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It’s a curiosity of history that the world was changed forever by an arcane branch of mathematics. How could it be that a theory originally about shapes ultimately reshaped civilization. The essence of the answer lies in a quip that the physicist Richard Feynman made to the novelist Herman Wouk when they were discussing the Manhattan Project. Wouk was doing research for a big novel he hoped to write about World War II, and he went to Caltech to interview physicists who had worked on the bomb, one of whom was Feynman. After the interview, as they were parting, Feynman asked Wouk if he knew calculus. No, Wouk admitted, he didn’t. “You had better learn it,” said Feynman. “It’s the language God talks. For reasons nobody understands, the universe is deeply mathematical. Or maybe it’s the only way a universe with us in it could be, because nonmathematical universes can’t harbor life intelligent enough to ask the question. In any case, it’s a mysterious and marvelous fact that our universe obeys laws of nature that always turn out to be expressible in the language of calculus as sentences called differential equations. The World According To Calculus As should be obvious by now, I’ll be giving an applied mathematician’s take on the story and significance of calculus. A historian of mathematics would tell it differently. What fascinates me as an applied mathematician is the push and pull between the real world around us and the ideal world in our heads.

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Films like Saw, Hostel and Wolf Creek defined the 00s’. Saw particularly so by really bringing the torture porn concept into the mainstream. Who didn’t at least know of Jigsaw and the infamous “I want to play a game” quote. But that wasn’t all that our new millennium had to offer. What actually were our favourites of this brand new era. The title is a play on the Hitchcock classic Dial M For Murder released in Spain as “ Perfect Crime ”. It even has Yello’s “Oh Yeah” playing in the background. But it does successfully show the man as a total moral vacuum and a sleazy, womanising jerk. The last fifteen minutes seem as though they were written by someone else, they don’t really fit and leave you wondering if he simply didn’t know how to end it. His realisation that he is totally trapped, by this demented woman and her deranged family, starts a decline which only increases as he plots to find a way out. His paranoia and visions of a ghost are not helping. There wasn’t much in the way of traditional horror to choose from. Rather, my favourites from the 00’s all kind of boiled down to ultra gory slasher style films or the newly founded “Torture Porn” sub-genre. With that in mind, my final choice is less a horror movie and more an ultra-violent thriller in the guise of a horror film.


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So yeah, it was a real big shock. ? ? rayzie Produced by Play-N-Skillz, “Ridin’ ” was released as the second single from the album in January 2006, certified quadruple-platinum and celebrated across countless music outlets and year-end award discussions. “That’s actually a very interesting story because that was the last song on the album. The song almost didn’t make the album, because truth be told, Chamillionaire didn’t really want the song on the album. When we made the record, the record was pretty much already done prior to Chamillionaire even getting on it. Krayzie did the verse for Play-N-Skillz because we’ve known Krayzie and Bone Thugs. We asked Krayzie to do a verse for Chamillionaire? ? ho he didn’t even know or know of? ? ecause we told him we thought this would be something huge. ?

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“Let’s go. . She mounted a steel ladder and climbed it with incredible speed, but Mulder was right behind her. She had almost hit the captain’s cabin at the end of a small corridor when Mulder leapt, and tackled her to the ground. “Where’s the bomb? He demanded. Where is it? Mulder screamed, flipping her over and holding her down as he got in her face. Scully held her position, training her weapon on the scientist. Scully spun, and Mulder held Piergo down to the floor while looking back slowly. He had a slight Chinese accent, and was wearing a trench coat and leather gloves. Clutched in his hands was a P-90 sub-automatic machine gun. That told the agents that they didn’t plan to keep them alive for long. But Piergo, at least, was getting some kind of perverse pleasure from what she was about to reveal.

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Alas, the DVD half of the package is little more than a rehash of homemade videos, shot from a distance in the Deerhurst showroom. We’re not even half-way through that turbulent decade’s 50 th anniversary commemoration and the children and grandchildren of Boomer parents must be wondering when it’s going to end. It can be argued that everything that happened in 1968 was set in motion in 1964, but who’s counting. Personally, I was struck by how little has fundamentally changed over the last 50 years. Guess How Much I Love You: Friendship Adventures Chuggington: Brewster Leads the Way I couldn’t tell you when Easter is scheduled to arrive this year, according to the Gregorian, Julian or lunar calendars. Who needs a calendar, though, when you have the media there to make consumers aware of the next big holiday. Easter-themed DVDs have begun rolling out like eggs from a water-soaked carton at the supermarket. The vast majority don’t even mention Jesus in passing, so as not to offend non-Christians and discourage them from buying candy. If children in 2050 have even a vague notion of what Jesus Christ has to do with Christmas and Easter, it won’t be because we’ll all be speaking Chinese or Arabic by then. In defense of the Easter-industrial complex, though, explaining Christmas to a child is a walk in the park compared with Easter and the Holy Week. What better than an egg-laying bunny rabbit to comfort kids traumatized by descriptions of the crucifixion and resurrection. If it’s good enough for the kids of White House employees and invited guests, the occasional foam-candy rabbit shouldn’t be discouraged. There are plenty of entertaining games for kids to play here, as well as lessons about playing and getting along with others. In another nice touch, Big and Little Nutbrown Hare discuss problems inherent in growing up in the woods.