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In 2012, the Government of Pakistan honoured Sharmeen with the Hilal-i-Imtiaz, the second highest civilian honour. She is also the only woman to win two Oscars by the age of 37. The thought-provoking film about class and social struggle closes the Festival. Iram, a Physics Olympian turned filmmaker, initiated the Pakistani Oscar committee and is the founder of Pakistan’s first professional screenwriting lab (QALAMBAAZ). Our audiences will appreciate the opportunity to see this fantastic collection of cutting-edge Pakistani and British Pakistani films. €ť. It will again include the UK, where the inaugural competition yielded 1,100 pitches. They must have a theme rooted in Bumble’s values of kindness, respect, and equality. Look no further than this past awards season — or, indeed, any in the film industry’s history. In February, the Academy Awards bestowed Oscars overwhelmingly to men (73% of winners). Across the Oscars, BAFTAs, and Golden Globes, every Best Director nominee was a man.

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The Muppet Christmas Carol Growing up, I adored The Muppet Christmas Carol. It’s a bit of a “deep pull” for this list, but the Muppets are a part of the Disney family, and their Christmas Carol is a fantastic film. The Santa Clause Box Set The Santa Clause is one of our favorite Christmas movies. It’s an instant classic, led by a great performance from Buzz Lightyear himself, Tim Allen. The sequels aren’t as good as the original, but we make it a point to catch these every holiday season. Frozen Frozen isn’t technically a holiday film, but c’mon. It’s got snow and it’s one of the best movies Disney has produced in recent memory. This recipe is especially great as they’re “no bake” cookies. Mickey Mouse Santa Hat Cupcakes Two Sisters Crafting has a recipe for Mickey Mouse Santa Hat cupcakes. Mickey Mouse Hot Chocolate Get Away Today has a great recipe for Mickey Mouse Hot Chocolate. Hello, World!

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Now let's cover the progenitor of all free and open-source software. Instead of being a time tracker, dotProject is designed to be a generic. Even if free software is not as complex as Microsoft Project, is noteworthy to. Project Manager is only free for 30 days but, I wanted to include it for web designers Collabtive is web-based open source project management software. Status highly stable OS ti down like that mp3 download Windows Server embeddable by. DotProject is a volunteer supported Project Management application. The objective of the Library Management Software is to handle the entire. Dotproject. Dotproject is open freeware project management software that offers plenty of grants like: allotting, preparing and serving projects. Please complete this registration form to download DOT You will receive a link to a page containing documentation and. A lot of language translation software is free to download if you know where to look.

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Another kick to the girl’s stomach and she fell, doubled-over and gasping. The girl tried to scuttle back, but he was too fast. The Others stopped, all frozen in mid-step, staring. Well, it works for you, too. €ť He smiled, his scarred face a pale death mask against the night. “Any volunteers? €ť. They’ll turn you. €ť She looked around, her perfect night vision picking out each face, her gaze meeting each set of wide eyes. “They’ll infect you. €ť.

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Perez. Image courtesy the artist. Featuring hundreds of objects and fragments of various scales—from tiny figures and miniature train sets to a life-size piano that has been broken into pieces—the work is the most ambitious installation by the artist to date. A form of “retrospective” of Porter’s work, it includes characters and scenes that have reappeared within the artist’s prints, paintings, photos, installations, and films throughout the last several decades. Originally produced in 2014 and reinstalled for the 2017 Venice Biennial, this piece was recently acquired by PAMM and will be adapted specifically for one of the museum’s project galleries, where it will remain on view from June 8 to September 29, 2018. Expanding upon notions of the multiple, her practice has included prints, photographs, assemblages, installations, films, and recently several theater productions. Porter’s work often explores the concept of time and how the line between reality and imagination can become blurred or fragile as memories mix with everyday experiences. She sees the imprint of time recorded not just in our memories but also within the physical objects, images, and books that feature in her work. Using toys and other found objects sourced from popular culture and domestic contexts, Porter engages humor and presents playful situations that draw her viewers into deeper conversations about meaning and representation. The dramatic difference in scale between certain elements, which range from the miniscule to the gigantic, plays with perspective and perception in unusual ways, inviting the viewer to walk around the piece and closely examine the kaleidoscope of objects on display. Within the scene, his tiny axe appears to have created a deep cut in the white ground beneath him and a large pile of broken materials.

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While the economy has continued to grow under Trump, there is rising dissatisfaction with income inequality and capitalism itself. Trump may think that red-baiting can make his toxic presidency appear to be the lesser of two evils. Today, nearly every major Democratic candidate for president endorses some version of universal health care, which would have been unthinkable even ten years ago. The Democratic primary will be fought over issues like how to reduce inequality and tax the rich, as well as on costly spending programs like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. The party’s most popular young star, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is an avowed socialist. Democrats, by a 10-point margin, now think that socialism is more appealing than capitalism, and that’s significantly more true of people under 30. Polling has even suggested that 70 percent of the country supports Medicare for All, including a majority of Republicans. rump’s strategy is commonplace in partisan politics: to define the opposing party by its most extreme members. As the Times acknowledged, “there is no evidence of any growing public angst about socialism sweeping the United States. €ť It’s true that Americans broadly see social programs like Medicare for All in a much better light than they do socialism itself. Then again, Sanders may end up as the only Democratic candidate for president who defines himself thus.