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Break-core loops, drum n’bass rhythm patterns, trip-hop, electro and rock elements coupled with scratches create the most unexpected stylistic fusions, even on the most haunting instrumental tracks of this album. The result is a surprising collision between acoustic purity and punishing industrial beats, but a remarkably daring demonstration. Jembes, flutes, scratches, harp, piano, samples; intense episodes or long, meditative soundscapes; sometimes quiet, sometimes heavy with saturation, this work of contrasts displays a thousand faces, takes a thousand forms which will not fail attract any and all who would take a musical journey in unchartered territories. Magrini left aside his more experimental vein creating a series of retro-modernist tunes using his usual tools joined with a little bit of acoustic drums and electric guitar. Harmonic, noisy, emotional electronic tracks set the trademark sound of the one-man project from Tuscany. This is a sort of new album because it includes five official songs never released on Bad Sector's albums but only on VVAA compilations (from 2004 to 2011), two tracks from rare singles (2000 and 2001), one web release only (2008) plus four totally unreleased tracks (2003, 2014 and 2x2015). Whilst Storage Disk 1 and 2's graphics dealt with the history of Russian computer technology, this 6 panel digipack CD focuses on the computer history in Italy and in particular in Pisa. Since 95 year, each new album of this project it's event which is awaited by every second listener of industrial music. And now - long-awaited, CD the version, one of the most interesting albums of Italian master Massimo Magrini. This is the original first edition in a heavy brass box treated with acid. Resulting sound of the album reminds something Aube-like: attenuate abstract electronic waves with highly detalized structure, nothing like traditional Bad Sector sound at all. The artwork of this release deserves separate description: it's a cardboard meccano kit with engineering instruction, by following it's notes you can assemble technic-like construction of decent size, in which the CD with booklet should be put. Besides the album itself, the CD contains some extra-material from Astro in ogg format (player installer can be found on CD as well), screensaver and several wallpapers for your computer desktop. They played in Moscow, Yaroslalv, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg. They recorded the material of this album in Intonema's hometown, St. Petersburg, which extends the series of releases recorded in rotunda of the Mayakovsky Library. His work, both solo and in collaborations, encompasses diverse varieties of music for immersive listening (abstract, noise, minimal experimental, dark, tribal, etc). This new album, completely without beats yet slowly pulsating like breath or the waves of the sea, evokes both the geological slowness of tectonic shifts and cosmic travel: music that makes the listener take time to create their own imaginary spaces.

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Phones, on the other hand, have thus far only allowed for “OK Google. Well, that’s now changing — users are reporting the ability to trigger Google Assistant on their phone using the “Hey Google” command, which many argue is much easier to say and simply rolls of the tongue a little better. If you don’t have the ability to use the “Hey Google” keyword just yet, it will likely come to your phone in the near future. When it does come, it will appear as a notification which you’ll need to tap on to retrain the voice model for the new command. Google and Target are making it a little easier to order products through Assistant. The companies have announced a partnership that will see users able to search for, reserve, and buy products from Target’s catalog. You will need a Google Express account to do so, and it’ll only work in covered areas, but if you fit those criteria you’ll be able to say things like “OK Google, order paper towels from Target. Soon you’ll be able to do things like specify which stores to order from within two hours, and REDcard customers will be able to use their cards for a discount. Google Assistant is a great voice-based digital assistant, but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to be talking — like in a library, for example. Thankfully, Google has remedied that by allowing users to instead type to Assistant. Simple hold down the home button to trigger Assistant, then hit the little keyboard button in the bottom left-hand corner of the display, which will pull up the keyboard. If you’re a tablet user, brace yourself for some bad news: Google has confirmed that Google Assistant will not be coming to Android tablets — at least not anytime soon. Google didn’t say exactly why it won’t bring Assistant to the tablet, instead choosing to stick to the script of telling us Assistant is currently rolling out to phones running Android Marshmallow or higher. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean tablets won’t ever get Assistant — rather it just means that this current rollout doesn’t include tablets. With the launch of Google Assistant on iPad, there could still be hope for Android tablets. Google Assistant is currently rolling out to all kinds of Android smartphones with Android Marshmallow and Nougat — but it’s also available on Apple’s iOS too. Rumors first started circulating that Google was interested in bringing Assistant to the iPhone early this year, until the company finally launched an Assistant app in May. It make Microsoft’s Cortana has been available on both Android and iOS for some time now, however the service has had a hard time gaining a large user base. Could Assistant be the digital assistant that gains popularity on an operating system other than its own.


