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The first high speed rail line was HS1, which operates from London's St. Pancras International Station to Paris and Brussels, through Channel Tunnel (Note). St. Pancras International is just over one-half mile from the planned terminus of HS2, Euston Station. Daily Mail transport editor James Salmon reported that: “A string of reports have warned that Britain’s biggest ever infrastructure project will blow its ? 6 billion budget with experts estimating it could cost as much as ? 04 billion. In Dispatches, Halligan questioned --- in view of the cost blowouts --- the validity of the cost benefit studies that justified the project. According to The Independent, former transport minister John Spellar called HS2 an “ever-deepening bottomless pit”. This theme has been frequently echoed by others, as opposition has grown. This might be a way to preserve the present budget target, but camouflages the cost escalation. When the volume of corn flakes in the box is reduced, while the price remains the same, it is still cost escalation, though better hidden. Yet, HS2 doesn’t even coordinate transport, with Britain’s two high speed rail lines terminating little more than one-half mile apart at Euston Road stations, without connecting (Euston Road Map, Figure 2).

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Lunar regolith (moon dirt), it turns out, provides an excellent way to protect against both micrometeoroids and solar radiation. While near-term uses of regolith would probably involve bulldozing it over a habitat or perhaps casting it into building blocks, 2001 takes the lunar construction business a step further and builds its base underneath the Moon’s surface. The engineering required to excavate out giant subterranean lunar cavities is mind-boggling, although it might take advantage of empty lava tubes left over from the Moon’s formative years. Regardless, an underground Moon base is probably the safest and most cost effective way to live there permanently. Commercial space taxis take passengers to orbiting hotels, calling to mind SpaceX ’s nascent commercial crew and cargo effort and Bigelow Aerospace ’s plans for gigantic, inflatable space hotels. That being said, a great deal of care is put into describing the journey of the Russian rescue ship Alexei Leonov to Jupiter to search for Discovery. Aerobreaking is used to slow the Leonov using Jupiter’s atmosphere, saving valuable fuel for the return home, and crew members fret about having enough fuel for an unscheduled early departure that won’t take proper advantage of an orbital alignment between Jupiter and Earth. And on the futurism front, the necessity of Russian and American collaboration in big space ventures is predicted, resulting in a joint crew operating a Soviet (no points there) ship. I really do love that, rather than merely adding set dressing, this attention to detail makes their stories all the more compelling. And, since we’re on the subject, in the next edition we’ll look at a more recent work, asking ourselves: Whither Moon. You can read his post on the basic science fail of GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra here. . I didn’t realize these films were so scientifically accurate.

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Namun, karena sejak awal saya tidak sepaham dengan ide pembuatan Spiderman versi baru ini, tetap saja petualangan kedua Andrew Garfield sebagai Peter Parker saya anggap buruk. Bukan hanya tampilan special effect-nya yang terasa film kartun banget, tapi juga transisi karakternya dari baik ke jahat yang terasa too much. Jamie Foxx sebagai Max Dillon yang kekurangan kepercayaan diri nggak ada masalah, tapi ketika menjadi Electro, karakternya mendadak terlalu banyak mengeluh dan menjerit seperti gadis abege. Ketika versi pertama Expendables dirilis, saya girang bukan main. Sebagai pengikut setia kartun X-Men dan film-film layar lebarnya, perasaan saya menunggu X-Men ini sama ketika saya menanti rilisnya Expendables 3. Ide penggabungan karakter-karakter dari universe masa lalu dan masa depan membuat banyaknya karakter favorit saya di X-Men: First Class (2011) tersingkir. Padahal, First Class adalah karya klasik yang bisa menjadi suatu awal yang fresh bagi saya, yang berharap cerita baru X-men akan dimulai di sini. Padahal menurut saya, we’ve seen enough of him, haven’t we. Tiga film X-Men dan dua film solo Wolverine memangnya nggak cukup. Padahal, saat itu Magneto sedang menerbangkan seisi stadion. Ketika mendengar dia akan memerankan salah satu karakter TV favorit saya (maklum, penggemar serial Hercules-nya Kevin Sorbo), saya pun menghela napas. Plotnya yang berusaha menceritakan versi lain legenda Hercules patut diapresiasi. Tetap saja, naskah yang buruk membuat film ini sebaiknya cepat kita lupakan saja.

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More people were burned, leaches were thrown in pots, and a whole lot of sulking and sitting around happened in seasons three and four before “the rightful king” finally left his giant rock to aid the Nights Watch in their defense of the Wall. Most of the season, the man was a fan favorite, unafraid to speak his mind and certain in his actions, knowing that he must push his claim to the crown soon or it would be forgotten. But as Stannis began to march, Winter started showing its early signs and the loses brought out the worst of the man that we had seen glimpses of in those early seasons. The last straw was the sacrifice of his daughter in hopes of reviving his dying chances of claiming the Iron Throne. When that did not turn the tide (making things worse with the lose of men) Stannis marched into certain defeat, knowing he had no other direction to turn, and his forces were routed outside of Winterfell, where he was struck down by Brienne of Tarth. He leaves behind one short-fingered peasant turned knight and a red priestess who discovered too late that Stannis was not the “one that was promised. . I expected her end to come at the hands of Ramsey when she got jealous and went too far in attempting to be Ramsey’s only lover. Myrcella was simply a background character through the first two seasons until she was sent off to Dorne for an arranged marriage with Trystane Martell. But she reemerged this year as a happy, well adjusted teenager who had grown to love her now familiar surroundings in Dorne. But Game of Thrones is where “Happily Ever After” gets mauled with a machete. And for Myrcella, after experiencing a tender moment with her real father, succumbed to the poison put in her system by the lips of Ellaria and the resources of the Sand Snakes. Now, Myrcella is a character who we haven’t seen for certain that she is dead.

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Cinematography - Rather than employing aerial establishing shots of the Italian countryside, Sayombhu Mukdeeprom keeps everything close and intimate. The lens is kept tight on the performers, placing the burden on the cast to tell the story rather than on sweeping visuals, which, most likely, was dictated by the budget. Music - The score is an eclectic collection of songs by various artists. The soundtrack also includes originals by Sufjan Stevens, who seems to whisper his songs rather than sing them. “Mystery of Love” is highly evocative and perfectly captures the film’s bittersweet ending. Visual FX - NA Production Values - An indie film that, fortunately, doesn’t feel cash-strapped. Movie Magic - Depends on your preference of gender, genre and subject matter. Call Me doesn’t set the world on fire, but is a well made slice-of-life tale that’s festooned with beautiful locations and mesmerizing performances. However, its inclusion in the Best Picture category seems political since there are many other worthy films to consider this year, such as: Molly’s Game, The Florida Project, The Disaster Artist, Last Flag Flying and I, Tonya. Happy reading! The Premise: A soon-to-retire Army captain must deliver his sworn enemy, a murderous Indian chief, back to his tribe. While en route to Montana, Captain Joseph Blocker (Christian Bale) comes upon the Quaid’s charred cabin and offers to escort Rosalie to the nearest fort. The intrepid sojourners encounter extreme weather, aggressive natives and trigger-happy settlers (but surprisingly, no bears) along the way.