. . In this case, some inherent defects are inevitable. For example, disintegration of the fillers and detached particles were frequently observed to be torn out of both the phenolic and epoxy resin composites when an indentor moved over the systems, resulting in sharp fluctuations in the measured coefficient of friction. Furthermore, the high loading of fillers is also detrimental to the processability of polymer, especially for the thermosetting polymer used as coating.