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€ť Liberty provides an audit support service to help you if you’re unlucky enough to be audited. Tons of online calculators and tools: Aside from the fun value of these tools, they are also extremely useful. When you’ve finished playing around with how much tax you’d pay if you earned a million dollars a month, there are some useful organizational tools here as well. Expert advice: As a client, you have access to a team of tax experts. They can help you to deal with any questions that you might have when completing your return. Free amendments: You might think most tax software would allow you to file amendments for free. It turns out that, in most cases, you pay close to full price for an amendment, but not with Liberty. Idiot-proof interface: With so many online services, you hit a wall when it comes to interface usability. In this case, the interface is so simple you won’t need a kid to help you navigate it. Plenty of support: If you have a query, you can phone in, email, drop into one of the 4,000 branches, hit the company up on social media, or use the instant chat option. There are tons of ways to get the help that you need. In-person assistance: If the online app isn’t working out for you, you can transfer over to one of the branches for in-person assistance. Advance on your refund: If you can’t wait to get your hands on all that tax money, the company may be able to help you out with an advance in the meantime. This is the most basic option and will work for very simple returns. If yours is a simple calculation without itemized deductions, for example, this option will be fine. This option encompasses more but is still pretty basic. You’ll have access to the deduction schedule so that you can itemize your deductions, but there’s not a whole lot extra here. This gets you quite a bit further than the previous option and is a good bet if you have a more complicated return. This package is a good option for a freelancer, for example.

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Please keep this fact in mind as you listen to this episode, wherein we were invited to record an episode of our podcast from the red carpet event at the Broadway debut of Jimmy Buffett's Escape to Margaritaville. It's not only our quadracentennial episode, it's also the start of the MaxFunDrive. As you listen to us get our asses totally roasted by famous folks who effortlessly pick apart our whole operation, please consider healing our wounds by pledging your support of our bold, journalistic endeavor. 1:25:29 April 2, 2018 Episode 124 - Fallback Week It's fallback week, and Bryan and Peter are taking stock. Peter gives updates on his training, while Bryan looks for inspiration on his spin bike. They also walk for some great causes and search for signs of spring. Then, Bryan looks to Peter for advice on how to slowly get back into running. He then ignores all suggestions and forges is own BIG plans for 2019. nd tries to bring Peter along for the ride. 31:39 March 30, 2018 MBMBaM 399: Stink Bar In this episode we go searching for Clues with our magic dog, to help solve a case that's been cold for years. The mail never fails, nor does our crime-busting expertise. Suggested talking points: New Steve, Toys 4 Us, Dirty Dorothy, Silent Driving, The Prankroscope, Time Crimes 1:03:26 March 26, 2018 Episode 123 - BAA History Lesson Bryan and Peter welcome friend-of-the-show Paul Davies to the Boston Public Library Studio to discuss the building's amazing history as the first home to the Boston Athletic Association. Paul describes the early days of the BAA, including its exclusive facilities, how it started the Boston Marathon, and why the start and finish are where they are today. Paul also talks about which races he will and won't be running in 2018 and gives an introduction to parkrun USA (followed by an update from Peter on his first parkrun event). Then, Peter shares some news about his Boilermaker 15K entry, and Bryan shares how he plans to get back into running and racing in 2018. Finally, we Follow the Cent as we join Vinnie Cent for his conversation with Sierra Rebecca, co-leader of November Project Brooklyn. Following their winning relay race at the Celebrate Life Half Marathon, which honors those who have fought against cancer, Vinnie and Sierra sit down to talk about their experiences as young athle 1:12:24 March 22, 2018 MBMBaM 398: Rest in Reese's Pieces We've got all the big news from the big basketball games that have been going on in the big tournament. More importantly: Which coach has the best, most powerful name? (Hint: It's our coach.


