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The current crop of N. B. A. stars are a bit different. With Mr. James leading the way, some are trying to build production businesses that can thrive over the long term. (SpringHill is named after a housing complex where Mr. James lived as a boy. After that experience, he focused on his basketball career and investing in tech companies. His affiliation with YouTube formally started in April, when he introduced a channel dedicated to his off-court life.

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Elsewhere, Ravi connects Gerald and Vanessa with a hotshot tech investor (Drake Bell), who I’ll assume has not bitten anybody. Happily, Ms. Carter and Mr. Jarvis are on the case, keeping a stiff upper lip and keeping calm and carrying on and ruling the waves and all that rot. Lacking her usual murder-victim munchies, she instead must eat the brains of a recently bus-splattered social media enthusiast. Elsewhere, Peyton turns to Ravi for emotional support while Blaine finds his worlds colliding. And the rest of the team falls somewhat short of perfect hospitality as well. See, again, I feel like that same thing popped up in Maniac Mansion, except replace “coal company” with “sentient purple tentacle. . Their trial became a flashpoint in American debates about morality, crime, and capital punishment.

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Holden’s use of her hands and eyes are expressive of her inner turmoil. Her companion, the loyal Sandor (Irving Pichel) has his own obsession as he is obviously in love the the countess. He’ll do anything to keep her from losing her supernatural powers, and embracing a life of conformity. When release from her torment seems to be insurmountable, desperate and frenzied to quell this blood lust, she designs to take control of Garth for an eternity, using his spitfire of a fiance Janet (Margueritte Churchill) as bait. Lily bolts instead of staying to help clear up the slander, leaving her niece to ruin and suicide in Lillian Hellman’s The Children’s Hour (1961). Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde starring Frederick March, is perhaps the best adaptation of Stevenson’s story. Hopkins plays Ivy Pearson a prostitute who becomes the focus of Hyde’s rage. Filmed before the enforcement of the Production Code, the suggestive scenes of lust and desire are quite provocative.