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The ones you most want to attend should be green, second most would be yellow, and third (or more) should be unmarked. This is a great way to see where your interests are heading and helps narrow the field. It's alright to end up with multiple priority 1 sessions at the same time. Your schedule is not set in stone and it will change. Leading up to the event, Microsoft is still adding sessions and once the conference starts sessions will be canceled, rescheduled and repeat sessions will be added. Communications Network (CommNet) No, this isn't like SkyNet (from the Terminator movies or the UK ), but it is the central hub for everything that is going on at TechEd. In order to log in, you will need to use the same user name and password that you were given by Microsoft when you registered. (This is the same one you use to access the online schedule builder tool. CommNet gives you key logistical information about the conference: conference agenda floor plans bus shuttle schedules city highlights session schedule At the end of each session, you will be asked to fill out an evaluation survey for the chance to win. omething. You do this through CommNet. You can also download presentation materials for your session ahead of time (and sometimes after the session as well). Not all of the sessions get their content up before the session, so you will have to keep checking. Microsoft has Wireless Help Desks set up throughout the convention center to help configure your laptop or mobile device if you run into problems. Remember, the wireless network is an open, shared network, so there are no security protocols (WPA, WEP, etc. enabled. Treat this just like you would any other public wireless network. This has subsequently been replaced by myTechEd, which has both an online portal and a Windows Phone app (if you don’t have a Windows Phone ( you should get one ! you can use the myTechEd Mobile Web site. Using myTechEd, you can quickly: Identify other attendees with whom you would like to meet Share information about yourself and your background Schedule meetings that will take place during the conference.

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Basically as many projects as we can get our hands on, and then mixing everything live by moving the projectors, by jelling them and then adjusting the volume. Maybe sometimes masking things out, because many of the times you have multiple projections, and so you want one thing—so, it's kind of like live effects. And I want to just prompt you if you're open to reflecting on that reality, that you were in your prime and your close friend and collaborators are also dying. I just have no words to express, and I think the denial itself becomes a defense. You're seeing them waste in front of you, and it's just so much that this kind of ridiculous, impossible optimism happens. Harry saved it, and we thought we were going to be the ones—like, with the support and partnership of Visual AIDS. But Sur did some research and had gotten word that it was all lost in a flood, that his partner was dead. It was transferred. It was given to someone else who had no idea what it was and left in some basement and was all destroyed in Sandy, the storm Sandy. It's certainly been a large part of my creative practice. But art, and art-making, and memory, and art practice, is the closest thing that I have to proof. My dad died maybe 15 years ago, and my brother asked if he had any wishes for his remains. No—he died, Brian died, in New York, on 47th Street, and Brad and Susan were with him. Somehow his cremation—or maybe I'm just conflating the fact that I wasn't there. And so, you know, then you're left with humor, you know, like with this dark humor. So it's all kinds of odd, contrasting responses and emotions. And also I think it gives us a lot of space to move forward tomorrow in thinking about maybe how your art practice sustained creativity in response, in this moment, you know—was something that you continued to develop. I was very moved to bear witness to your first half of the oral history. I just want to say that on the record to start the day. I wanted to continue on some friends that we left off on yesterday.

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Travis talks about Ludonarrative Dissonance (Fludonarrative discobiscuits if you're hungry). If you've been in the video game blog-o-sphere at some point, you have heard of LND (I'm not typing out the entire word you can't make me). But is it necessarily the pejorative term as its become in video game circles. Listen to this panel from Gen Con that gives the answer: NO. Most of all if anything LND is a feature most Tabletop GMs and Players are intimately familiar with, but haven't realized there was a term for. As such, listen in, learn a thing (maybe), and speak up if you have questions. Welcome to Herding Cats: Ludonarrative Dissonance and Players. (Dammit you tricked me into writing the full things again. Do you want to take part in a playtest of Gobblin': The Goblin RPG. This story was later adapted into the multimillion dollar Sci-Fi motion picture Arrival. Experiencing both of these media, the throughline can be easily found, but the two stories are vastly different in their construction to aid in conveying their core message in a written format and a visual medium. In translating writing concepts between media, we have picked apart specific ways the story has been adapted to make it work better, and we will pass these teachings onto you. In the year of its release, it was awarded Adventure Game of the Year by AdventureGamers. om The plot of the game draws heavily from Event Horizon and Dead Space. Injured, unarmed, and alone, he must search out and rescue his family and escape the dying vessel, all the while learning the horrifying secrets it holds. Through the course of this episode, we discuss the story and design decisions of Stasis along with James and Kevin Colmar. We discuss what we think could have been improved, as well as design lessons to take away in our own writing. In this episode we hit on a topic that we have wanted to cover for probably over a year now: Tales from the Wood. For the entire time since we played this game we have been really thinking on how we can make it better or at least better adhere to the themes that it seems to be aiming for while also making it a more cohesive system in general. In this episode, we discuss the design and writing choices of this game, what mistakes we feel it made, and ways we would try to correct it.

