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Hayes comments should be seen not as an insult, but as a challenge. Leslie Love of Detroit, both Democrats, have been called on the carpet by their caucus for being the only two Democrats to vote for a bill that the rest of the caucus opposed. How very strange. A week ago the House voted on legislation, HB 4686, that makes it harder to sue a city for a defective sidewalk. This reporter has actually had some experience dealing with the question of bad sidewalks and how engineers want to keep the plugs (which is what most call the concrete squares of the sidewalks) so there is less than 0. 5 of an inch difference in the rise between each one. In my experience, both as a homeowner and a reporter, I have seen plugs with better than eight inches of different rise (thanks to tree roots) on some streets. Besides looking terrible, they can be a big factor in injuries. And a sidewalk program can be very expensive for a community to undertake, no matter the complaints homeowners make. When city finances are tight, as they have been in recent years, local officials have to balance things like cops, firefighters and sidewalks. Which do you think would likely win when money is short. But, bad sidewalks can lead to injuries, sometimes serious injuries when people trip, so there are legitimate reasons to argue cities should be liable in those cases. You have a difference then, which can lead to a difference among members on how to vote on the situation. Which makes the House Democrats reaction to Ms. Geiss and Ms. Love so very, very odd. They voted for HB 4686, the rest of their caucus did not. Ms. Geiss and Ms.

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Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh, while paying tributes to Bansi Lal Bharti, said that that he got associated with RSS and BJP in the times when the weaker sections used to maintain distance from these organisations. Such leaders are born to write history and rule the minds of people. Rajya Sabha MP Shamsher Singh Manhas said that Bharti was a noble soul who always remained in forefront to serve the party. His long association with the party will remain a golden chapter in the history of BJP and keep inspiring the party cadre. State General Secretary (Organization) Ashok Koul said that in the demise of Bharti, the organization has suffered a huge loss because he was not merely a leader of weaker section but an asset of the party. MLC Ashok Khajuria, in his tributes, said that Bansi Lal Bharti was never after any post but had the zeal to work for the party, which is a rare quality in the present day leaders. Senior leader Chander Mohan Sharma recalled his long association with Bharti and narrated few instances which proved his concern for the party and the society. BJP Senior leader ND Rajwal shared his numerous experiences in social and political career with Bansi Lal Bharti and said that he devoted his entire life to the party. BJP State General Secretary Harinder Gupta conducted the proceedings of the Shouk Sabha. The meeting also observed two minute silence for the peace of the departed soul. RAINA STARTS BLACK TOPPING OF SUNDERBANI MARKET CALLED AS ONE STEP FOR BEAUTIFICATION OF SUNDERBANI CONSTITUENCY Member Of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Nowsher-Sunderbani Constituency Ravinder Raina today inaugurated black topping work of road at Sunderbani Market. Raina added that blacktopping on the road decided keeping in view the dusty and uneven surface that gave a lot of problems to road users. Raina added that this is just a beginning; miles to go and lots of developmental projects are in the queue which converts Sunderbani Constituency into Smart Constituency. Raina also added that he always work on the principals “Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts, is the secret of success”. All the wings of Agriculture and allied departments Mahider Singh (ADO, Vegetables, Jammu) ShriSoomNath Sharma (SDAO, Akhnoor) along with the field functionaries of Akhnoor Sub Division were also present in the camp. The gathering was specially addressed by Daljit Singh Chib and advised the farming community to take maximum benefits of the various farmer friendly schemes launched by the State and Central government and use the latest agriculture technologies for boosting their crop production. HeStressed on the quality seeds which are going to be provided to the farmers. e said that the Government has recently launched Fasal Bima Yogna and every farmer should take the advantage of this yogna.


