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As a male quartet, did they not consider how such a name could be misconstrued. A “Jersey contract” threatens to tear the group apart. Valli’s pep talk to his daughter hits the right emotional chord. And is really the only scene in the movie that contains any emotional resonance. Final analysis: a well crafted spotlight on Valli and his group. An immersive film that captures the sound and mood of the period in focus. I must admit, I’ve never been much of a Frankie Valli fan. His high falsetto work, especially on songs like “Walk Like a Man,” is like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears. Musical preferences aside, I’m now a fan of the singer, thanks to the insightful portrait of Valli’s life and career, brought to us by the man who once tried his hand at singing in “Paint Your Wagon” (1969) and then wisely stuck with his day job. It’s evident that Eastwood has a profound affection for the subject matter and his attention to historical detail is peerless. The film is saturated with nostalgia for the music and mores of the 50s and 60s and the sets, costumes, cars, etc, are all period appropriate to a superlative degree. Those familiar with Valli’s greatest hits will find it nearly impossible to refrain from singing or humming along when snippets of those songs, played in chronological progression of course, blast from the theater speakers.

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There is the fresh 909 again jumping around that forces us to move our bodies on the dancefloor. There is some Mosaic and even Drumcode in here. And again. it's the flavour that makes the taste, no copycat and no retro attack. Heil and Suckut just give us something back that was missed for so long. Good, solid techno with a soulful touch and cool sounds - with an improved quality and programming. We don't know what you will think about this release but for us here at Cocoon this release is one of THE techno-records of the year! Thanx guys. With more than 10. 00 of his fans he will celebrate his own birthday on October the 25th in Mannheim ? Maimarkthalle. Luciano, DJ Koze and Richie Hawtin will be among the well-wishers behind the turntables.


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The clouds of gray mist hover just over the top of Cinderella’s Castle and often mix with lower fireworks creating a rainbow of hues in the sky. Try to stand somewhere so that you have an unobstructed view of the sky around the Magic Kingdom. Plus, the fireworks are scored to some favorite Christmas songs. Other than the approximately two weeks between when Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party ends and New Year’s Eve, you won’t be able to see them anywhere else! “Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration” takes place on the Castle Stage and features Mickey who has invited his friends over for an unforgettable Christmas party filled with classic and contemporary holiday tunes, lively dancing and singing, and seasonal festivities. You’ll want to arrive early to get a spot for that one. You can pick up a special Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party map as you enter the park. A small flashlight will help to read the map at night. And speaking of characters, this will be a unique opportunity to get photos of Disney characters in their holiday attire, as well as with some rare Disney characters, such as the 7 Dwarfs (most popular, so get in line for this first and early); the Disney Princesses, and possibly Scrooge McDuck. Try to get a few photos done when the party first starts or towards the end of the night. And don’t forget to bring your own camera so you don’t miss that special shot in case there is no Photopass photographer around. Many characters will be unavailable to meet during the parade since they will be taking part in the parade.

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Meaning “time something has lived, particular length or stage of life” is from early 14c. Walter Pater used it (1868) to describe the late 19c. Related: Aesthetically. ysphemism 1884, “substitution of a vulgar or derogatory word or expression for a dignified or normal one,” from Gk. Rediscovered 1933 from French formation dysphemisme (1927, Carnoy). Carnoy gave an extensive definition in his study Le Science du Mot, which in translation runs: “Dysphemism is unpitying, brutal, mocking. Originally identical with astronomy, it had also a special sense of “practical astronomy, astronomy applied to prediction of events. This was divided into natural astrology “the calculation and foretelling of natural phenomenon” (tides, eclipses, etc. , and judicial astrology “the art of judging occult influences of stars on human affairs” (also known as astromancy, 1650s). Differentiation between astrology and astronomy began late 1400s and by 17c. Meaning “person or thing that may be acted upon” is recorded from 1590s. Meaning “subject matter of an art or science” is attested from 1540s, probably short for subject matter (late 14c.

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When he regrouped, he expressed matters once more in his formal mode, which was not unlike an antiques catalogue. A suggestion which would solve a problem was 'good,' a great idea for a scene was 'fine,' and if he completely approved of a whole section of plot and dialogue he would pronounce it 'very fine'; as in 'I read that section again last night Johnny. That really is very fine. When Lonely Hearts, the first film we wrote together, was about to be released 35 years ago, Paul wrote me a letter which I have always kept. In the last line of the letter he said he hoped that having worked on this film together and seeing it come to fruition, would 'strengthen our shy human friendship'. It did. Having received blessings from Uzbekistan, Paul announced he was going to America. The only people who thought this wouldn't happen were those unfamiliar with Paul's willpower. The doctors wouldn't allow him to fly across the Pacific for 14 hours so he'd negotiated overnight stays in Bangkok, Dubai and Frankfurt and then a trip across the Atlantic to Chicago. His film Force of Destiny was to play at the Ebert Film Festival and Paul had been invited to speak. Rosie would go with him and make sure he rested, ate the right food and took his tablets. The couple left on April Fool's Day and that night Rosie, whose canonisation is imminent, sent a message reporting that Paul had gone out to dinner in Bangkok.

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