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Why these friends have been themselves motivated by their digital clones. Not only was the performance-art group that I co-founded, Second Front formed within days of me actively creating my avatar (Second Front est. For those who do not know Gazira Babeli already, she is probably considered to be the very first dedicated performance artist in Second Life. Little is known about the RL life of Gazira Babeli. This is an avatar who likes to hermetically exist only within the virtual bubble-economy of Linden Labs. All the public knows for sure is that she hails from Milan, Italy and is a ? ode performer. If ? az? (as she is known in SL) took a special liking to you, you may have had the privilege of being barfed on. If you have not already witnessed Babeli? official performances and artistic interventions yet, you are very likely to be her unwitting ? udience. Just make sure you do not offend her with any foul language as she is likely to send an intelligent yet sinister tornado after you in order to make you repent your impolite ways. ). Maybe these lives (RL and SL) are not so different: symbolic abstractions and virtuality are common attributes. Also, everyone in SL seems to be either intentionally or unintentionally an artist of some sort - in what way does a performance art group like Second Front stand out from the regular surreal, yet routine activities of SL residents. Everyone is an actor, director and audience together. The artistic goal could be primarily some shared aesthetic way of thinking and it also needs a shared kind of intentions, so I enjoy being part of the Second Front crew. Wirxli Flimflam: Yes I consider myself an alien but at the same time accessible enough to pass for Post-Human;-) Aidan: Do people react instinctively to your avatar appearance.

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Rediff. om, 2 months ago. The ceremony was presided over by Saikat Maitra, vice-chancellor, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal. So, in whatever way I can, I would like to contribute. IMAGE: G Madhavan Nair, then ISRO chairman, receives the Sree Chitra Thirunal Trust award from then President A P J Abdul Kalam, September 21, 2006. Photograph: Kind courtesy When G Madhavan Nair, former chairman, Indian Space Research Organisation, joined the Bharatiya Janata Party, the question. Rediff. om, 2 months ago. I played about 18 hours and to date haven't paid a cent. Can you imagine getting to play Red Dead 2 or Assassin's creed Odyssey or another AAA companies game completely free for 18 hours. Any qualms about the game aside, this is a pretty awesome thing they did. LifeLine First Aid--a leader in the field of first-aid and disaster readiness products--has teamed up with AAA to bring you a line of high quality Road Assistance Kits. Featuring both first-aid and automotive emergency items, these practical all-in-one kits can help protect you in the event of an automobile breakdown or personal injury. AAA Assistance Kits help you stay safe on the open road. View Larger Equipment That Keeps You Safe and Comfortable If an accident or personal injury were to occur during your trip, would you be ready to deal with it. Being unprepared for a situation requiring first-aid can turn an inconvenience into something much more serious. Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road, but the AAA Adventurer Road Assistance Kit will help keep you safe, warm, and comfortable while you are waiting for help. It contains booster cables, an air compressor, emergency whistle, and a dual LED flashlight--four items that can minimize the amount of time you are stranded. All AAA Assistance Kits come with LifeLine's 45-piece first-aid supply pouch. It contains a variety of medical supplies that can address a wide range of minor injuries.

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When we met him five years ago, the role played by Joshua Gomez was that of typical sitcom sidekick. A writer would say, 'I like what Josh is doing with this. Gomez took a one-note best friend who only had the annual San Diego Comic-Con to look forward to in life and turned him into a lovable, respectable man of the world. “Chuck” returns to NBC tonight, October 28, for its fifth and final season on a new night, Fridays, at 8 p. . My family and I can’t wait. Jason Hartman interviews film producer, James Jaeger, regarding the new documentary, “The Spoiler. James discusses the philosophical underpinnings of our society over the last 100 years, dividing it into two categories: Libertarian Conservative Era and the Progressive Era. These and other philosophers laid the groundwork of these eras and slowly indoctrinated people through the decades. “They basically undermined the whole viewpoint of the individualist, strong, free economic society that we had going from the birth of the nation,” says James. Comte’s influence was the greater good, or altruism. Rousseau wrote the book, Social Contract, (democracy. Karl Marx twisted Comte’s greater good to be for the greater good of the State (communism). Jason and James also discuss outsourcing, fractional reserve, taxes, GDP, illegal labor, and many other topics that are a result of the culmination of philosophers and political thinkers through the years. The film, “Spoiler,” offers an explanation of why no third political party has been successful since 1860, and discusses a platform that is based on the political strategies of Nelson Hultberg that could bring a win to a third party and end the current two-party system. James Jaeger is a Telly Award-winning filmmaker, having produced such documentaries as “Fiat Empire,” which featured Rep. Ron Paul and Dr. Edwin Vieira, and “Original Intent,” which featured Ted Baehr, Pat Buchanan, G. The new “Spoiler” documentary features some of these same experts, among many others, such as Jack Rooney, John Williams, and Chuck Baldwin. James founded the production company to continue goals set forth by Lee Garmes, Academy Artists, Inc.

