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Obviously, if both sides agree to something significant, we will support the measures needed to finalize details. But as you saw Jack Lew say over the weekend, there is something — there is still time to get something big done, and members of both parties and the American people agree. And the answer to your question is that if both sides agree to something concretely significant, we will support the measures needed to finalize the details. It’s a decision about which train we’ll be riding when we get to the next station. And we have been in basically a non-stop process of having conversations, negotiations, meetings to find out what — I think Jake was talking about it — this is — the way that Congress works is not — it’s just not that simple. And we have to not just come up with proposals that everybody in the room likes, but proposals that we can be confident will garner majorities in both houses. And that includes both a possible bigger deal, a mid-size deal and the fallback measure that we’ve talked about, that Senator McConnell and Senator Reid are working on. So those are the conversations that we’re having and continue to have. But we’re obviously working with them to ensure that, at the very least, we have a train to ride that gets to the station by August 2nd with legislation that allows for the debt ceiling to be raised. If you say by August 1st for something to be ready to be signed, that’s a long — that doesn’t mean that you start — you make the decision on August 1st of what you’re going to do because you have to back up from there because you have to pass bills through both houses of Congress, potentially reconcile them. Has Treasury and OMB decided which payments to prioritize. Obviously that measure does not have the support necessary to become law and everyone is aware of that. I was just wondering, what is the White House doing —. Or is that maybe up for discussion this afternoon. We’ve had a lot of public activity to argue the merits of, A, why there is no alternative to making sure the United States has the capacity to pay its bills; B, that we should be pushing for a broad, bipartisan, balanced deficit reduction bill that allows us to put our fiscal house in order and sends the right signals to the economy, that allows the economy to grow and create jobs. We have the meeting scheduled for 2:50 p. . today with House and Senate Democratic leaders.

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It’s good to hear I don’t come off as pissy as I think I may, at times. Yes, being able to have civil discourse, and especially civil debate when opinions differ, is becoming more and more rare, not just here, but all over, it seems, and because of that, when civility happens, it’s all the more welcome. We usually don’t talk until after the episode has already aired, so he suspects something. She’s practicing now in northern New Jersey, which is about as exciting as Dorne. Maybe because it’ll probably be a calm before the storm kind of episode. I’d be happy to be wrong and see something unexpected tonight though. I think the best chance for this in KL, which is due for something big. I just don’t have the usual nervous and excited feeling. I repped with my Fire and Blood t shirt (fits me the best). Our tickets were also comp because of my husband’s job, so I didn’t feel rushed to “see” everything. And I saw the red haired doctor lady from Star Trek, and Billie Piper, so for me, I’m happy. And of course your’e right, we shouln’t derail the thread. Different, but he has an awesome look and the right amount of intensity, his drowning speech was a great dilevery. It doesn’t really matter that the background stories with him and euron are altered or cut and that he’s a very minor character, because the biggetst reason for my wanting Damphair in the show for 5 years now, is that I love how his character adds a layer to the Iron Born culture in showing their religion, as tough and primitive and hard as it is. Like this latest episode Blood on my Blood, we finally see Horn Hill in all its wealth, and it adds to Sams character as well as our general understanding of that area. That is what Aeron Damphair does for the Iron Born arc, he is an example of their culture and mainly religion. Ha, she’s pissed he didn’t get she and Loras out right away. I’m pretty sure the writers inadvertently wrote out the explanation for this when they omitted Robb’s will.


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2000. The Green Studies Reader: from Romanticism to Ecocriticism. Estok, Simon C. “Ecocriticism in an Age of Terror. CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and cultures 15. (March 2013) Garrard, Greg. 2012. Ecocriticism. Oxon: Routledge. Kindle edition. Ghosh, Amitav. 2004. The Hungry Tide. London: Harper Collins Publishers. Huggan, Graham and Helen Tiffin. 2007. Postcolonial Ecocriticism: Literature, Animals, Environment. Oxon and New York: Routledge.


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“Rise,” he said at last. Sam gave Maester Aemon his shoulder to help him back up. It made her feel strong to hold it, not know which way to face. “I will fight you one by one or all together. He asks that we send an envoy to him. Grey Worm had been their overwhelming choice for the highest rank. He charged me twice what they were worth, then scolded me for setting. He is stealing my son, sending me away. and unless you Her grandmother moved to her side. “Help the poor boy! the Queen of Thorns. She stayed close to the water, Melisandre sighed. “Ahhhh, Davos. The good knight is honest to the last, even in his. I’m so cold and tired, I need to sleep, just a little sleep beside a. Bran raised his head to look up at the Wall, and imagined himself. They were originally intended toreduce transport carbon emissions and cut Europe's dependence onimported oil. We know the record he has in international cricket and we know his pedigree.