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So glad to own so many of the greatest horror Blu Ray sets ever, this included. Been wanting awhile but decided to wait til I started upgrading my DVDs to blu ray and so glad glad I did. Not any special features except for the first disc but that's ok with me. I'll start by stating that I LOVE all 4 movies included in this set and I feel that the series has always been super underrated as a whole. While there is absolutely no chance of making a better film than Hitchcock, the 3 sequels are actually really well made and immensely enjoyable. If you're a mega fan of slashers and psychological thrillers, it's impossible NOT to love these. A torrent of talent is behind all of these films, both in front of and behind the camera. Every single movie included here looks amazing in their high def transfers, which I wasn't too sure if that would be the case. It just goes straight to the films. This could be seen as a bit disappointing, but what the discs lack in special features, they make up for in quality. I love this set!

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looking for northern lords, finding Rickon, etc. That doesn’t mean she’s going to go Xena the Warrior Princess. Presumably, had Ned not gone to King’s Landing to be hand, Bran and Rickon would’ve gone from being raised closely by their mother to their father, and would’ve wound up sounding more Northern eventually. I honestly think you have completely missed the point of my post but yet that is only my opinion as well. For reference I have no idea how you think I would prefer a “Disney story” as I have stated that I really enjoy someone like Ayra’s storyline and I have never seen anything like her in those “Disney” stories. I would say Cersei is a very strong character (love her or hate her) and especially in the last series has shown a great degree of personal strength in the face of extremely horrible events. There are other to mention obviously but I will not keep going as you are obviously a watcher and thus I know this. So for me it depends on how she takes control, it has to be believable within the context of how they’ve written her. I felt that in season 5, she really did take control within the context of her character, she did everything she could to survive. She’ll never be Brienne or Arya so the parameters of what she can do to survive are much more limited. Maybe she annoys you and she’s not the type of person you’d like in real life, but I think that’s different than saying she’s not an accurate depiction of a type of woman that does exist and actually is a lot different than the other main female protagonists on the show.

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hell, CyberLink probably doesn’t even know that their shit allows the cinavia coded DVD’s to play without interference, what do you think. You can find which version in the dvdfdb players list. It works fine with non-Cinavia, but as soon as it detects Cinavia, and you click ok, the software crashes. I have contacted DVDFab about this, but they have yet to give me an answer. I purchased a Blu-Ray machine THINKING I could play anything I had on it, including the over priced Blu-Ray movies. When dvdfab is able to remove this watermark audio, I’ll re-burn the the dvd to remove it then. If it is not in green on the list, then burning to DVD is useless. I’ve found plenty of movies on the list that do not have Cinavia, depending on region of your Blu-Ray. As a matter of fact I still have not found that description. Please try to understand why I have posted this thread. Please change your description of the tool to include “HD sound will be removed (example: AC3 Dolby True HD 7.


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Only Italian Director Franco Zeffirelli would have dared to bring Shakespeare’s immortal tale of tragic first love “Romeo and Juliet” (1968) to the screen with unknown age appropriate leads. Filmed numerous times before notably with almost middle aged Shearer and Howard in 1936, what his young leads Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey lacked in histrionics they made up for in youthful believability. Zeffirelli surrounded his inexperienced leads with Oscar winning costumes, a strong supporting cast of veterans including an introductory narration by Laurence Olivier and eye popping pcinematography but ultimately the most important element was also its most enduring. Here it is Aladdin and his Crew completely done. Can’t say he was blanketly right in his thoughts. But he. I love you big man. ? hank you Mil for the pic. Pool Party Massacre is a nostalgic throwback to the 80s horror which I grew up watching as a kid. Kids today will never know the feeling of standing in a VHS store.

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