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McAfee does this by performing daily IP vulnerability scans and providing reports offing tips on how to best remove the possible danger. The real selling point for McAfee Security for Business is its mangement. You'll be able to set policies and view detailed reports, all from its integrated online dashboard. While McAfee does offer a good level of protection, you might see your PC or laptop slow down quite a bit. This is the case with most antivirus software, and something that McAfee will be tackling itself, but you'll need to ask whether your prepared to lose some speed to this endpoint security system. Russian vendor Kaspersky's antivirus software is one of the best out there. Its feature-rich endpoint security software includes strong antivirus, browsing protection, device and web controls, a firewall and remote management. You can wipe company devices if necessary, control the level of online protection and make sure every network entry point is being monitored. Its impressive tools mean you can detect insecure devices, filter unwanted calls and texts, set password rules and even control the use of the camera. All of this wizardry can be accessed by its simple, and well designed online dashboard. Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky has denied that he has ties to the Russian government, arguing that he would leave Russia if he was ever pressured to compromise his business. We really don’t want people doing things like ripping out Kaspersky software at large, as it makes little sense. Available on Windows, Mac and Android, Bullguard provides all-round security protection. Furthermore, it provides a secure connection allowing you access to Wi-Fi hotspots, emails and desktop sessions with peace of mind. Its latest update offers a friendlier interface, improving site navigation as well as integrating with Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive file storage options. Bullguard has dedicated customer support and is highly regarded in the antivirus community for its scanning speed and overall effective performance. It offers a free 15-day trial while its premium version costs ? 9.

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My first thought on Tywin saying they were broke was to put more pressure on Cersei to play ball and marry Loras. Cersei assigned Trant to Mace for a reason -- with bad intentions. Maybe Cersei doesn't go that far, but she's winning battles, not the war. The Iron Bank is in an interesting position, backing Stannis and all. Although in the book chapter it isn't ser Meryn that accompanies Mace, its another person on arya's list. So I like that they are setting up a sweet kill of ser Meryn. They went to great lengths to make him much more evil in the show. I don't think anything untoward will happen to Mace on the trip. If it does it will be completely made up just for the show. I think the point was just for Cersei to get rid of him for awhile so she could set up his daughter and her brother. Cersei thinks he's a bumbling old fool that won't be able to do anything once Margaery is imprisoned. Although in the books he parks an army outside the sept and gets her released to his custody. ould happen that way again. I love the old switcheroo that gets pulled on Cersei. The Lannister - Tyrell divorce is gaining steam, but it's probably too early. When LF informs Ned of the crown's debt, it's also mentioned that a significant percentage of that debt is owed to the Lannisters. Hatching those dragons was the most magical turn, but the storyline is a mess. Just don't get why she didn't spend every waking minute figuring out how to control them.

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and calmed even further knowing the latest episode would be available on On Demand. At the end of that episode, I knew I was in for a musical education and it was exactly what my Friday nights needed but more importantly, it reinvigorated my love and interest in the musical culture and community which, until now, had exponentially waned - I’m looking at you Taylor Swift. Sonic Highways follows the Foo Fighters as they visit eight cities across the U. . with the purpose of showcasing how the community and surroundings influence the creation and recording of an album. At the end of each episode, they perform a song inspired by the interviews, people and history of that city. Each song is written by Dave Grohl and comprises their eighth album, also named Sonic Highways. The prevailing question over the past weekend was “How the hell was this movie number one? . So again, how the hell did this movie come in number one this past weekend. Movie analysts strip down all the logistics to one vital element: Nostalgia. American moviegoing audiences have been personally killing me with their slack-jawed movie choices for quite some time, but even this is an all new low. It’s as a piss dumb flu of a movie came, leaving me afflicted with a bad case of shitty cinema-itis, and the only robitussin-like cure would be to kill myself by a western movie, high noon styled hanging where I made sure there was no slack in my rope. I’m not that desperate yet, but it’s getting there. It took him all season, but he’s a Time Lord, give him a break. Season 8 of Doctor began in a seemingly amorphous state that was held onto until the bitter end. It left viewers wondering, who is this guy, really. Did he leave the brakes on the T.

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