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Monster Energy Drink: Now with over 30 drinks and flavors, Monster is the go-to drink for energy and refreshment. Led by athletes, musicians, employees, distributors and fans, Monster is way more than an energy drink, Monster is a lifestyle in a can. We add only the best ingredients (oh, and a label) to a wide variety of smoothies and coconut water guaranteed to satisfy any taste bud. Nespresso: For over 25 years, Nespresso has revolutionized the single serve coffee segment by providing customers with the highest quality espresso coffee, innovative machines, and unparalleled customer services. Today, with the newest innovation by Nespresso, VertuoLine, American's can now enjoy traditional large-cup coffee and authentic espresso with one machine. The company was founded in 2007 by Diana Jenkins and each neuro drink has a carefully crafted blend of healthy vitamins and minerals that provide a specific benefit. Sourced from the best ingredients from around the world, the neuro product line includes neuro SONIC, the drink that provides sustained energy, neuro BLISS, the drink that reduces stress; neuro SLEEP, the drink that helps you get a great night's sleep; and neuro DAILY, the drink that supports a healthy immune system. Each neuro has only 35 calories, contains no artificial flavors or colors, and has a fully recyclable bottle. Puretergent is petroleum-free, allergen-free, biodegradable, and rinses clean. Our high-performance laundry soap was developed by a former fashion designer, Julia Fry. Puretergent is the result of her passion for beautiful textiles and her desire to care for them properly. Design enthusiasts also like our modern packaging, which uses 75% less plastic compared to the average plastic bottle. Simply Salad is able to offer a convenient, healthy and filling experience everyone will enjoy. Simply Salad's customization options enable customers to create their own salad with countless combinations and endless variety. Here's to freshness, flavor, customization and variety, all at a great value; here's to Simply Salad. SOYJOY offers complete protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber; all 7 SOYJOY varieties are all-natural, certified gluten-free, and just 130-140 calories per bar. Baked with ground whole non-GMO soybeans and real fruit pieces, SOYJOY is a great on-the-go option that raises the bar on snacking. Speck: Speck designs award-winning, mighty slim protective cases for mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and MacBooks. STARLOOKS PRO Cosmetics is NOT just another makeup line.


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Their companies will be the first to be able to take advantage of the new boom. Acousticians, technicians and musicians may also consider them visionaries come what OUT OF CONTROL. Philip Newell's design for the control room at Front Row Studios in London may, but if the boom does not materialise, then their accountants, chairpersons, bank managers and lawyers may not be so enthusiastic. This third important point is that the power in the television world often lies quite apart from pro -audio people. TV studios cost a truly enormous amount of money to set up, and when such projects are undertaken, no one person usually has the cash in their pockets. Almost without exception there is an involvement with banks, institutions or shareholders who are considering the venture in purely financial terms. Such large amounts of money usually come with many legal restraints and require business plans to be submitted in such a way that everyone involved has the 'protection' of a specialist set of figures and qualifications. The intention is there should be nothing arbitrary in the assessment of the finished project. Under such circumstances, the provision of room acoustics which cannot be truly specified tend not to figure in a project unless someone within the management structure has the experience to take care of sound and to ask the financiers to back an area lacking provable specs. Large sums of money may be involved in the sound recording or music industry in general, but its history has been a story of the development of previous successes rather than of written specifications. This is partly a function of evolution because many successful recordings have been made in low- budget studios, and partly because the hierarchy of the industry appreciates the artistry of the music. In radio and television, football matches, drama, documentaries and political events -the programming -are the majority of the work and for these current television sound is usually deemed 'good enough'. I wonder if Neil Armstrong's moon landing would have been quite so dramatic without the noises, bleeps and the strangled sound from the mic within his space helmet. Sound personnel in the broadcast companies strive to achieve the best results, but it is in the music business that companies gamble readily with designs of an innovative nature. The divide between broadcast and record companies as discussed here is really one of priorities; music people choose to gamble because they face competition in terms of original, Philip Newell examines the contradictions of studio control room design. Correlation A strange situation exists, whereby (in many instances) the greater importance the sound assumes, the less possible it becomes to specify acoustic parameters in meaningful objective terms. The further one progresses towards subjective acoustics, the further one moves from provable facts. In the above design proposal, the consultants had opted for the Sabine Formula which requires a diffuse, reverberant soundfield such as can be approximated in some large halls and reverberation chambers. When absorbers are introduced, however, the diffuse nature of the soundfield is lost and the Sabine Formula becomes at best approximate, and at worst, very misleading.


