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As government documents, they are not protected by copyright and are therefore popular for use and reproduction by others. By 1900 most of the entire African continent, except the independent states of Liberia and Ethiopia, was under European political control. Throughout the period of European colonialism in Africa, postcards played an important role in popularizing the venture of European colonial rule and in perpetuating long-held stereotypes of the vast African continent. Postcards were so widely disseminated that they appear to comprise the majority of nineteenth century photographic representations of the African continent. The African Coach and Four Transport System. W. . . . Postcards, Series, circa 1920s. The African Section of the Library of Congress’ African and Middle Eastern Division has amassed a unique collection of more than 2000 historical photographic postcards documenting an important visual record of Africa and its people during the historically intensive years of European colonialism, from 1895 to 1960. The Africana Historic Postcard Collection has significant value for researchers and students working on sub-Saharan Africa’s colonial life and cultural history in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In addition to documenting representations of African life from a specific period of time, postcards images also chronicle the transformation of cultural, political and social landscapes in the African continent. Published by Lisk-Carew Brothers. (?

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Eleven deaths (four off-screen) with the first murder at the four minute mark. Four potential victims survive (one camper, two cops, and Crazy Ralph). Nine deaths with the first one being thirteen minutes in. With a hockey mask, no soothsayer, and Jason blowing away Michael Meyers with a shotgun. Oct 13 I took off from work just so I could watch my Friday the 13th box set. A taste was all I was to get thanks to my students (“Friday is the only day I can make up the test”), the state of Illinois (mandatory ethics training), and my father (“this will just take an hour or two”). That film unnerves. The American remake of that film, Grudge 2, isn’t bad. It intertwines three stories, one painfully familiar (Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character and her sister), one ghostly fun (the schoolgirls), and one genuinely creepy (the apartment complex). Six former friends show up for their high school reunion only to find the school deserted and a killer picking them off. Could it be tied into the strange boy who rose out of the water in the first scene. How about the priest giving the sermon on greed, lust, and vanity. Eight deaths (one off-screen) with the first at the seven minute mark. During the snake attack, a woman thrashes around holding the painfully obvious rubber snakes. At the end, the devil is conjured up complete with seam running down his back (methinks the Prince of Darkness should switch tailors).

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He has spent a fair amount of time behind the camera already, directing commercials for Lexus, Nike, and Coca Cola, AND he has directed a short film as well as an internet show. Only time will tell, but in the case of 10 Cloverfield Lane the gamble seems to have paid off. In the rush to leave their home she leaves quite a few things behind. At one point while travelling, Ben attempts to contact Michelle, to which she reluctantly answers the phone, but does not speak. She wakes up in an underground bunker, chained to the wall and plugged into an IV, with several wounds and a sprained leg. Unfortunately there is no reception and she while she does struggle to escape, she is unsuccessful. Despite her pleas to be let go, and at least 2 attempts to escape, Michelle eventually realizes that something has happened above Howards farm. Emmett has also stolen sanctuary in Howards bunker and as the story unravels we slowly learn that this is not a typical thriller or horror movie, and it dances the antagonist between roles of villain and anti-hero rather liberally. If Trachtenberg can make a song from the 1980s both humourous and intensely creepy, then franchise films have a bright future. If not for his characterization of a conspiracy theorist proven right, it wouldn’t have the same level of atmosphere. Which is kind of disappointing, because we all had something different in mind as we got to the final act. John Goodman is seen watching Pretty In Pink at one point in the film, and Molly Ringwald’s character also had seamstress aspirations. The cast members weren’t told the title of the movie during production, to help keep the secret. And also I was pretty much on the edge of my seat the whole time, so that should say something at the very least. It features all of the intimacy and practical effect gloss of a 1980s horror movie, but with the proper sensitivities of a contemporary self-aware thriller.

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Was the movie capable of living up to not only the original Disney movie, but also Kipling’s classic novel. The answer to all three questions above is a resounding yes. Visuals aside, cast members like Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba, Christopher Walken, and Scarlett Johansson breathe life into these beautiful little critters. In particular, Elba’s take on Shere Khan makes for one of the most menacing villains of 2016. Luckily, the animals onscreen feel just as human as the only human actor to appear. For example, classic songs from the animated movie have been recreated, which appears to be a rarity for Disney remakes since they tend to avoid putting musical numbers in the remakes. In addition, the animals retain mostly the same personality traits as their film counterparts. This is a Disney movie after all, so it’s not a huge shock that they chose to stick close to the old Disney film. 2016’s The Jungle Book still borrows some important aspects from both Kipling’s novel and Favreau’s own brain. This all results in a plot that offers the perfect mix of new and familiar. It rivals the original in terms of overall quality thanks to some necessary tweaks. Favreau has once again proven his capabilities as great director, and his future take on The Lion King is something that ought to be highly anticipated. With such short notice, there were so many questions regarding the film. How would it relate to the 2008 original, why did they ditch the found footage format, and what in the world is going on with the plot. The stealthy release of 10 Cloverfield Lane is enough for the film to be considered a surprise hit because nobody even knew the film existed.

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The sobbing mourners in both the processions were raising slogans that these soldiers will remain immortal till the existence of this universe. However, grief filled with anger was visible on their faces and every one wanted an answer that “how long such devastation and destruction will go on, how long more we have to bleed and how many more sacrifices of our valiant soldiers we have to give”. One of the mourners in the procession of Havaldar Ravi Paul at Sarwa hamlet said that “Dogras are great warriors and we have shown our mettle in various wars. Dogra soldiers feel proud for laying down their lives for the motherland in battle field but we are pained when someone attacks us in a cowardice way. It is high time for the Government to act and teach the enemy a lesson for its misadventures so that he should never dare to raise an eye towards us in future”, he added. Another mourner in procession said “we appeal to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi to turn his words into deeds as people of this State which has suffered a heavy loss during the 27 year long Pak sponsored terrorism are looking with high hopes towards him”. He asked if Pakistan can dare and make repeated attacks on our Army camps why can’t India attack the terrorist camps existing in PoK and Pakistan. Similar were the views of Vijay Kumar Saini, a relative of Naib Subedar Karnail Singh of Shibu Chak, Bishnah. While talking to this reporter, he said the Government should act now and give a befitting reply to Pakistan and teach a lesson to terrorists and their supporters. As the bodies of two soldiers reached their respective native villages the wreaths were laid on them by the Army officers, Ministers and other political leaders. The body of Havaldar Ravi Paul was taken into a procession from his house at village Sarwa to the cremation ground and thousands of mourners including men and women joined the procession where his last rites were performed with chanting of Vedic hymns and full military honours. His wife Geeta Rani also accompanied the procession and grief overwhelmed every one when 11 year old son of Ravi Paul, Vanshu lit the pyre. At Shibu Chak besides senior army officers, the funeral procession was attended by Minister of PHE Irrigation and FC, Choudhary Sham, MLA Gagan Bhagat, Divisional Commissioner, Dr Pawan Kotwal, DC Jammu, Simrandeep Singh, Bharat Sharma, Seh Samprakh Parmukh of Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh on the behalf of Minister. The processions started from the residence of Naib Subedar Karnail Singh to cremation ground in the open jeep and thousands of mourners both men and women participated in it. They gave an emotional send off to this brave soldier.