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Once the true line is discovered, the reader can see that these poems are in the tradition of French syllabic verse. Or the snarl of sated fox, the expunger, after its banquet of rabbit femur. Mountains open upon their dependents a volcanic outrage. Magma aglow like the mind’s light, orange-red, resplendent. Q: I’ve heard a rumor that you’ve cut-up Sylvia Plath’s Ariel into tiny pieces and scattered it all over your iMac. Doesn’t make eye contact) Well, not really scattered, but I did tear out the pages, one by one, and cut them into word fragments. Q: Any reason for that, apart from the sheer joy of it. A: The poems in my next poetry collection, Lazarus, are cut-ups of Sylvia Plath’s Ariel poems. I created these original works for Lazarus using the 1960s cut-up process that William S. Burroughs used in creating such works as The Ticket That Exploded and Nova Express, among other novels. I was focusing on manipulating the “poetic voice. The idea came out of a “Poetry in Translation” class I took in grad school at St. I wondered why it was that only voice and no other poetic device could be translated. What was so unique about “voice” that it remained when all other poetic elements have disappeared. Was it simply a matter of a poet’s word choice, or is there something else. To use an example from another medium: why was it that when I looked at a painting created by someone who tried to paint like Vincent Van Gogh, I saw only the “Van Gogh-ness” of the work and nothing of the actual imitator’s hand. There would be no way to trace them back to their inspirations. In fact you would never know that they were cut-ups unless someone told you. I promise you, this is a legitimate form of art, not a copy. Q: D.

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I’ve since made him my own by slowly developing his backstory through writing songs for him and co-writing songs with different cast members, as well as discussing what his motivations might be with Satine. She’s usually getting the group into trouble but at the end of the day, she would do anything for her friends. Unfortunately, my dice usually hate me, so I end up “rolling for a story” a lot. My favorite aspect of Ghost is her duality and her vulnerability. She overcompensates with brash, reckless, and sometimes downright egotistical actions, but in those softer moments, you see that all that huff is just to cover up a very lonely and scared little sprite. I really wanted to make Satine proud (as nerdy and gushy as that sounds) and the way I felt I could best do that was by making sure my character really served to highlight the others. I wanted everyone at the table to feel taken care of by Fey Lore. I felt sick to my stomach nervous but literally so excited I was going to explode. I had never done something like this before, and I didn’t want to let Satine down. I was requested to do an accent for Girasol, so on top of learning the rules, I was listening to Antonio Banderas as Puss and Boots and other “exotic” accents to hone in that accent every morning driving to work. This past season was incredible bringing in new Sirens because we got to learn each other all over again with excitement and support. My heart was racing and I was absolutely terrified that I would blow something or botch a spell. The girls made sure I felt welcome and after that day I just wanted to play as much as humanly possible. These women are my family and each episode our bond and closeness grows. Seeing it stretch from game to real life is beautiful. But now, I consider the entire cast some of my closest friends, and real life Sisters (and Brother). This doesn’t even cover all of the amazing guest star moments. It just puts everything on a whole other level with each other. Also, my favorite episode was the Kigarumi “Mahem” episode. Season Three is chalk full of excitement from my first one-shot pre-game with Xaris, to searching for Ghost in all of the wrong places, the many beautiful songs my sisters WROTE AND SANG, to working with Padma (Girasol’s mentor) and keeping it a secret, to really rising to the occasion and owning her inner strength and power.


