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As a result, ISPs that do not treat internet traffic equally will be ineligible to apply for contracts and supply their services to the state. This a roundabout way of enforcing net neutrality without enacting entirely new legislation like in California. In late January, Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, signed a similar executive order. “The FCC’s dangerous ruling goes against the core values of our democracy, and New York will do everything in our power to protect net neutrality and the free exchange of ideas,” said Cuomo upon signing the order. The executive orders in New York and Montana are a wily attempt to avoid federal policy. They place new obligations on state agencies, rather than attempting to regulate the ISPs themselves. The idea is catching on, and proves that the battle ground isn’t limited to the populous states like California and New York. On February 5, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy signed his own executive order that places similar requirements on state agencies’ dealings with ISPs, stating that companies and individuals don’t have the “right to pay their way to the front of the line” on the internet. Rhode Island is considering similar bills that would restrict what ISPs could obtain state contracts. Two separate bills introduced by two Democrats stipulate that any internet service purchased or funded by Rhode Island must adhere to net neutrality. These are all strong efforts, but they will face a host of challenges and counter-efforts to invalidate them. “In my opinion, I think these efforts are not going to work out because internet service is considered an interstate service. This is regulated by the FCC,” said Nick Economides of the NYU Stern Business School, who specializes in electronic commerce and public policy and is pro-net neutrality.

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I come back periodically to check if SHR has learnt from his viewers constructive criticism but alas he still persists in doing blatant click bait to garner views. I abhor his behaviour and have noticed his channel is being punished for it because I keep a track of his subscribers and he is very slow in building his base compared to other GOT content channels. I suspect he loses quite a few of his recent subs because of his blatant falsehoods and click bait mentality. Be careful though his lackeys will troll you for pointing this out. Liam O'Hare 4 mesi fa Also where are the leaked scenes. Escape The Matrix 4 mesi fa Not surprising the battle took so long to film, it will most likely use some of the most extensive cgi ever seen on a television program, since they don't skimp on budget it should be quite spectacular to see, this battle will definitely be big screen tv worthy. And wasn't tywin Lannister and Joanna like 1st cousins too. Benjamin Garrett 4 mesi fa If this battle is taking place at night, I HOPE TO GOD that it will NOT be too dark towards where we can hardly see anything going. AWS Vids 4 mesi fa Think of Watchers on the Wall battle or when the Night King and the army of the dead show up outside the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave. Brighter moonlight than reality, and the snow helps brighten things up. I imagine dragonfire (both red and blue) will light things up as well. Ser Hunts Reviews 4 mesi fa That's helps blend the CGI into practical effects, but spoiler alert. Filming has taken place a night as the battle rages till morning.

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In hindsight, each made the other seem relevant and more topical. Vicky Sandhu (Vicky Kaushal) dithers when Rumi Bagga (Taapsee Pannu) asks him to marry her. The arranged network meanwhile has thrown up Robbie Bhatia (Abhishek Bachchan) as a potential suitor. Stable and polite, he wants to be Rumi’s rock, but she is in a hard place. Robbie offers her escape from this recurrent disappointment. Rumi is stuck. She cannot move on. The smartphone, an enabler of modern-day infidelity, brings Rumi and Vicky back together. Rumi’s unhappy marriage makes her adulterous, but it could perhaps also be argued that her emotional infidelity had made her marriage unhappy. The court and Anurag Kashyap both choose to circumvent this echo chamber of possible blame. It was a definitive expression of identity, one that neither the state nor marriage could disparage. So, before all her guilt, Rumi first had her agency. While Rumi is more flustered by her sexual transgression, Vicky is convinced no one will suspect a thing.