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Broadbent says that we need to motivate more students to go into science and technology careers, especially girls, so these results are promising. Teachers also had a favourable impression of Paro and iRobiQ, with 68 percent of teachers saying they would like to have Paro at school, 22 percent were not sure, and 9 percent did not know. Responses were similar for iRobiQ with 60 percent of teachers saying they would like to have iRobiQ at school, 20 percent were unsure and would like to see the robot improved, and 20 percent did not want iRobiQ at school. Given the prevalence of anxiety and depression in school-age children, robots may be a useful tool in school -based approaches to promote mental health. This phenomenon already has several applications such as enabling the analysis of small samples of blood. These microfluidic systems are small and portable, easy to use without expert knowledge, and disposable because they are cheap to produce. But this disposability means that microfluidic chips need to be quickly mass produced. Injection molding involves shaping a material while in a molten state using a metal template. It is cheap, fast, and useful for creating microfluidic chips. However, engineering a mold with precise micrometer-scale features and smooth surfaces is challenging as burrs and tool marks create defects. A post-polishing process can fix some of these imperfections, but it is difficult for polishing tools to access the recessed corners of microstructured surfaces and remove unwanted material uniformly. Guo and his colleagues started by milling their template for a microfluidic channel 100 micrometers in depth and 100 micrometers in width on a special aluminum alloy. The channel was 100 millimeters in length and included two fluid inlets, one fluid outlet and a serpentine channel as reaction chamber. They then polished this template using a method known as magnetic field-assisted finishing. Two magnetic rollers rotating in opposite directions on either side of the mold create a magnetic field. This field controlled a magnetic abrasive made of carbonyl iron powder and alumina particles bound together by oil, which removed any unwanted material and smoothed the surface. The researchers compared their template before and after this magnetic polish. They observed that the process preserved the height of the microstructure, although the edges were more rounded after polishing. Explore further: Engineers make microfluidics modular using the popular interlocking blocks More information: Jiang Guo et al.


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Thank you so much for believing in me. Saara's X Factor journey nearly came to an end on Sunday as she was voted into the bottom two and faced Four Of Diamonds in the sing off. But mentor Sharon, along with judges Simon Cowell and Nicole Scherzinger opted to save her from elimination and send Louis Walsh's girlband home instead. Four Of Diamonds have since defended the act they lost to, branding Saara's performance 'incredible'. They told Digital Spy: 'She really immersed herself in it, and was paying tribute to the country. That is where she is flourishing and we think she's amazing. Saara appeared on Good Morning Britain herself on Monday morning and told the show's hosts Kate Garaway and Ben Shepard: 'We had a party in Tokyo in that song. 'I've waited my whole life to do something like that and yes, maybe I should strip it down. Her mentor Sharon has also admitted that the performance was 'over-produced', but choreographer Brian Friedman slammed those criticising the routine. The 35-year old won a standing ovation from the judging panel following a unique interpretation of hip hop anthem Jump, originally a 1992 hit for American duo Kris Kross. She tweeted: 'To be clear I did not use any offensive language. Lisa Williams, 34, from London, has made it her mission to celebrate our unique - if sometimes unglamorous - approach raising our children. This is an idea that Lisa strongly disagrees with: 'Us Brits are made of steely stuff, in my opinion,' she said. 'We believe in manners, diversity, fun, and fresh air and exercise. Throw in some dry humour and wet weather, and what a brilliant childhood we can give our children. So she is asking readers to send in their pictures via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - and has picked out some of the 'best, brilliant and most British' entries so far. Unsurprisingly, pubs feature heavily in the snapshots which include one parent enjoying a pint of ale while their baby catches 40 winks in the background. In one image, two women are seeing pulling along a reluctant toddler who appears to be protesting that his legs are too tired to go on. In another, a young boy tries to make the most of a cloudy day at Stonehenge by pretending to hold one of the giant stone structures between his fingers.


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You will make life-or-death decisions at every turn and never be more than a step away from adrenaline-pumping thrills. What's more, your decisions and the answers you provide the spirit board will affect the plot in real time and take you down a path to a unique ending. Complete every storyline of this horror game to learn the secrets hidden deep within each character. This game is not recommended for those under 18 years of age due to the disturbing, realistic 3D graphics. The game will soon be available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Be careful where you look, because something doesn't want you here. Experience a true horror experience made for mobile VR. Players watch the terror unfold around them with immersive 360 degree visuals and audio. Note: You need virtual reality kit for 3D experience. Put your smartphone in virtual reality kit for example google cardboard etc. This is not VR video 360 degree it is VR 3D side by side. Thanks to Brent Coble, Zeke Thomas, David Bower and. Subscrible, activate the notification, and enjoy the whole experience. This 3D Side by Side (SBS) video can be watched on your 3D TV, 4K TV, 3D Monitor, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream VR, VR Box. Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, Cross Eyed, Samsung Gear VR headset. HTC Vive VR headset, Pimax 4K VR headset and the classic Anaglyph. This was a first attempt at a spooky VR video, let me know what you thought and what could be improved. Please put the quality up to 4K in the settings for the best experience. For a VR streaming version to use with the Oculus Rift DK2 visit -.