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It’s my belief that Jon will be the one to kill the Night’s King in the show. Whats hee crime here doing a duty as last survivor of a great house to take back what they lost through war. In a book based upon families and their duties and wars. sometimes wonder is dany only one who is fighting or bringing war to the Peaceful land of westeros. Why didn’t she do that on her way to Veas Dothrak. That ending made this episode the weakest of Season 6 IMO. If he has not, and he is killed, Riverrun would pass to the Eldest Stark heir (Catelyn was older than Lysa). Jon the Bastard Snow thing is building towards something on the show, however briefly lived it may be. Keep in mind how much she hates Cersei for what’s she’s done to her family. Tommen is easy enough to manipulate; I’m sure she planted the seed to send Jaime away. My guess: Marg knows Cersei will opt for trial by combat and has warned HS. HS will think he’s outsmarted Cersei with some sort of ace up his sleeve, but we know (thanks to his spoilery interview) that things don’t turn out the way he expects. During the trial or event Cersei will burn the place with wildfire, accidentally killing Tommen. OR she commands the Mountain to kill all the faith militant during her trial, Tommen is killed during (possibly by Sand Snakes) and THEN she goes nuts and burns it all. QOT leaves for Dorne seeking powerful allies to continue the destruction of House Lannister before the showdown once her great grandchildren are freed.

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have no idea what that means. They've obviously done a bunch of non-actor cameos already, and it hasn't hurt the show. I do have a hatred for internet slideshows, though. I do have a hatred for internet slideshows, though. My bad. I read the exchange as Y: I have a question M: I have an answer Y: I ain't looking at your fucking answer. ). The Bush thing wasn't a cameo, just a mask that looked sorta kinda like him in the right light. McGregor otoh is instantly recognizable by a lot of people and thus throws off the suspension of disbelief. McGregor otoh is instantly recognizable by a lot of people and thus throws off the suspension of disbelief. This. None of those cameos stopped me in the middle of the show and had me calling out who they were. It's something that I read about afterwards and thought. mm. ind cool.


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It is consistently done, however, so works perfectly well. The thickly laid homo-eroticism of its first act marks it out as an important work for Taiwan’s LGBTI film history, whereas the resulting drama makes for a valuable insight into the earlier years of Taiwanese cinema. The cinema is strewn with great examples and when you add a killer British cast like this one, you should be on to a winner. The director, James Marsh has also made some fine films (recently The Theory of Everything, The Mercy and the great docos Project Nim and Man on Wire ), so he has earned the right to have a go at this genre. It is just a shame that he doesn’t quite bring off the big one here. Cinematically, this is the equivalent of breaking into the Tower of London and coming away with only a couple of quid. Much of the film recreates their ingenious but also laborious tunneling into the vault. This is the elephant in the room and the director decides to make it a thing in itself. However, there’s only so many jokes you can make about falling asleep on the job or needing to pee every few minutes, before it erodes our interest and our patience. The actors, too, rein in their performances too much. Caine, even in his rheumy-eyed twilight is still a huge screen presence but he can’t carry the whole film. It is a shame because a cast like this ought to make it a must-see, at least on paper. The good news? You’re in a freaking Iron Man suit and you can fly all around this daunting, picturesque landscape, getting into adventures with your mates who are along for the ride. Sounds good, right?

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. You have been warned. “There should be more action pictures about grad students. . By special request, we were asked to try to decide exactly what was happening in the 2011 film “Kill List”. It is. ell-made, disturbing, confusing and will more then likely bring about an initial WTF reaction. But with more thought and discussion, can we in fact decide what the hell we just watched. And while we try to decide if we are discussing the movie OR helping finish write the movie, we also mention. Spoiler Alert: Seriously, you HAVE to see “Kill List” BEFORE listening to the episode. So get to it. “. ere the ambiguity is kind of amorphous, it could be all kinds of different directions. Where it invites you to like, Mad Lib your own version of the movie. .

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Some people couldn't come outside, I'm from Chicago and we had major drug dealers, pimps and gang bangers. Not trying to glorify anything but I'm sure it was like this for urban USA. You have your good parts and bad parts and this is the shit that happened in the bad parts, Not necessarily started by Us(Black People) we don't grow drugs or make guns. Jenni Kai The Wire is based on real life events, wire taps, drug dealers, detectives, stick up kids, neighborhoods, politicians, abandoned buildings and heroine addicts in Baltimore, Maryland. You can never google or read up on any topic about The Wire and have it say it's based on peeps in New York. New York has their own real life events, The Wire ain't it. He straight took Biggie words from the warning, and Ghetto boys my mind playing tricks. STREETRUNNA TV Damn I'm from summerville South Carolina this is dope Anthony Pugh Did he say a biggie lyric. The Truth U think u biggie DOGFACE 614 manor boy's where's it at. Joe Glatt Uh Keith Jones You knew fuccing well this wasn't the real wire, stop clout chasing, bodymore murdaland 410 you nigga wouldn't last a day in my city Tyriq The Pharaoh Info Minds Salute For Dropping These Vids So Quickly. Paul Sturza Pandemic got That pandemic Heavy Smoke Shout out moncks corner. Mumbo Sauce Radio Nigga don't know how to use plurals do he. AKA DA AKA Yeah nigga ive felt that geto boys mind playing tricks on me also, it aint a good feeling, got mu fuckers looking at me krazy but i rather look krazy then end up in the pen or dead AKA DA AKA YO PRODUCTION GAME IS KRAZY GANG. Ruff Rog 1. 0 does he think he's biggie.