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1956. Richard Avedon, Andy Warhol and Members of the Factory 30 October, 1969, 1969. Oldenburg, Street Head III (Profile with Hat), 1960 (burlap and newspaper, painted with casein). Oldenburg, Empire Sign—With M and I Deleted, 1960 (casein on cut-and-pasted cardboard). Oldenburg, Letter Tenement, 1960 (Oil paint, rags, and wood). Red Tights with Fragment 9, April 1961 (Muslin soaked in plaster over wire frame, painted with. I am for an artist who canvases, turning up in a white cap painting signs or hallways. Greensboro, NC. Woolworth’s lunch counter sit-ins, 1960. James Earl Chaney, Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, 1964, Mississippi.

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She's old enough that even I met her, at a late 90s live accompaniment screening of LAZY LIGHTING (1927). And tomorrow is her birthday and TCM is dotty about August birthdays; and so here we are. What would have happened if Toto wasn't there to cut through the shit. Those four--brave and true as they were--never would have dared pull the curtain or even noticed it, on their own. Think about it because it's relevant, man, and answer the damned question: Would that old man have ever come out from behind there, of his own accord, switched off his smoke and mirrors, and given Dorothy and her gimme-gimme hooligans their testimonials, medals and diplomas. Would he go all the way back to Squaresville, Kansas in a very dodgy looking balloon instead of being the all powerful Wizard forever behind his curtain, gettin' all the ladies and ruling the roost, as it were. Would their next challenge be to sign up the witch's monkeys into the Oz home guard, and making war against the Munchkins in order to enslave them as poppy harvesters. To hook the munchkins, and make them toil to make heroin from them for sale through the connections of the junky Lollipop Guild, down into Kansas and using the profits to expand the Emerald City and crush all resistance. Naturally, one has to consider that ordering a flying monkey attack squad to arrange a 'cycling accident' for Ms. Gulch, and dye her eyes to match her gown, y'all, red being her color.