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In the new land, this magic sword was broken in a final battle against a dark lord, but was still used to win the battle. House Dayne may have been founded by survivors of the fallen Great Empire of the Dawn, who may have brought with them a magic white sword which may have the ability to catch fire. The correlations continue into the present day story of both universes, as thousands of years later, a descendant of the Dunedain, Aragorn, wields Narsil once again while leading the armies of mankind against the great evil, and in ASOIAF, we find that our two primary manifestations of Azor Ahai reborn who seem destined to fight the Others, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, have Dayne blood coursing through their veins. It’s even possible that Jon could get his hands on Dawn. The Edain are essentially the kingdoms of men who stayed loyal to the elves and did not worship Morgoth (who is Sauron’s evil predecessor), and who fought alongside the elves against Morgoth during the great wars. Even though the elves and the Edain were victorious, the violence was so great that most of Beleriand sunk beneath the sea (it was actually the slaying of a huge dragon, Ancalagon, that caused the land to sink). In any case, the Valar (the gods, essentially) rewarded the Edain for their loyalty and raised the island of Numenor from the sea, far the west. Tolkien conceived of his tales as having existed in the ancient past of earth, and placed Middle Earth approximately in line with Europe, which places Numenor in the Atlantic Ocean, where Atlantis was supposed to have existed. I mean, Valar Targaryen and Valar Morghulis, and oh-by-the-way Morghulis comes from Minas Morgul, the city of the wring wraiths. This is one of several Tolkenic ideas which may have inspired Martin’s ideas about a corrupted and fallen moon. Just saying. Blue Tiger also made a bullet-point list of all the specific correlations between Numenor and the Great Empire of the Dawn, check this out. Feanor made the Palantiri, the seeing stones such as possessed by Saruman in The Lord of the Rings. What I mean by that is this: the Daynes, along with their neighbors, the Hightowers, sure seem like George’s version of the Dunedain, with both Dayne and Dunedain being heavily, heavily based on Venus mythology. The last hero and Lightbringer of course, and the symbolism of both the last hero and House Dayne sure seems to draw a lot from the famous magic sword of the leader of the Dunedain, Narsil, the sword of red and white flame which was broken and reforged. It’s always been apparent that that kind of symbolism could be read as applying to the ending of the Long Night, and it’s very similar to the language of the Night’s Watch oaths of being “the sword in the darkness” and “the light that brings the Dawn.

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Could it be that someone in the dim past allowed a long dead greenseer to inhabit them, and then found they could not remove them, and that person became the Night King. As to your second point, if the NK is warging the other Walkers, maybe that is why he chooses them as babies. Their minds are not fully formed, which makes taking over their minds easier. They are not only lieutenants in his army but also a sort of insurance policy in case he should ever get killed again. ShanghaiRooster 4 mesi fa Night King is a greenseer and warg. If his body is killed, he'll just transfer to another. Like the raven did when he moved to Bran after Bloodraven was killed. I think all the white walkers are warged by the night king. It'll be an interesting thing to see if he can be forced out of bodies and back into the weirwood net, whether the surviving walkers might become human again, or whether they're lost forever. Ser Hunts Reviews 4 mesi fa I still think a large chunk of his army will be around post episode 3, maybe that when we'll find out. Marlon Hendry 4 mesi fa I really like your reviews keep them up you have a lot of enthusiasm which is which is great thank you for your services Ser Hunts Reviews 4 mesi fa Thanks for watching! Medusa V. Ser Hunts Reviews 4 mesi fa Hell yeah. he anguish will be written and we will feel it through them on screen lol Starkiller -86 4 mesi fa What if all along the night king is the good guy,and everyone else are the bad guys. Ser Hunts Reviews 4 mesi fa Lol nah Tyrek Earley 4 mesi fa Why is no one talking about a scenario where Cersei wins. Or a past character returns to changing the entire dynamic of the end game.

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Take chances. As you should know if you've read this book, taking big chances led to some of my most significant books (The Cellar, The Stake, Savage, Body Rides, Island and After Midnight, for instance). Because of that, because the number of my fans continues to increase and because Headline has stood by me, my confidence has grown over the years. I find myself more and more welling to follow my inclinations about what and how to write. So far, I haven't written a book that has been widely proclaimed by my fans to be a disappointment. I would like to keep the streak going for as long as possible. In my opinion, the best way to keep it going is to write stuff that pleases me. So as long as I remain true to myself, I'm fairly sure that my fans 'will stay true to me. While my intention is to keep on doing what I have been doing, I am obviously not pleased by the course of my career in the United States. I would like to be as popular here as I am in the rest of the English-speaking world. A film based on something I wrote becomes a hit, or; 2. They assume, however, that I can't be a star in America. Here, time and time again, they've dropped me like a Wallenda. When it does change, when a publisher gives me publicity and some loyalty, my books will sell very well indeed. At this point, I own the U. .

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What do you think? Is Brann getting stronger a direct result of him understanding the visions better. After all he did tell Sansa they came in fragments and pieces. If Viserion falls dead to the ground in a solid body (after Bronn shoots at it), does it mean, it is not a white walker and it is a wight. So what I dont get is why he lets little Ned and whats-her-face go back to their castles. I live in Belfast the winter fell set is 8 miles from me cren90’s. Email me Will send pictures of a battle from season 8. I love your videos and each day I start by watching a new one (because it's night in Russia when you upload a new video). There's simply not enough time to wrap everything up. There is def wild fire under the Red Keep because Jamie tells us in S3 in the bathing scene with Brienne. After all that time saying he's no fighter, but just not wanting people to know how good he was, like Ned Stark did when talking to Jaime. His goal is to kill every one so it would sense for him to go to castle black Chosenone10356. Thank you for all the effort and time you put into your videos. I'm always looking forward to your next video! ? N.

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