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Well let’s find out as we bring onto the show to start joining up dots, with the one and only Dianne Collins Tim Tam Slam. r meditation on a cookie Cache Translate Page For best results, start the video below and let it completely buffer before you start reading. While probably completely safe for most work environments, some may find the content of this post objectionable. For those of you still here, start the video when it's buffered. It will probably end before you finish reading. Yeah. tried to pare it back, but the words wouldn't stop and wouldn't be edited out. I turn off the lights and light a single scented candle, the one that is reminiscent of a burning fireplace. I think I'm ready. I click play.

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It's more than Sansa feels burned, and she's playing her cards close to the chest. It's all very rushed, of course, but I'm liking Sansa's transformation. It has been a long time coming. Also. Summer died? I'm VERY surprised by that. In the books, at least, the wolves seem very critical to the Stark characters. Also, per the creators, Bran went into the trance again because the Three Eyed Raven was trying to upload all his knowledge into Bran. That's why Bran was trapped in the vision and forced to warg Hodor from there. Its pretty clear to me this episode ranks up there with Dany getting her Dragons, in terms of how world changing it is.

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They must consider esoteric sports-broadcast issues like home blackouts, flexing, cross flexing, prime flexing, constants, mandatory pullouts, primary markets, secondary markets and protected games. In other words, it’s not as easy as, “Hey, everybody either really hates or really loves the Patriots, so let’s just put that game on everywhere. Here is how CBS went about regionalization for Week 11. Early Window Week 11 is a doubleheader week for CBS, meaning it is showing games in both an early window (1 p. . Eastern time) and a late window (4:25 p. . . CBS and Fox have nine doubleheader weeks and eight singleheader weeks apiece throughout the season. When a network has a doubleheader the other network has a singleheader; the exception is Week 17, when they both have doubleheaders.

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I gasped when Ramsay killed Rickon, even though I knew it would happen. I also wonder what's gonna happen with Littlefinger, and while I agree with Laz that Littlefinger had owed Sansa, I'm sure he's got a plan, I just hope Sansa won't fall in it. This was definitely the best episode of the season, right before the 5th. If there's a battle sequence and Jon Snow is in it, you know it's going to rock. Not because of all the amazing action scenes but the writing. Homosexual tension between Danny and Yara was one of the best things GoT has given us and the small talk about mad fathers, patriarch. tc was just so simple and deep. I just screamed when i felt that gurl power in the scene. I would like to read a profound analysis from a feminist perspective. Because the narrative now is all about powerful women and it turns out to be their war.

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Next season, the plots related to the Lannisters end, perhaps leaving Jaime and Bron to join the final fight in the North. I'm guessing Tommen kills Cersei and then himself, freeing up Jaime for his redemption arc to run its course. Jaime arrives too late, sees his son in the golden shroud and then he takes Widow's Wail from the bier and goes North. I'd like to think Jaime and Brienne fulfill their relationship in a final stand against the White Walkers together, armed with the twin swords made from Ned's blade. Jaime began the story as the man who had everything but honor and reputation. He will have lost everything but, in the end, Jaime will regain his name and his place in history for his final deeds. Remember that scene with Joffrey mocking him over the King's Guard Book of Knights. Jaime said there was still time for him to fill his page. And yes, Rickon not mixing in a zig or a zag made it harder to suspend disbelief than the existence of giants, blood magic, etc. Perhaps he discovers that the true nature of the army of the dead is based on a pyramid scheme of warging.


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(“We were four boys who shared one face,” one wrote in his essay. They applied as a group, hoping their unique situation would get them a generous financial aid package. That, and their efficiency would have to hinge on AI (current prototypes are human operated) and I seen that episode of Black Mirror and have my qualms. On a brighter, more pragmatic note, while using this nanotech for pollination isn immediately on the horizon, who to say it couldn eventually be used for pesticide dispersion fake hermes belt vs real. Embedding is the preferred method of including social media posts in Mic content, so that if canada goose outlet eu that content is updated on social media, it canada goose outlet in new york updates to canada goose outlet uk its most accurate form on Mic as well. Sensitive topics include but are not limited to sexual assault, medical conditions, drugs and illicit activity. The thing is, when you’re taking a break, there’s the opportunity for curiosity and longing to work for you. He’s not with canada goose outlet store uk or seeing you every second, so he has to guess a bit to determine what’s going on with you. With a lush open world to explore and tons of things to do at your canada goose outlet hong kong own pace, Skyrim has cemented its place as one of the canada goose outlet miami best games Like Far cry. Boot this game up and say goodbye to your social life.

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. Book selection lists, 423. Ex. 6. Daily list of Great Britain — d. . . . Government publications, 4321121. Daily telegraph victory atlas of the world, 221 17.

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He thought he had the country in the palm of his hands. Now, Roosevelt feared that the court was preparing to strike down the Social Security Act and the law that gave unions the right to collective bargaining. Immediately after his inauguration, Roosevelt vented his anger at a Democratic Party dinner. On Capitol Hill, critics argued that Roosevelt's bill challenged the Constitution itself. This is more power than a good man should want or a bad man should have. He dangled promises of federal projects, hinted at judicial appointments, threatened to withdraw patronage. At a picnic for Democratic congressmen, he turned on all his charm. It was a loss of confidence on the part of the country. It was a recognition by his opponents in politics that they could beat him. It was a recognition on his part that he had lost some measure of power.