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Entertainment and Alcon Entertainment MPAA rated R for violence, some sexuality, nudity and language running time: 164 minutes. Officer K (Ryan Gosling) tracks clues that point to his past. A blade runner tracks and terminates renegade models among these laborers, soldiers and “pleasure units. The 2019 blade runner in the 1982 film was Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford). He meets his 2049 counterpart K in the 2017 film, as the teaser trailer makes too clear. If they’re a benefit it’s not a problem. Deckard and K are the focus of the 1:45 video, which is disproportionate to the screen time the two end up sharing in the 164-minute film. Rib bone scrapes made with a combat medic’s scalpel lead to a serial number. Heroic sacrifices are made to safeguard this unique individual. Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment asked reviewers to not categorize this character, among others, as human or replicant. At the end of the film, we do see who is still alive or life-like. But their actual fates might not be known until another sequel updates us. Fancher was the main screenwriter for “Blade Runner” and gets a story credit on “Blade Runner 2049. . His odd phrasing sounds as if borrowed from Anthony Burgess’s 1962 novel “A Clockwork Orange. Most electronically stored data vanished in a pre-2049 “blackout. Coco recalls the ensuing “ten days of darkness” from his youth. Although K could be about the same age, he has no memory of his own since he is a replicant and knows his memories are “implants. Never born of woman, he and his kind each come with convincing fictive recollections of their nonexistent early years.


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IANS 'India can become second largest market for robotic surgery' business-standard. om. Lehigh County officials say 68-year-old David Baker was working at his home in Warrington Township, York County, when the explosion occurred Thursday. He was taken to a hospital but died from his injuries the following day. The death has been ruled an accident but remains under investigation. Authorities have not said what may have caused the explosion. Worker killed in fall at warehouse construction site washingtontimes. om. Markus Shepherd was arraigned this month in Jackson County District Court. Darryl Mazur. The offense is punishable by up to four years in prison. Shepherd was driving before 10 p. . Oct. 18 in the area of First and Biddle streets in Jackson when shots rang out. Martin, one of his passengers, was hit and later died at Henry Ford Allegiance Health. Two others, Jazzrell Witherspoon and Martez Haywood, both 18, were also injured and survived, according to Jackson police. Shepherd, who was not hurt, drove all three to the hospital. The city police department has not reported any other arrests in the case, which remained open and pending. Elmer Hitt, director of police and fire services, released Shepherd's name and role in the incident but would not go into specifics about any alleged untruths.


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It was a cute dynamic that added so much depth to proceedings in Awakening and Fates, providing an incentive to explore everything before you. The localisation is bound to be a polarising aspect for many, but after a small teething period, I found it to be a charming alternative to the original vision. . With Isabelle now waltzing off to play in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the time is now for Nintendo to make some brave and exciting changes to the franchise. While things are currently cloudy, we cannot wait to see what the adorable Animal Crossing has in store. However, it will once again star the cheeky, sexy and butt-kicking Umbra Witch, as she beats down countless denizens of angels and demons. At the time of writing, we still know nothing about the game’s setting, story or even developer, for that matter. Samus Aran’s last Prime adventure was over ten years ago, so there’s plenty of new ground to cover for the intergalactic bounty hunter. While it lacks the crossover appeal of 2012’s All-Stars Racing Transformed, the addition of multiple abilities for each ride hopes to flesh things out. The lack of any guest characters or crossover with other SEGA properties is a little worrisome, but after the brilliance of Sonic Mania, we’re hoping the streak of high-quality titles continues. And overall, that’s a pretty good way to describe Fighting With My Family: It’s all true, sort of. It is still a fiction film, and as such certain dramatic liberties were taken, including a couple big ones. Let’s break them down. ( SPOILERS follow) All of the broad strokes are accurate. Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis, played in Fighting With My Family by Florence Pugh ) comes from a family of British wrestlers: Her dad’s “Rowdy” Ricky Knight (played by Nick Frost in the film) and her mom is “Sweet Saraya” (Lena Headey). Her older siblings, Roy (James Burrows) and Zak (Jack Lowden), are wrestlers too. As in the film, the family owns and operates the World Association of Wrestling (WAW) along with a training school. And, as in the film, both Zak and Paige (who wrestled as “Britani Knight” in her family’s promotion) were recruited by WWE and invited to participate in a local tryout. If you want to fact check the film for yourself, watch the Channel 4 documentary that the film is loosely based on, The Wrestlers: Fighting With My Family. Fighting With My Family producer Dwayne Johnson saw the film, and decided to make it into a feature.