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Gentle xylophone vibes are soon joined by snarling monosynth leads, transitioning into suspenseful and cinematic soundtrack territory with sombre and immersive pads. It all gels together in a frenzy, fuelled by rusty percussion and swirling synth textures. Side B starts off grumbling away beneath chimes and what sounds like a theremin until gradually the acid begins setting in. The 303 builds to an epic climax over several layers of percussion and rich strings, gradually deconstructing, layer upon layer into delay. Plomb makes music using Heath Robinson-style machines he's crafted from spindles, pulleys, cogs, mallets, and thumb pianos powered by windscreen wiper motors. He uses these, and a few processing pedals, to create fantastically spectacular live performances. Extraits is the producer's debut album, and contains four superb cuts that variously clank, clonk and swing, creating loose but funky percussion patterns onto which humid melodies lines are overlaid. Throughout the 70s and 80s, guided by a legendary Klaus Kinski as his main actor, Herzog and Popol Vuh were responsible for a new outlook on cinema and, importantly, on the importance of soundtracks. Through a mixture of pioneering electronics, Krautrock and komische, the band were perhaps the first to truly instil ambient or drone as a genre. This particular film, Cobra Verde, is made all the more poignant by the band's use of deep, explorative soundscapes that mould and develop at their own will. We hear material on Mute nowadays that sounds similar to this, except that this lot got there thirty years before; what a time to be in cinema it must have been.

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Maybe WEBDL-720p Kevin Can Wait S01 Kevin Can Wait - S01E13 - Ring Worm WEBDL-720p Kevin Can Wait S01 Kevin Can Wait - S01E14 - Kevin vs. Not! DVD The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air S05 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - S05E20 - As the Will Turns DVD The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air S05 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - S05E21 - Save the Last Trance For Me DVD The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air S05 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - S05E22 - To Thine Own Self Be Blue. Its Me, Ian Shameless S09 Mo White For President Shameless S09 Shameless (US) - S09E03 - You Havent Done This Before Have You Shameless S09 Shameless (US) - S09E04 - Do Right, Vote White. Shameless S09 Black-Haired Ginger Shameless S09 Face It, Youre Gorgeous Shameless S09 Shameless (US) - S09E07 - Down Like The Titanic Shameless S09 Shameless (US) - S09E08 - The Apple Doesnt Fall Far From The Alibi Shameless S09 Shameless (US) - S09E09 - Boooooooooooone. HDTV-720p Curb Your Enthusiasm S09 Curb Your Enthusiasm - S09E09 - The Shucker HDTV-720p Curb Your Enthusiasm S09 Curb Your Enthusiasm - S09E10 - Fatwa. The Undrinkables Still Game S07 Still Game Series 7 - 3. Small Change Still Game S07 Still Game Series 7 - 5. Heavy Petting Still Game S07 Still Game Series 7 - 6. WEBDL-1080p Bobs Burgers S09 Bobs Burgers - S09E09 - UFO No You Didnt WEBDL-1080p Bobs Burgers S09 Bobs Burgers - S09E10 - Better Off Sled WEBDL-1080p Bobs Burgers S09 Bobs Burgers - S09E11 - Lorenzos Oil. Modern Family S03 Modern Family - S03E07 - Treehouse Modern Family S03 Modern Family - S03E08 - After the Fire Modern Family S03 Modern Family - S03E09 - Punkin Chunkin Modern Family S03 Modern Family - S03E10 - Express Christmas Modern Family S03 Modern Family - S03E11 - Lifetime Supply Modern Family S03 Modern Family - S03E12 - Egg Drop Modern Family S03 Modern Family - S03E13 - Little Bo Bleep Modern Family S03 Modern Family - S03E14 - Me.

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When there wasn’t a game, the Brooklyn Bulls basketball team held practice. Now when I walk down these streets, I look at all these empty fields and I can see everything that was here. So many people and churches and stores and the barbershop and the Wash-a-mat. Reggie walks me across the street to point out the one WATG loudspeaker still hanging, lifelessly now, from the top of a tall gatepost over the baseball diamond. In the summers, neighborhood kids volunteered at the station, and a few of them later deejayed for years at the city’s radio stations. He liked the Trammps’ disco and he liked the Spinners. . If you could photograph time, you’d capture this very image. What remains comes to seem random, whether a single image of a muted childhood moment, or a neighborhood. Bristol Eastern won the 2007 CCC Volleyball Tournament with a 3-0 win over South Windsor in the championship match at Newington High School on Nov. 5.

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Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards), an orphan who's lived most of her life among the scholars at Oxford, is intrigued when her uncle, Lord Asriel (Daniel Craig), announces his plans to travel north to investigate the source of some mysterious particles called Dust. Lyra has little hope of following her uncle until a mysterious woman named Mrs. Coulter (Nicole Kidman, at her most icily beautiful) asks Lyra to travel north as her personal assistant. All is not as it seems, however, and the disappearance of Lyra's friend Roger (Ben Walker) sets her on a dizzying adventure. While it does involve an oppressive institution called the Magisterium, it's not overtly religious, particularly to a young viewer. The movie's PG-13 rating should be taken seriously, however. Here the city is slowing by torn apart by the Camorra. The Review There are many things which the Italians do well - pasta, football, Catholicism - but most importantly, crime. The Camorra, the Mafia-esque mob at the heart of Gomorrah, isn't like the mob seen in a Martin Scorsese film or the Sopranos - there are no gentlemen's agreements and no second chances. This is primal violence of the highest degree - survival of the fittest. After its bloody beginnings, Gomorrah veers off in five different directions, examining how this poisonous crime organization seeps into every faucet of society in Naples.

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Left 4 Dead shows that emergence can be structured by careful consideration of level design, artificial intelligence, and randomness. They choose at the beginning of each matchmaking experience whether to be selfish or selfless, whether to be a close-quarters fighter (shotgun) or a crowd controller (automatic gun), and whether to be a leader or a follower. Thus, each life-threatening encounter becomes a dramatic moment in which players must quickly decide how to behave. The finale level in a sequence (the fifth) requires the team to hole up in a defensive position against almost insurmountable numbers of regular and Special Infected. When they’re about to be overcome, escape comes in the form of a transport and players must choose whether to make a break for it alone or slowly work through the Horde as a team. Players alternate between open and cramped spaces, areas of dark and light, and modes of progress and defense that create a distinct rhythm of punctuated action. Left 4 Dead, a 1st person cooperative survival shooter, must rely on something other than editing in order to convey its rhetoric of mutual reliance to players, because it presents a seamless cinematic experience with little editing akin to the long takes celebrated by Andre Bazin. The game communicates its message through redundant visual and sound cues. This analysis draws from the fields of visual rhetoric and sound design in both cinematic and ludic arts. Specifically, my analysis of the construction of this cinematic artifact will show how a redundancy of visual and sound cues, in the form of image overlay and sound effects, works to encourage players to depend on each other for survival. As explained by Ian Bogost, videogames have procedural rhetoric to work with as well as visual; this is the ability to express an idea through the very programming of the game; however, for now we will consider L4D as a cinematic work.