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This series seems to have a running theme of integrity, honesty, and trusting gets you killed, so I have always thought Jon was doomed. Maybe it is fitting that Jon, the one character who doesn't want to rule, will end up on the Iron Throne. Would have easily been spoiled by scrolling through Facebook this morning. What is it with articles that don't specifically say which character died but will mention a character dying and show their photo in the main image link. It'd be like someone said we found aliens, also tupac came back to life, you'd be like woah woah woah, you lost me. Reminds me of the brief appearance of the other red priestess in Season 6, Kinvara. My first thought was that she was going back to Volantis to report to the temple about everything she's learned. For some reason, I'm reminded of how Lady Stoneheart was brought back. Perhaps she'll sacrifice herself to bring someone back or to favor the Red God. Varys very well could have been spoken to by the Red God. There's a long relationship between slavery and the servants of R'hllor. Slavery is also something Varys and Mel have in common. It could be that R'hllor showed favor to Varys whenever he was forced into the blood magic ritual as a kid. Or maybe gave Varys a message in the flames that he's buried away but has still set him on his current course of helping the Targs.

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To save yourself some money, order Yen from your local bank at least 24 hours in advance. Often, there’s no charge or the exchange fee is less than what you would pay in the airport. If you’re in need of cash once you’re there, all Japanese 7-11’s have ATMs. Wi-Fi access and connectivity varies from hotel to hotel, so we recommend renting a local hot spot device from Japan Wireless. You can have it delivered to your hotel, so it’s waiting upon arrival. When it’s time to leave, simply drop the hot spot in the mail box at the airport. You’re going to need a AAA international driver’s license if you intend on driving in Japan. The Japanese drive on the left side and are generally slow drivers. In fact, the month has been playfully coined “Japanuary” by the many hardcore skiers and snowboarders who have enjoyed its snowy bounty. In addition, mid-December through the New Year see a lot of holiday visitors from Australia, making lodging availability hard pressed and more expensive. The time around the Chinese New Year (February 16, 2018) also sees lots of crowds. For quieter slopes and less expensive accommodations, we recommend visiting Japan in either early December, mid to late February or March. The ski season in Japan is generally shorter than the Western U. .

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Willem told him of the adventure and the anti-tote Manner equipment-mostly flame throwers and protective jackets-waiting in trucks not ten kilometers distant. German bombers were able to sink support craft in the channel. The war stalled in western France all that summer. They were gliders filled with forty or fifty tote Manner, towed overnight by bombers and released near the front to land where they would. The crashes released most of the tote Manner but mechanical relays released the remainder. Willem informed us that there were now highly localized tote Manner infections in Britain, where wounded men had been returned before they had turned completely and before the Allies had realized what they were dealing with. They were no less ruthless than the tote Manner and had devised a simple but effective defense. Any group of tote Manner they found they slaughtered without regard to coincident casualties. We estimated they were killing as much as 10 percent of their own men with this technique. It was only a matter of time before they reached Germany. However, now the Allies had a foothold in France and would not give it up. Antiaircraft batteries were brought over the channel and the bombers could no longer eliminate the shipping. Soon, the Allies would figure out a method of containing the infection just as the Russians had done. A stalemate in this war would inevitably lead to an Allied victory.

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Okay, so that gives me all the justification I need to ignore everything you post from here on in. It’s like, why yall get so personal about a differing opinion. Snuggle is totally right about this: for the video and audio quality we can get on disc today, this release looks like it could’ve come out in 2006. You may not have the setup to support 4K, but there are plenty of people who do and there will be many times more in the coming years. To not accommodate that market is truly foolish, and there’s literally no reason not to have just done it that way in the first place, the way so many titles already are. Or rather, you may have heard anger in my post, but there was none. It’s MATRIX based, not object based and requires 2 levels of speakers plus a single VOG speaker on the ceiling. If you want the best you mix and release in Dolby Atmos. This is why I’d rather watch grainy original VFX TOS on DVD than an episode of Disco. I can agree with that and make the point I was making above, that in 2018 it’s really unacceptable for a state-of-the-art high production “prestige television” show to not be shot and distributed in 4K. ESPECIALLY a show for Trek fans, who I would think are pretty tech-savvy and like being fully immersed in their sci-fi show. I didn’t know that and I think, again, that’s outrageous and very near-sighted. Seems like everyone I know bought a 4K TV this past week. So CBS and HBO are gonna pay for an expensive upconvert sometime down the line.