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7. Could you be the insurance policyholder for your mother’s car? 8. Imagine your car slides on ice, hits a tree and has substantial front damage. It also pays for problems such as vandalism, hail damage and car theft. 2: Liability. Learn more about what car insurance covers. 3: B. There’s no retroactive car insurance. 4: C, uninsured motorist coverage. 5: B.

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He was in the middle of a retreat when he heard word about Stannis' attack and the Tyrells and LF in wing. It was a classic extortion gambit, he wanted both of them to decisively turn against the Starks in such a way that they will have to depend on the Lannisters for protection. And again in that situation, it was Theon Greyjoy taking Winterfell combined with Robb Stark breaking the marriage pact that allowed him to do that. And again the main reason Tywin did that was that Robb Stark beat him too many times and he needed the Tyrells to match his strength (the Show version). When Catelyn Stark took Tyrion into custody, he could have appealed to the King, his son-in-law, his daughter the Queen. He could have said that he wanted Tyrion to arrive at the court unarmed and untouched and embarass the Starks on behalf of Westerosi society by forcing Robert to estrange himself from Ned and his family. When Ned Stark heard what Clegane did, he called for Clegane's execution and asked Tywin to come to the Capital to explain himself. Tywin is behaving like the extra-legal d—khead that he always was. When Winter arrives, an entire fertile region will be facing starvation and empty grainhouses. All those people will be looking for food and justice and every region nearby will have a refugee crisis and since this is the Riverlands that means all of Westeros except Dorne is in a crisis. This is clear in the books, where the Riverlands is an anarchic, ungovernable mess where the people consider the Faith and the BWB a more legitimate government than the crown.

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alon Greyjoy: Your time with the wolves has made you weak. heon Greyjoy: You act as if I volunteered to go. The day you bent the knee to Robert Baratheon, after he crushed you. Did you take what was yours then? hidden one for Sansa during her dinner with Cersei and her two children. Cersei asks her what she will do once the war is won and Sansa responds she will meet the king happily and show her love for him. Read between the lines and you notice she never says Joffrey. She is clearly thinking of her brother Robb, the King in the North. But since she never says it Cersei can't accuse her of anything in front of her two children. ot just that, but she says she'll do it in front of the Gods. She doesn't mean the Faith of the Seven, she means the godswood, her family's gods.

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t was worth the 2. hrs. But it will likely still make money all in after its domestic, international and home entertainment run. I understand that there were significant profit participations on this one. To me, they used things that u could expect happening in real and made those things creepy. That had a couple laughs but was a stupid movie overall. Walk amongst the tombstones was a typical story with good storytelling. Liked it. I hate she movies, except the great with Sandra Bullock and Identity Theft, those weren't too bad. I went empire already, but I iz not so much of a sufferer to continue going dere. Nice!


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Ofelia was haunted by Griselda’s death, as well as her father’s decision to shield his dark past from her. She is someone that truly wanted to be part of a group, but she could also be independent when need be; she was caught in a middle ground of sorts, wanting to break free from her parents’ clutches while also remaining in their protection. After being saved by Taqa in the desert, Ofelia really started to become a leader and her role in connecting the Nation with the Ranchers showed that there was immense potential to further develop her. From start to finish, Mercedes Mason played the character with a level of grace and poise, totally evolving Ofelia while also maintaining her key qualities. I am disappointed to see the character be killed off in such an unceremonious way and I feel as though her death could have been handled in a more respectful and fitting way; I also don’t fully understand the point in Ofelia dying at this point in the story, but I truly hope that it resonates moving forward, specifically with Daniel. The most glaring issue is the untimely death of Ofelia and its handling; there’s just not enough characters on the show to go killing them haphazardly like this. The direction and cinematography, along with some of the performances, really fall flat here and don’t help to make up for the shortfalls of the episode. Overall, this episode just feels like a rushed clusterfuck that was thrown together to force conflict for the finale; it almost feels as though the season should have ended with the destruction of the Ranch. Hopefully, this is just a small dip in quality of an otherwise fantastic stretch of episodes, but I’m beginning to wonder if AMC is trying to wrap up “Fear” earlier than expected. At New York Comic Con this past weekend, Robert Kirkman announced that one character from either “TWD” or “Fear” will be crossing over into the other series next year; maybe I have my tin foil hat on too tight, but could this be a way of preserving a “Fear” character after the series ends by transporting them over to “TWD”. With the clock ticking, the group in the bunker is left gasping for air and must make major sacrifices to prolong survival.