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. who wants, for some reason, to join a soccer team being organized by former pro-soccer player. Michael Caine. Of course, he also wants very much to escape. But, what starts out as a modest plan to boost morale for the Allied prisoners and their German captors quickly blossoms into a major Nazi propaganda offensive. They decide to stage the match in a huge stadium in Paris and draw the German team from Germany’s all-stars in uniform. If we accept the fact that the Nazis (who did their best to destroy all of Eastern Europe’s population, Jews and non-Jews alike) would agree to this, the rest of the film is easy to swallow. Of course, there is one slightly unorthodox addition to the Allies’ game plan — they’ll try to escape during half-time. Which Way Is Up? a cross-cultural remake of Lina Wertmuller's incisive political comedy The Seduction Of Mimi, stands as more of a companion piece to the original rather than a transposition.

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Those investing during the first two days of the ICO stand to gain a 25 percent bonus. From the third day, until the end of the first week, the bonus offered by Ebitz is fixed at 20 percent. Similarly, investors during the second and third week receive 15 percent and 10 percent bonus respectively. The platform offers bounties for translations, Bitcointalk signature campaign, Twitter campaign and for coverage on news and blogs. Investors can participate in the upcoming ICO here. About Ebitz We are a new version of ZCash with removed founder rewards and modified algorithm created by a group of ethical hackers. It is a ZeroCash implementation with more fair-use and organization for the crypto community. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Mr. Chan says he spent six months and thousands of corporate sponsors' dollars on the bash. Around 11 p. . a surprise guest arrived: a fire safety inspector who told Mr. Chan that, without a public-assembly permit, the party would have to be shut down. In all, nine parties were shut down during last year's festival, costing some hosts tens of thousands of dollars. This year, many outside party organizers have hired a consultant to expedite their city permits. Almost all these shows take place at nightclubs that are under contract to SXSW. The clubs aren't paid directly, but sign on because of the potential foot traffic and bar sales.

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Highly recommended. I also recommend checking out WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER. DVD Notes: A while back Anchor Bay released this on DVD in pretty cool set which is out of print and going for major bucks. But you can still pick up the DVD with a commentary track and trailers. Just don’t expect a mind blowing transfer and sound. Curtis plays Kim the sister of a slain girl who had been murdered when she was a child. 6 years later her brother and her begin finding out that the kids who provoked the murder are being hunted down and killed. PROM NIGHT is a bit of a hodgepodge of successful horror films. Framed around a FRIDAY THE 13TH like plot, the movie often veers into territory of CARRIE and has a nice dollop of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER thrown in just for good measure. The opening scenes of children playing in an abandoned building builds nice tension as it provides background which the rest of the movie refrences.


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