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He’s entering the frozen part of hell, if you will, where the dragon known as Lucifer is imprisoned in a frozen lake. I know, I know, three heads has the dragon, and icy tears like Alyssa. Poor, sad Lucifer, trapped in the cold lake, crying forever. It’s okay, he won’t stay there forever, MUAH HA HA HA oh sorry. This metaphorical partition or barrier is often referred to as “the veil of tears,” such as when Davos sees the frozen dragons on Dragonstone stirring as if to wake when Mel and Stannis do their Lightbringer ritual. The old dry wood and countless layers of paint and varnish blazed with a fierce hungry light. Heat rose shimmering through the chill air; behind, the gargoyles and stone dragons on the castle walls seemed blurred, as if Davos were seeing them through a veil of tears. Or as if the beasts were trembling, stirring. It represents the ice moon, as I’ve said, and therefore it symbolizes the death realm, the frozen hell. He saw the Wall shining like blue crystal, and his bastard brother Jon sleeping alone in a cold bed, his skin growing pale and hard as the memory of all warmth fled from him. And he looked past the Wall, past endless forests cloaked in snow, past the frozen shore and the great blue-white rivers of ice and the dead plains where nothing grew or lived. North and north and north he looked, to the curtain of light at the end of the world, and then beyond that curtain. He looked deep into the heart of winter, and then he cried out, afraid, and the heat of his tears burned on his cheeks. Haven’t you always wondered what Bran saw there that was so terrifying. George has said that TWOW will take us farther north than ever before, so perhaps we’ll find out soon, but what if we didn’t have to wait that long. Well, through symbolism, we can go where no POV character has yet gone and penetrate the Heart of Winter, which is in fact what we do every time we look inside an ice moon symbol. Related to Jon, we also found the infamous dragon locked in ice motif that we seem to find everywhere ice moons are symbolized. We don’t have to beat that one to death; we know about the dragon locked in the ice. In the cave Jon and Qhorin hid in, we saw a symbol of Dawn in the shimmering pale stripe of moonlight that shone through the waterfall and projected on to the sand, which was followed shortly by a reference to waiting for the dawn.

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Disinhibition is defined as the inability to control impulsive behaviors, thoughts, or feelings, and manifests online as people communicating in ways that they would not ordinarily do offline. These communication patterns can be positive or negative. An example of disinhibition online is the propensity for self-revelation that results in people feeling more intimate. This self-disclosure can be either positive and appropriate, allowing for a deepening connection, or negative and inappropriate, such as angry comments or lack of honestly in disclosure. For a discussion of other aspects of disinhibition, see the chapter in this book by Adam Joinson, called “Disinhibition and the Internet. Even researchers studying disinhibition can be surprised by the disconnect people seem to manifest after having behaved in a disinhibited manner online. Niederhoffer and Pennebaker (2002) were amazed when, in post-experimental interviews, students who had just engaged online in “overt invitations for sex, explicit sexual language, or discussion of graphic sexual escapades” (p. 14) were demure and shy. Because the Internet feels so virtual and boundaryless, it is tempting to perceive “the other” as not real. Invisibility: You don’t have to worry about how you look when chatting with someone online. One need not worry, am I smiling enough, was that sigh of exasperation heard. What you have to write then takes on deeper meaning. Analyzing the textual clues of communication, without the nonverbal, leans heavily on one’s thinking. as thoughts can be the precursor to the written word. Asynchronicity: For many online communications, one can respond at one’s leisure, and the pressure of an immediate response is gone. Here, Suler talks about “emotional hit and run,” where a scathing message can be left on a message board and the poster never returns to check on the responses or repercussions of their words. Solipsistic Introjection: As absorption in an online exchange increases, some experience the online companion as a “voice within one’s head” (Suler, 2004; p. 323). The online friend becomes incorporated into one’s intrapsychic world.