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I use some in my jewelry cases as a fun way to highlight a jewelry piece or two. Swipe right to see the color and shape variations available. These can be used for jewelry making or other fun little projects if you want to add a little twist. The third of my dollar bones are these deer toe bones. I've used them for earrings and necklaces and decorations on other various art projects. They're really kinda cute in the oddest type of way. He said the extension beyond the deadline that expired Dec. 8 to perform the required property cleanup was made because there was a delay in notification to the owner. He said the house has been vacated for a long time and a bank is currently in the advanced stages of the foreclosure process. Smith said the board is reviewing three additional Westport properties for blight violations. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Dave Matlow for WestportNow. om. More than 50 children of all ages and parents enjoyed interactive dancing and singing that accompanied the songs as well as the refreshments that followed the program. Proceeds from the program go to support the Music for Children and the year-round educational activities of the WHS. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Larry Untermeyer for WestportNow. om. The Westport Downtown Merchants Association is sponsoring the free rides this weekend and next in what has become a seasonal tradition in recent years. (CLICK TO ENLARGE) WestportNow. om photo.


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Dia gugup dan mencoba melarikan diri, dan Tobey berbalik padanya, meraihnya dan mencoba memaksakan dirinya ke arahnya. Saat itulah dia belajar sesuatu yang menakutkan tentang seksualitasnya sendiri. 15. Veronica Baru-baru ini dirilis di Netflix, Veronica adalah film horor Spanyol yang mendapatkan banyak kemasyhuran untuk kampanye pemasarannya yang diklaim sebagai salah satu film horor paling menakutkan yang pernah ada, film yang terus dimatikan oleh pemirsa. Benar atau tidak itu tidak relevan; kabar baiknya di sini adalah bahwa Veronica adalah film horor yang sangat bagus yang layak untuk waktu Anda. Dari direktur REC (dibuat ulang di Amerika Serikat sebagai Karantina ), Veronica diatur pada tahun 1991 dan mengikuti karakter tituler ketika dia berusia 15 tahun. Sementara sisa kelasnya melihat gerhana matahari, Veronica dan teman-temannya memutuskan untuk tinggal di belakang dan bermain dengan papan Ouija. Segala sesuatunya berjalan dengan cepat, dan Veronica menemukan dirinya dihantui oleh aktivitas paranormal, tidak bisa makan dan mengalami bekas cakar di sekujur tubuhnya. Sebagian berdasarkan peristiwa nyata di mana seorang wanita muda meninggal setelah menggunakan dewan Ouija pada tahun 1991, Veronica mungkin bukan film terobosan yang diakui — tetapi masih sangat mengerikan. 14. Scream 2 Sementara sekuel horor ini tidak dapat menahan lilin ke Scream asli, Anda tidak harus sepenuhnya mengabaikan film secara keseluruhan. Mempertimbangkan jadwal produksi film, sungguh mengherankan bahkan sampai di bioskop sama sekali. Film ini segera diproduksi setelah film pertama sukses, dan keluar hanya setahun kemudian, pada tahun 1997. Sementara itu, skrip film bocor online, memaksa kru produksi untuk mengubah akhir film dan menulis ulang film dengan cepat. Terlepas dari semua ini, Scream 2 bertahan sebagai sekuel padat dalam kanon Scream. Film ini berlangsung dua tahun setelah Pembunuhan Woodsboro, sebagai film berdasarkan pembunuhan sedang dirilis ke bioskop. Pada preview film, siswa Windsor College dibunuh oleh Ghostface. Windsor College kebetulan berada di tempat kita menemukan pahlawan kita dari film terakhir, Sidney Prescott. Simon Barrett, penulis You Next and The Guest, melakukan debutnya dengan Sutradara 49; partnernya, Adam Wingard ( You're Next, The Guest, Death Note ) mengarahkan Tahap I Uji Klinis.


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