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But when he wins 20 million dollars in the lottery, his life takes a turn for the exciting in this hilarious, slapstick comedy. (90 mins. (Orchid Tree). Some 20 years later, it’s time to take revenge on the assassins who destroyed his childhood. Jon Foo (“Rush Hour”) stars in this revenge thriller directed by Jean-Marc Mineo. (82 mins. (China Lion). The award-winner, one of China’s top-grossing films of 2017 stars Huang Xuan ( Extraordinary Mission ) and newcomers Miao Miao and Zhong Chuxi. (146 mins. (China Lion). Her husband, photojournalist Lai Mao (Zhou Baihao) works for K-9 Weekly and has recently been demoted to an entertainment paparazzo. One day, Outstanding Productions head Zhang Baigao, aka Jeff (Lin Dexin), spots Zhu Qi in a period drama he’s making and thinks she would be ideal as the lead of mega-budget Lunar New Year movie 2047 (a lame parody of Wong Kar-wai’s 2046) and offers her the role on condition that she’s unmarried and causes no scandal. Things, of course, go hilariously awry in this fast-paced satire set against thre backdrop of Hong Kong’s movie business. (105 minutes) (Orchid Tree). But his penchant and skill at breaking up couples without complication and worry is put to the test when a battle of wits ensues with Xiaochun, risking his reputation and setting up the ultimate test of his services! (115 mins. (China Lion). Without a mother, he became independent and the two didn’t speak for 20 years. After meeting at the aunt’s funeral, he learns of his mother’s terminal illness and decides to stay with her for the last few months. And when he finds a note written when 10 entitled, “10 Best Wishes to Mommy,” he decides to deliver them to her, one by one, in this heartstring-tugging drama.

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The models we highlight here run the gamut from inexpensive consumer units to scanners aimed at serious photographers, be they professionals or advanced amateurs. What all these products have in common is that they're the best photo scanners in their respective categories on the market today. For more on what to look for in a scanner, check out our top scanner picks. And if you have an Apple computer, our list of the Best Scanners for Macs is worth checking out. And before you start, you'll also want to check out our top tips for preserving your photos. Rather than just type 1 and type 2 diabetes, there could be at least five broad ways the insulin disorder manifests. Diabetes is best understood as a breakdown of the process that maintains proper glucose levels in the body. Typically, the hormone insulin, produced in the pancreas, moves glucose from the bloodstream into your cells, where it’s converted into energy. People with type 1 diabetes, as we traditionally understand it, have an immune system that attacks and destroys the cells that make insulin, rendering them permanently insulin-deficient. Those with type 2 diabetes, who make up around three-quarters of all cases, either stop producing as much insulin they once did, or they stop responding to the presence of insulin as easily. (Other, secondary types of diabetes can involve insulin or other mechanisms). In this latest study, the Swedish and Finnish researchers analyzed the medical records of around 15,000 patients newly diagnosed with diabetes. The records were obtained from five patient registries established in both countries. They looked at six variables that are often used to determine the type and severity of a specific diabetes case, from the age of diagnosis to BMI to the level of insulin resistance. They found there were clearly five distinct groups of patients that could be seen across every registry they examined. The first group basically fit the bill of type 1 cases: Young, otherwise healthy people whose insulin supply was demolished by their immune system. The remaining four groups could best be thought as subtypes of type 2. There were patients whose cells also stopped producing insulin, but not because of their immune system; they were often young and in otherwise good shape. The third group was made of patients whose bodies kept making insulin but had stopped responding to it. These patients had the most severe symptoms (such as kidney damage), a very dysfunctional metabolism, and were typically overweight or obese.

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Jorah suggests that Daenerys just fly to Winterfell because the North has a lot of enemies for a Targaryen and that all it takes is one guy with a crossbow and a grudge to kill her. Jon says that it's her decision but that if House Targaryen and Stark are allies it will be important for people to see them as allies: that sailing together sends a better message. Daenerys gives some speech about how she's not trying to conquer the North but save it so she will sail with Team Jon. I think everyone in this room is aware that Jon and Daenerys want to “smash,” to use the 2017 vernacular, which just adds layers of subtext to this planning. Shortly? after that meeting, Jon and Davos are walking away from the throne at Dragonstone when Theon runs in to interject. Theon wishes to speak with Jon, Davos waits for Jon to order him away, Jon orders Davos away, Theon tells Jon that he could have lied to Cersei but that he risked everything to tell an enemy the truth. Jon says that only people who are honest to each other can fight together. Theon says that Jon has always known what is right, Jon says that that's not really true it just looks that way from the outside, because Jon has done plenty of things he regrets. Theon plays the I have done more regretful things card, Jon will not disagree because he does continue to think Theon has been a bad man at times. Theon gives a speech on how his moral compass is broken because he had an impossible choice he had to make: Stark or Greyjoy. Jon is like well okay listen Ned was a good father to you and you betrayed him and his memory (Theon will not deny this) but that he's a part of you. Jon says that it's not his place to forgive Theon for all of his trespasses, but that he forgives what he can. You're a Greyjoy. And you're a Stark. Jon are you talking to your future self when you are asked to choose between being a Targaryen and a Stark. Is this that foreshadowing that I have heard about in Scriptwriting 101. Wait sorry this is an emotional moment I don't mean to harsh either Jon or Theon's vibe here. And Jon turns around because he considers the matter dealt with. Uh.