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The Kingdom of the Lovers of God. T. Arnold Hyde (trans) Kegan Paul. London, 1919. pp 82-83 and 163 12. ? The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage; The Sparkling Stone; The Book of the Supreme Truth. Translation by C. A. Wynschenk.

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And with some new twists i didn’t see in other zombie movies. I can’t find direct flaws - but it just didn’t feel big enough. And in some aspects a little bit too similar to 28 days later - but it’s a solid movie. But it is, except the ending which felt like i watched it in 20 other horror movies. Similar as Ouija: Origin of evil - the weakest part is the ending. Executed better then movies before in the list, but i somehow felt it’s not complete enough. Lovable movie, i really love seeing punk and skinhead people in good movies. And unlike many movies they are believable and credible, characters are really good in this one. But movies where protagonists are in isolation surrounded with an unnerving atmosphere are hard to put anywhere else so i put this one in my list. And it’s linked with the first Cloverfield (2008) movie which is a monster found footage horror - another reason for putting it into a horror list.

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Elegant, scathing humor ties together the various strands of this alternately glamorous and grotesque portrait of American in Paris Polly Maggoo (Dorothy MacGowan), an Alice in Wonderland supermodel who becomes the pinup plaything of media hounds and the fragmented fantasy of haunted Prince Igor (Sami Frey). Uniquely bound in baby blue cloth-over-boards with sumptuous printing by The Meriden Gravure Company from half-tone negatives made by Richard Benson, it certainly ranks among the great American photography books of the Twentieth Century. These are housed in the publisher's vintage unprinted blue cardboard presentation box. PLEASE NOTE: Additional shipping costs are required for this item beyond our standard rates due to its weight and value - we will inform you of the applicable amount at time of purchase. First Edition. Large quarto. Text in Italian. Mollino's important survey of photography from its inception to the date of publication, including reproductions of his own work, and photographs by Man Ray, Edward Steichen, Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, and very early Richard Avedon, among others. This elegantly designed book is widely considered one the best Italian photobooks of the 20th century. One of the three images appears in the book on page 224 and is noted as such on the verso; the other two are from the same period.

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Remember how I said SEX AND THE CITY was basically five episodes of the TV stitched together. Well, this movie is three episodes of Futurama series connected to form a very loose storyline. But this made-for-video movie has a lot more toilet humor, violent humor and gross-out gags than normal. I'm a fan of the show and even I was wishing it was over by the 60-minute mark. Deep 13 has lost its funding for the experiment, so Dr. Forrester is packing up and moving out, leaving Mike and the 'bots to their fate. A slingshot effect rips the Satellite of Love out of Earth's orbit, and it travels through space until it hits the end of the universe. LASERBLAST is a harmless 70's flick about a high school boy who finds an alien weapon and uses it to get revenge on his tormentors and to blow up a sign advertising STAR WARS. Roddy McDowall tries his best, god bless him, but you know he got his check and got the hell out of there as fast as he could. nd got his name misspelled in the credits for his efforts.