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While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract more attention. Novanym have curated this list of informal, quirky business names to help give your brand identity a splash of character. We believe that great work is the result of OPEN minds and collective thinking. Use Shopify's business name generator to search for business names and check domain availability instantly. I'll provide additional pet services (pet massage etc. That's why we've rounded up 50 seriously creative date ideas you've never thought of. Over 50,000 unique names are available from actual businesses across the United States. Some of the names are fancy and suitable for luxury hotels. You can also name your business by your specialization like the place you expertise in (To Europe, With Love) or name that suits the purpose like Upper Crust Cruises (sophisticated people). S. Toasted Digital. 1. By: Charlie Gaston. A listing to some of the best catchy restaurant names that help to encourage your business. lodge. They haven't evolved much.

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One may say that in photography, where the moment is halted, the temporal dimension is absent completely or represented only indirectly. The latest research has been conceived as a reflection of creative experience in pursuit of the ways to capture memory and imagination through the medium of photography. In 2007 graduated from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Photography and Media Art with MA degree. She is PhD student in the Photography and Media Art Department at Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. Her research interests include memory, imagination, time and place in photography. Currently she’s working the boundaries of analogue photographic mediums with her latest project on astrophotography. Khidekel “Soundscapes of Tide A“ is an interactive video-installation and sound scape created with a help of an analog oscillator. his work gives you the opportunity to create your own rhythms and sounds, through analog generated oscillator. Determinism of the video entangles with with the indeterminism of the sound scape of the oscillator. Creating your own rhythms and sounds, through digitally generated oscillator. “Landscapes of Movements“ an interactive video-installation with a sensor that detects movements. This work gives you the opportunity to change the video by movements. I was born in Aserbajdjan, grew up in India, studied and lived in Kiev, Amsterdam, Croatia and Berlin. Through my eclectic life experiences of radically different cultures, concepts like borders, nationality and other symptoms of closed mentalities became increasingly foreign to me. And of course it has been reflected in my interdisciplinary artistic practices starting from my early stages of artistic research, through theatre, music (jazz vocal), painting and performance art. In the past few years my artistic expression, approaches and methods grew into practice of abstract visual and sound art, as well as greatly, in contemporary postmodern technical culture, philosophy, interdisciplinary science fields and science-related new media art.

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As their attraction deepens, Maryann experiences a life-changing insight— sometimes love stands right before us, waiting to be discovered. Enjoy nine seasons of this family TV favorite—and follow the adventures of Charles and Caroline Ingalls as they struggle to raise their family and surmount the challenges of life on the American frontier. After giving birth, Mary finds herself falling for Wildcat—the Shawnee chief—but she’s determined to return to her husband in Virginia. Your kids will be captivated by Dorothy’s adventures with the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion—and you’ll be dazzled by documentaries, cast profiles, “making of” featurettes, and more. (G. Two DVDs, 102 minutes total. While waiting to be interviewed by the police, a director, an agent, a writer, a wannabe actress, a studio head, and others become enmeshed in a conversation on the meaning of life—and the existence of God. Join the Duggars and their friends as they go paintballing, roller-coaster riding, and sky diving—and rejoice over Josh’s engagement. Will the “kids” still be cute when they’re let loose in a hospital. Is taking the mutts to visit a nursing home a good idea? 3eui hours total. When Beatrice Hamilton asks for her help in finding a husband for cousin Ida Glenshaw, it’s clear that the young men are more interested in Edith. In The Derby Stallion, 15year-old Patrick meets a horse trainer who encourages him to enter the Derby Cup. And in Thicker Than Water, a faded photograph leads Natalie Jones to a bittersweet discovery about her late father’s past. In Thicker Than Water, attorney Natalie Jones discovers her father’s secret past. And in Fielder’s Choice, a promising ad executive takes custody of his autistic nephew.

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He also asked them to check illegal cuts and remove encroachments along the canals, which affects the flow of water to tail end. The Minister also directed the officers of the department to take new initiatives for augmenting water supply and irrigation facilities in their respective areas of jurisdiction. He also asked them to ensure better upkeep of the canals, besides carrying out plantation drives along the canals. The Minister also inspected Kheri Lift Irrigation Scheme and Chang Lift Irrigation Scheme and directed the officers to keep the motors functional 24x7 for providing sufficient water for irrigation to the farmers. While inspecting the Lift Irrigation Schemes, the Minister said that agriculture is the backbone of the economy of the State and Government is committed to provide water for irrigation in all the villages of the State, especially kandi areas. Earlier, the Minister also chaired a meeting of the officers of Irrigation and Flood Control Department to assess the present flow of water in Ranbir and Pratap canals. Chief Engineer, Irrigation and Flood Control, Jammu Rajeev Gandotra, Executive Engineers besides other officers also accompanied the Minister during the visit. Projects underway to bring Basohli on tourism map: Lal Singh Minister for Forests, Ecology and Environment, Choudhary Lal Singh today said that steps are afoot to develop infrastructure and provide better amenities to the people, adding that various ambitious projects are in pipeline to bring Basohli town on the tourism map which would further help in socio -economic growth of the people. This was stated by the Minister during his whirlwind tour of the area. During his visit, the Minister also met various deputations and took stock of the demands of the people. Deputations from village Jandraili, Sheetal Nagar, Gadodi, Kund, Talail, Shayara, Khadi, Hat Mashka and Tohara met the Minister and apprised him with their demands pertaining to upgradation of roads, lanes and drains, low voltage, playground, regular supply of drinking water, supply of ration as per scale fixed by the Government. He said that Basohli area has ample potential for cultivation of medicinal plants and exhorted upon the farmers and youth to take up cultivation of these plants to tap their financial benefits. He also informed that requisite steps will be taken to promote Art and Pashmina of Basohli. DDC Kathua Ramesh Kumar, Ex MLA Kanta Andotra ACD, CEO, SDM, Xen PHE, Xen PMGSY, GM SFC, DFO Billawar and DFO Kathua accompanied the Minister during the visit. Bali reviews availability of medicines, other facilities in hospitals Minister for Health and Medical Education, Bali Bhagat today chaired a high level meeting of officers of Health Department and reviewed the availability of medicine and other medical supplies in hospitals across the Valley. Minister of State for Health and Medical Education, Asiea Naqash was also present in the meeting.


