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r-50463787 Of course, this could be NCW trolling, as it is completely antithetical to the acting process. I give up. ETA: Source B: sounds like the Reserve Room (does this even still exist)? son-8. tml. I love how all the leaks have Jaime being the valonqar and killing Cersei, a super clear part of the prophecy that was NEVER MENTIONED IN THE SHOW, yet they mostly ignore the part of the prophecy that was actually included. What’s tempering that is the foreshadowing that she’s very likely to give birth, and very probably more than once. I reckon she’ll be severely, if not mortally, injured as we approach endgame, but for life of me, I can’t imagine anybody else spawning continent conquering dynasties apart from her and Jaime, and Jon and Dany. The Stark girls are too parochial, even if Arya does hook up with Gendry, and hubris dictates that Cersei and Euron are going to bite it. Yara may well take control of the Iron Islands eventually, but she’s smart enough to know that her people are incapable of integrating on the mainland without drastically changing their traditions. Travis Barker has said that Blink-182’s new album will. Don’t miss your chance to play on the lineup, submit today. That's a great insight into the Books would be awesome for them to explore that.

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I didn’t realise until researching the toys to add to this post that this was actually made because it was in Home Alone 2. It wasn’t a toy until after that movie, how cool is that. It was just a prop and because loads of fans asked about it, they made it. I hope if you have children they get everything they wanted and wished for from Father Christmas. It’s also one the worst days of the year for people with mental health. If you know someone who needs support this time of year, please support them if you can. If you’re someone who isn’t feeling their best Christmas Day, please seek support, whether it be from friends and family, or even Samaritans. I’ve been depressed over the Christmas period and it’s really crippling, especially when it’s that time of year when you’re meant to be “okay”. Also, if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m always willing to listen and support. I love anime, manga, matcha flavoured Kit Kats, coffee, puppies, Pokemon, South Park, playing Persona 5 and so much more. You can customise and make your own pizza with as many toppings as you could wish for. These are my beauty favourites but I have lifestyle favourites over on my blog post too. I’ll be talking about what I had to eat there next week.


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Vamos estabelecer parcerias com o setor privado na area da saude, assegurando a reciprocidade quando da utilizacao dos servicos do SUS. O grande agente desta politica e a Petrobras, simbolo historico da soberania brasileira na producao energetica. Uma nacao com a marca inerente da cultura e do estilo brasileiros --o amor, a generosidade, a criatividade e a tolerancia. Temos avancado na pesquisa e na tecnologia, mas precisamos avancar muito mais. Ele pressupoe o avanco social e a valorizacao da diversidade cultural. Nossa politica ambiental favorecera nossa acao nos foruns multilaterais. Defender o equilibrio ambiental do planeta e um dos nossos compromissos nacionais mais universais. O meu governo continuara engajado na luta contra a fome e a miseria no mundo. Seguiremos aprofundando o relacionamento com nossos vizinhos sul-americanos; com nossos irmaos da America Latina e do Caribe; com nossos irmaos africanos e com os povos do Oriente Medio e dos paises asiaticos. Preservaremos e aprofundaremos o relacionamento com os Estados Unidos e com a Uniao Europeia. O ser humano nao e so realizacao pratica, mas sonho; nao e so cautela racional, mas coragem, invencao e ousadia. Eu e meu vice Michel Temer fomos eleitos por uma ampla coligacao partidaria. Nao havera compromisso com o erro, o desvio e o malfeito.


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Today we will discuss Cersei’s endgame and how her last story will be told in the upcoming season. Her first scene would be together with Euron, who’s arriving in King’s Landing with the Golden Company. Euron will notice two things: Jaime gone and Cersei visibly pregnant. I don’t think Euron is stupid and he knows that Cersei’s only using him for her own good. He would want something in return now and with Jaime gone he wouldn’t wait longer. He has done a great deal in Cersei’s favour already: bringing her Ellaria Sand and her daughter, attack the Unsullied during their assault on Casterly Rock, ferrying the Golden Company to King’s Landing. Euron doesn’t want to lose more time and proposes Cersei to marry him right away. Cersei understands that she needs his alliance since she’s surrounded with enemies at all fronts. This time, Euron will stay a while in King’s Landing. Of course he will, who’s Cersei going to interact with otherwise. I’m sure he’ll bring Yara with him since it’s not a bad idea to remind the viewers of her whereabouts. Yara would be thrown into prison for the time being. This episode will mainly set up Cersei and Euron’s relationship for the rest of the season.


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