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Pick a book that is your favorite color. The pinkest book on my shelf is Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty. I definitely need some more pink books ? ? ? ? Have you read any of these. This one had a few triggering issues with body image and harm, but also it’s a murder mystery and you have to prepare yourself for gruesome. Psychologically thrilling, the protagonist is both unlikable and completely relatable i’m a way that would make you look inside yourself and think. First of all, I’ve never met a book that explains cutting in the way this book does. It’s raw and I can feel my own scars pulse at tense moments, the same way as Camille. It’s going into the pile of blades I have for when I need a project to switch to. I have roughly 25 unfinished knives all in various stages, so when one project doesn’t appeal to me I have a lot more to choose from. Doing this has helped me expand the styles I create as well as honing skills I have learned. This one will be chisel ground and of course it’s a2 for those wondering. And, watched all but the HBO series of Sharp Objects. Gone Girl follows the life of a couple and the missing wife. Migliaia di ore in terapia hanno fruttato alcune idee da parte dei bravi medici. Sono spesso parole femminili, oppure sono decisamente negative. Io so solo che in determinati momenti per me e di vitale importanza vedere quelle lettere impresse sulla carne.


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In an MMORPG, they may be able to feel strong and competent, in ways that they are unable to in real life. However, the data shows that not all players have low-esteem, and if it is playing too much that leads to low self-esteem, it still doesn't explain why some players choose to play too much to begin with. Therefore, it makes more sense to think that he is a difference between players, low self-esteem in this case, that is causing the different degrees of addiction, instead of thinking that the game causes low self-esteem. A close variant of low self-esteem is poor self-image. Individuals who do not like the way they look in real life, can throw away their flesh and bone bodies for a few hours, and live in the mask of their attractively-shaped avatars. The attention that a shapely female avatar receives may, be intoxicating to an individual who suffers from self-image problems. With reference to the case study of Paul, one could argue that due to a low self-esteem he gains a tangible sense of power in these environments. Because he felt undervalued and had no control over his circumstances WOW made him feel strong and competent in things that he was not capable of in the real world. It is in fact the ability of MMORPGs to empower users through its mechanisms that drive problematic usage. In this way, WOW empowered him and reduced his sense of weakness and vulnerability. Another common problem that many individuals face is a sense of feeling trapped in their circumstances, or a sense that they have no control over their own lives. What an MMORPG offers them is a place where they can make a difference by granting them super-human powers, or a sense that they have control over the choices of their characters. Degree: Philosophiae Doctor 300 Anke Brand 332 Chapter Four: The Value And Methodology Pertaining To Role-Playing Games And The Hidden An individual who isn't in the position to make decisions in real life may in an MMORPG cast the life-saving heal or be asked for assistance in a group battle. An individual who is ordered around in his everyday life may be able to lead a group and be admired for his abilities. In this way, a MMORPG empowers the player by giving them control and the sense that they can make a difference. 62 Excessive game playing as a means to escape from problems and bad feelings, resulted in Paul dropping out of University, struggling to connect socially with anybody, anxiety and various negative detrimental effects, such as increased aggression, avoidance behaviour and severe depression. Correlation between a Player s Sense of Control and Addiction 2 Some people may have difficulty forming and sustaining relationships in real life. They may have problems with platonic or romantic relationships or both. An MMORPG effectively simplifies the channel of communication, and relieves the pressure of having to deal with real-time face-to-face conversation. Some individuals who are shy or have low self-esteem may be able to form relationships in the virtual world, which they aren't able to in the real world.