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Brown, A. Watson, Z. Evans, M. Directing attention in 360-degree video. In: Proceedings of IBC 2016, p. 29 (2016) 4. Danieau, F. Antoine, G. Renaud, D. Attention guidance for immersive video content in head-mounted displays. In: Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Perception, p. 4. ACM (2017) 6. Nielsen, L. et al. Missing the point: an exploration of how to guide users’ attention during cinematic virtual reality.

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Ajaibnya, walaupun terletak di pinggir pantai, air panas ini rasanya tawar. Ditambah dengan pepohonan rindang dan pasir pantai yang halus, mandi air panas di tempat ini benar-benar berbeda dari biasanya. Air panas ini berasal dari sumber air panas yang terletak di dekat pantai. Merendamkan diri di air panasnya sambil menikmati suasana pantai sangatlah menyenangkan. Cukup dengan biaya Rp 2. 00 saja, Anda dapat menikmati keajaiban alam ini. 7. Pasir putih di bukit Lembah Baliem, Papua Jika selama ini Anda menggangap pasir putih hanya ada di pantai saja, maka datanglah ke Desa Aikima di Lembah Baliem, Kabupaten Jayawijaya, Papua. Di sana terdapat pasir putih yang berada di atas bukit dan berjarak ratusan kilometer dari pantai. Wow! Anda harus mendaki bukit untuk melihat pasir putihnya dari dekat. Dari kejauhan saja, hamparan pasir putihnya sudah terlihat jelas. Warnanya mencolok dengan latar gunung hijau dan langit yang biru. Putih dan bersih, memantulkan cahaya matahari hingga tampak bak kristal. Berdasarkan sains, pasir putih ini ada karena bentukan alam. Dulu, Lembah Baliem adalah sebuah danau raksasa bernama Wio.

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Just click on the episode link, copy the code you see in the box and after that play the movie. I can fully understand your joy that cold is melting away, yesterday it snowed heavily in Timisoara and I didn’t like to get out at all. I’m dying to find out what’s your question, so I’m joining you in meditation. I used to be a huge fan myself but some combined reasons drove me away. She went from powerless princess sold off in marriage to head of a Dothraki Khalasar. Her’s was the last chapter of the book and had one of the best endings of the series. The other two pulled away from her breasts and added their voices to the call, translucent wings unfolding and stirring the air, and for the first time in hundreds of years, the night came alive with the music of dragons. Getting the unsullied in Astapor seemed all too easy. Are we supposed to believe that these experienced slavers did not have any mechanism in place to prevent what happened. Bran started warging as soon as he woke up from his coma. Jon was learning from people like Jeor, Aemon and Donal Noye in book one. Arya saw through Joffrey and was training with Syrio Forel in book one. Dany went from having no power to having all the power and dragons and a good deal of it was through her own scheming and power plays. GRRM can afford to spend 6 chapters on them in later books. She knows that LF was taking orders from the Lannisters and Cersei and was part of the cabal that took down her father. So far she has followed orders and made some good guesses.


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. the sequence is also a resultant narrative). The third story presented in the film, titled “The Locket,” is a romantic ghost story about a young motorcyclist (Glenn Quinn) who, having engine trouble, stops at an isolated house inhabited only by a beautiful but mute young woman (Jacinda Barrett). In the dead of night, they experience the paranormal reoccurrence of a horrendous murder. Although ghost stories are themselves legends—and there are many urban legends about ghosts—“The Locket” does not have a direct correlation with the oral tradition. It is, however, possibly a Mexican American variant on “The Vanishing Hitchhiker” legend, whereby instead of meeting the specter on the road hitchhiking, the human and the ghost meet at a party or a ball (Glazer 2002). Likewise, although not a specific urban legend but using a broader definition of legendry as “belief narrative,” as I did in the previous chapter, the framing narrative about the four campfire storytelling teens concludes with the revelation that the four are dead after the car accident. The characters from the narratives they have been telling are actually the people around the crash site. The film’s end credits begin to roll, but after the director, screenwriter, and cast credits for each of the segments, we are given a single tracking shot, pulling away from the accident scene along the line of backed-up traffic. The final car we see is an old Thunderbird, and out of the car’s widow, resting on the window frame, is a prosthetic hook as the color drains from the shot returning to the monochrome cinematography we began the film with. Conclusion Smith’s revised typology, while a useful beginning, is clearly in need of further development. His typology of “Group C: Fiction” can be developed as suggested previously. This current development can be summarized thus: I. I am dealing merely with the adaptation of these legends in the (predominantly) horrorfiction film. Yet, within the relatively large discourse of horror movie adaptations, urban legends appear relatively infrequently. This surprises me, as, first, these orally circulated stories are copyright free, and therefore horror film producers do not have to pay any rights for the stories, and, second, urban legends are good, gross, frightening, and suspenseful stories.