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He turned out quality productions at a rapid rate working with the top talent in the movie-of-the-week business. There’s a clean calculation and sense of detachment to the emotional contexts of his characters, as if the story-teller is there to set up the situation, then step aside. This discretion is oftentimes construed as anonymity. Only once has Wendkos been nominated for an Emmy Award for directing, for The Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story. Meanwhile, he directed many series episodes: The Untouchables, Ben Casey, Dr. Kildaire, The Big Valley, The Invaders, I Spy, Honey West, The Wild, Wild West, etc. Meanwhile, he squeezed in mediocre action features such as Attack on the Iron Coast (1968) with Lloyd Bridges, Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969) starring George Kennedy, and Cannon for Cordoba (1970) starring George Peppard. The Galvanized Yankee starred Lloyd Nolan and James Whitmore, while Bitter Heritage was a western featuring Franchot Tone, Elizabeth Montgomery, Eva LaGallienne, Denver Pyle, and James Drury as Jesse James. The latter was an odd story about the James Gang, who are framed for a bank robbery until the banker’s daughter vows that they could not have done the deed. Fear No Evil was an NBC ratings-grabber as a premier movie event, starring Louis Jourdan as a psychiatrist who investigates an antique mirror, which seems to possess a demon. The Brotherhood of the Bell starred Glenn Ford as a college professor whose admittance to a fraternal organization in his youth carried the proviso that the group would have something for him to do later in life. It’s time for that, and Ford is perfect in the part of a good man entrapped by the sudden order, supported by Dean Jagger, Rosemary Forsyth, and Maurice Evans. Travis Logan, D. . was the pilot for a prospective series starring Vic Morrow as the title prosecutor, looking for holes in murderer Hal Holbrook’s alibi. Lloyd Bridges is a cop who accidentally kills the floozy who’s wrecking his daughter’s marriage in A Tattered Web. Ed Nelson thinks he’s the next victim after his stepson becomes a murder suspect in A Little Game. Shelley Winters isn’t so convinced of her daughter’s innocence as the younger woman’s murder trial proceeds in A Death of Innocence.

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A white-collar villain, Mr Potter’s androgenic alopecia gives him an air of moral corruption. Darth Vader The unmasked Darth Vader epitomizes the use of facial dermatologic findings in combination to project evil. With his bald scalp, unnatural fair gray skin, periorbital hyperpigmentation, facial scars, and deep rhytides, Vader manifests sheer evil and incites apprehension and fear of the unfamiliar. Star Wars filmmakers use this dermatologic trope in another character, Darth Sidious (the Emperor). Like Vader, Darth Sidious has pale skin, periorbital hyperpigmentation, and deep rhytides. Other Notable Alopecic Villains Many other modern films employ the alopecic villain, including Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films, Abomination in The Incredible Hulk (2008), and Kurtz in Apocalypse Now (1979). Villain Dr Evil in Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002) also flaunts a hairless scalp, but it his son Scott Evil who especially exemplifies hair loss as a sign of evil in the cinema. As Scott demonstrates increasingly wicked behavior to please his nefarious father, Scott’s hair volume diminishes from stage 3 to stage 7 androgenic alopecia. Promising to fulfill his revenge plot, Scott laughs maniacally and reveals a completely hairless scalp, the visual manifestation of his malevolence. Albinism and Hypopigmentation Fair Skin in Film The “evil albino” trope likely precedes film and may have multiple cultural sources, dating back to Neolithic Eastern European culture, in which death is depicted in art as a fair woman with light hair. European folklore, rich with vampires and pallid undead creatures, may have also influenced the stereotype, as well as African attitudes toward people with albinism as being cursed or magical. The albinism bias was adopted early in film history and pervades modern cinema. The 1960s saw an explosive increase in film villains with albinism. During this period, tanned skin was considered healthy and glamorous. What better way to identify an abnormal character then one who can’t tan at all. From 1960 to 2006, there were a total of 68 films featuring the “evil albino” stereotype. Several advocacy groups for people with albinism have responded to depictions of albinism in film with protest. Notably, NOAH works to counter negative and frequently inaccurate depictions of albinism in film.

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This completely took me out of the show, I’m sorry. Also, she tells them her plan: she’s going to Kings Landing to kill Queen Cersei. Like all Sam scenes, this went on too long, especially all the stuff about the food and the poop. Long story short: he ends up stealing some books and figuring out where there’s a mountain of dragonglass. He also encounters Jorah Mormont, who seems to be overtaken with greyscale. Jon tells them that they have to prepare for war, men and women, boys and girls. Jon Snow is a feminist who wants the women to fight for their country too. But he’s not the kind of feminist who takes back-talk from his sister. Sansa argues that disloyal families need to be punished by having their castles and lands taken away. Jon argues that the disloyal family members are already dead, so if the surviving family members pledge their allegiance to him, that’s good enough for now. Sansa looks pouty but Lady Mormont is pleased with all of Jon’s decisions and Lady Mormont is the only one who counts. Sansa and Jon fight privately but it’s sort of left at an impasse and you know Sansa is still going to undermine him. She’s teaching Pod how to fight and Tormund is watching with interest. When she knocks Pod down, Tormund says something about how Pod is so lucky. These scenes were rather beautiful for the Hound, but what was interesting was that the Hound stared into the flames and had a vision about the White Walker army. So The Hound is rolling with the Lord of Light now. The night is dark and full of terrors, Sandor Clegane. Dany finally arrives at Dragonstone, which was given to Stannis after Robert’s Rebellion (when the Targaryens were overthrown and killed).

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It was bulletproof,” he said. “But electronics today are not built with permanence in mind. . After the tour, all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection of The Brooklyn Art Library, where they will be barcoded and available for the public to view. To participate and have us send you a sketchbook that will go on tour, start by choosing a theme. But what's surprising, according to a new study published in the journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, is just how strong the correlation is between a child's academic achievement and the number of books his or her parents own. It's even more important than whether the parents went to college or hold white-collar jobs. The average cycle for getting something done at Google is more like three months than three years. When we suggest trying things that are dangerous or immoral, people laugh, but they are immediately get it. Brace yourself: these ideas may at first seem shocking or counter-intuitive—but they are worth our attention, even if we end up rejecting them. Every idea in the series will be supported by contributions from leading experts. They represent extreme cultural points: one of ultra-consumption (high fashion on the red-carpet), one of unconsumption based in necessity (re-purposed PET bottles). Both pair are ergonomically undesirable, one intentionally. The materials are strikingly similar, the gestures expressed by the feet as different as the footwear design is visually. A market conceives of people as consumers, presumed unequal, with those who can pay in front of the others. It allocates efficiently, but it eliminates a feature of line culture: the idea that, in line at least, we are no better than anybody else. In a way, the market’s spread is a return to another kind of scrum, one in which financial, and not physical, might means right. But I wouldn't take it to some occasions, like out to dinner, and they want you to wear it all day, from the time you wake up until you go to bed, and to wear it on your person.