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Zdravlje Skorpiona karakteristicno je za njegovu prirodu. Neumeren zivot, apatija ili pak tezak rad mogu ga unistiti. Skorpioni retko oboljevaju, ali kad ih snadje to je o n d a zaista opasno. Rekreacija, promena okoline i mir najbolji su lek da bolesni Skorpion potisne svoje osecanje ozlojedjenosti. Osetljivi su na bakterije a najosetljiviji organi su im: genitalni, nos, grlo, srce, kicma, ledja, krvotok, noge i zglobovi. Pa ipak, videcete da ima m n o g o Skorpiona koji guraju njusku bas t a m o gde ne treba. Takodje vrlo je hrabar, familijaran tip i zastitnik dece i nejakih. Skorpion preuzima konce u svoje ruke polako ali sigurno. A k o naumi nesto, o n d a to zasigurno prestaje da bude samo san. Iako medju hirurzima Skorpionima ima m n o g o sadista (tako bar tvrde zlobnici), ima i m n o g o Plutonaca lekara koji postavljaju dijagnozu bolesti na zagonetan i naobljasnjiv nacin.

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Tara finds a picture of Christian and his mother on his bulletin board and unfolds it to reveal Christian's father. Tara questions him about his father but Christian refuses to talk about it. Grace makes things awkward between Abigail and Ethan when she says they obviously are dating each other, making Abigail tense and amusing Ethan. Tara and Christian, criticised by Miss Raine for skipping class, make their dance project a duet but still join Ben and Sammy's flash mob. Grace and Abigail also participate in the flash mob with Ethan as the cameraman. Sammy informs Ben that their planned flash mob show on the ferry is not possible due to the workers being on strike; Ben then decides to hold it on the train. Afterwards, Grace makes it known to Ethan that she in fact likes him before kissing him in sight of Abigail. This crosses into Tara and Christian's argument over Tara researching his father's whereabouts. Sammy is hyped with energy (and caffeine) and is still trying to juggle his work priorities with dancing, but in a mind slip, accidentally forgets to lock up at work and allows the cash to be stolen. Tara is still reeling from her break-up with Christian, and tries calling him to help her practice as Ben is unworried (and has BO ); meanwhile, Tara takes her and Ben's concerns that Saskia has a grudge against her up with Miss Raine, who brushes her off, telling her she asked Saskia to be hard on Tara due to her recent lack of commitment to dancing.

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When one of them goes missing, they call the police who are unable to do anything, but the next morning, the boyfriend of the missing girl sets out on his own, leaving everyone open to the killer's attack. I like found footage movies, but while it's easy to generate suspense, it's also hard to pull a feature off. However, once there, they are beset upon by Kong, a giant gorilla, who smacks down the helicopters and kills a lot of the marines, scattering the rest of them over the island. Now they must reach a rendezvous point in three days while trying not to get killed by the other creatures on the island while the military commander slowly goes mad with revenge against Kong. Well-acted, cast and paced with lots of action scenes, cool monsters and the best group of individual military characters since ALIENS. Be sure you stay after the end credits for a massive kaiju surprise. After accidentally killing one of the adults, the new regime leader's rule becomes harsher and deadlier, and when he decides to penalize a young boy for treason, a quietly simmering rebellion erupts. Fast-paced, often light-hearted but pretty entertaining. THE JUNKMAN H. .

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Considering how they go on about the Iron Price shouldn’t there be like a fight to the death or something? €ť. If there was a fight between contenders it wouldn’t be the iron price because the prize doesn’t come from the looser. I always look forward to reading your comments about the episodes. You really help explain things in a simple and clear cut way. She did a wonderful job explaining a complex episode. Bran may have too much on his plate now to re-visit ToJ with his visions. I hope Arya stays a girl who has no name long enough to kick that waifs ass properly, but I think her arc is about to leave Braavos as Arya Stark. I usually try not to post comments that are so lengthy but last night’s episode warranted it. I’m still processing what happened but it makes me happy to know that fellow WotW commentators are here to support each other.