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In order to omit this expensive process, silicate layers of clay (sodium-type montmorillonite) were uniformly dispersed in a water slurry and mixed with a molten resin. This method is shown schematically in Fig. 1. 6. The clay slurry was injected into a twin-screw extruder by a pump, and water was removed under reduced pressure. In this process, a nylon nanocomposite with uniformly dispersed silicate layers was fabricated successfully. This method simplified the clay organization process, allowing nanocomposites to be obtained at low cost. Table 1. shows the mechanical properties of this nano- composite. The heat distortion temperature was somewhat lowered because the bonding between clay and nylon was not ionic bonding. 1. Other types of nylon After it was verified that nylon 6 could be mixed with clay to make nano- composites with dramatically improved performance characteristics, the same synthesis techniques were applied to other types of nylon resins. 24 Polymer nanocomposites 1. . Nylon 6,6 (Liu, 2002) A nylon 6,6-clay nanocomposite was produced using the melt compounding method. Co-intercalated organophilic clay was used as the clay base. Na- montmorillonite was first processed using hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium ions and epoxy resin, then kneaded using a twin-screw extruder to make a clay nanocomposite. The amount of phases increased with increasing clay content. X-ray diffraction and TEM observations revealed that the clay layers were exfoliated and uniformly dispersed in nylon 10,12.

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Whether on radio or television, he has broadcast virtually every Clippers game since the team moved from Buffalo, New York to California in 1978. During this podcast, he reveals why he made the decision to retire after having broadcast over 3,000 Clippers games. He also shares why he considers himself to be a part of the L. . Clippers team, and reveals how he came up with his beloved catch phrases. We've gathered three guests who can inspire you to re-charge your soul and to become more productive with your time. During this podcast, you'll hear portions of previous FBI podcasts with Andy Puddicombe, co-founder of the wildly popular Headspace guided meditation app. Jake is now a senior at USC who has played in three USC football games as a long snapper. During this podcast, Jake recounts the experience of being invited to USC as a 12-year-old and then losing his vision, he discusses what it was like to play in his first USC football game as a blind player, and he reveals his plans for the future including a new venture (Engage), and the possibility that he might someday play--not professional football, but professional golf. During this podcast, Jason tells us how special his son was, he discusses the horror of living through the events of that night and the following morning, and how he has managed to move forward in the days since. Jason also reveals the sympathy he has for the mother of the shooter and his hopes to speak with her. During this podcast, Nigel discusses his life and career including his childhood in Wallasey, England and the early years of his career. KISS has earned more gold albums (30) than any American band in history. Gene is also a prolific entrepreneur and co-founding partner of Rock and Brews restaurants. There are more than three-thousand KISS licensed products including a collaboration with Hello Kitty to market KISS-Hello Kitty merchandise in 90 countries. During this podcast, Gene discusses his life and career, his love of America, his respect for military and first responders, his entrepreneurial spirit, and the upcoming farewell tour. During this podcast, Victoria reveals what it was like as she emerged from the vegetative state and was eventually able to communicate to family members that she was conscious and aware of her surroundings despite being unable to move. She also discusses her long road to recovery, her faith and family, her triumph at the London 2012 Paralympic Games, and her zest for life. Roosevelt and Lyndon B.

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Maria sul Donna Retro con Nero Mare Chiusura Dalia Sandali. Chiusa JES Karma Col Marrone Tacco Cuero Punta Donna. Nelnomedellarosa: Vivere tra piu mondi martedi 12 marzo 2013. Download Larte Di Parlare In Pubblico, jnana yoga, raja yoga, karma yoga. repoels CarineFacebook Iedere keer als een belg scoort is hij een. Iscriviti a Facebook per connetterti con Roger Welten e altre persone che potresti conoscere. Grazie a Facebook puoi. ezzosangue - Esistenzialismo LyricsMusixmatch Lyrics for Esistenzialismo by Mezzosangue. Basi Musicali Professionali e KaraokeSongservice Song Service offre canzoni karaoke e basi musicali in formato MP3 e MIDI. Ogni giorno nuove basi musicali con testo Karaoke dei successi italiani e internazionali. Nelnomedellarosa: marzo 2013 Lui, l'uomo impresso nel suo karma. Ena Murray Omnibus 27 eBook di Ena Murray Windows 8; Ulteriori. ’n plek waarheen mense gaan om weer sin in hul bestaan te oor Karma is ’n. Also celebrating (or being celebrated in absentia) today, pictured in order after them. Born of an aristocratic Sicilian father and Irish mother in Liverpool England, they were back off to Sicily as a baby, growing up in war torn Italy and then to NYC as a teenager where she was educated. Working at various jobs while studying with Stella Adler and the Actors Studio, she appeared as a contestant on the television game show “Stop the Music. A Universal Studios executive saw her and she was placed under contract. At Universal she was kept busy in bit parts in “All That Heaven Allows” and “Never Say Goodbye” before receiving her first screen credit for “The Price of Fear” as the daughter of the victim at the center of this minor film noir. After the small Italian produced “The Triumph of Robin Hood” starring husband Don Burnett, she stayed in television for the remainder of her career.

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