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It’s legit to asume, that even if Jon drowned in that frozen lake, Dany would have continued the fight against the dead and later when she promised Jon to fight against the Night King on the boat, she was no longer asking to bend the knee. Jon did this, because he deemed her to be deserving it for all what she did. But even then Dany took it more like an expression of personal acknowledgement than like an actual oath of fealty of a vassal: she was highly surprised when Jon affirmed his committment at Dragonpit. So, Dany’s only flaw was that she didn’t take Jon’s words for granted after a single conversation (which can be easily excused). First of all, had he told Dany, that the dead pose a REAL THREAT and that they have to rethink all their strategy accordingly she might have listened: after all, she asked and his answer was rather vague. OK, I can accept that Tyrion also needed some time to adjust to a new reality. But then he came up with that stupid wight hunt plan, although he should have known that Cersei wouldn’t cooperate with her enemies under any circumstances, and finally he entered the Dragonpit negotiations without any plan B. Unfortunately to Dany and Jon, Tyrion still had too much loyalty to his siblings and that caused problems and will continue to do so. Here are some random possibilities that I can think of off the top of my head, though I doubt most of them would be used. I don’t think we did it last year because of the leaks.

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The slides are here and an edited video is coming soon. We’ve got some pretty strong insight now and it could go in a few different directions but their interest and ability to act is undoubtedly varied for each. If you want more, one way to help would be to leave a review on iTunes. The kicker is that many of these folks have often already defined the method they want to use to reach their stated goal. It’s foolhardy to try to help people who have set you up to fail. Last week, with the Interaction conference (and my Soft Skills workshop) and my talk at the Design Writing summit, put me behind. On Friday I’ll be speaking about The Power of Bad Ideas at 18F, and on Saturday I’ll be leading The Designer is Present at World IA Day DC which will also be streamed. This week we’ll have our final episode of the first series, so stay tuned. If you’ve been enjoying the podcast, you should review it on iTunes. Paul and the Broken Bones, The Jinx: The Life and Deaths Of Robert Durst.


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Why is Jaime despised for Kingslaying but Euron supported for it. Stop being moochers and pull yourself from your bootstraps. Tywin and Cersei always wanted to get rid of Tyrion, but that not existing taboo always got in the way. Tyrion was supposed to be a loyal servant of Joffrey’s government (plus a member of his family). Had Stannis won, no one would have been prosecuting Melisandre for Renly’s death (plus Renly legally speaking wasn’t a king) and Joffrey’s head would definitely be removed from his shoulders. You can’t really do that if you go around saying “I killed him”. He was sworn to guard a man, and stabbed him in the back for it. Even with that Jaime isn’t so hated by every character and had he explained about the Wildfire Plot, he might have been praised or grudgingly accepted by everyone. With Aerys II, pretty much everyone hated the guy and had it been Robert who killed him or had he been executed after a semi-serious trial, no one would have complained. As it is, it should cost Euron, but the details aren’t quite the same as Jaime.


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If this film does one thing, both humorously and dramatically, it provides several concrete examples against the solipsistic urge of the adolescent mind. From a beautifully ambient lovemaking scene in a sandstorm to a siege on a Nazi dinner party, the rush of a truly compelling war drama sets in. If I were to judge the movie based on the first hour alone, this would be one of the best films of the year. Zemeckis is no stranger to finding iconic imagery and set pieces to dazzle the eyes and heart with. It's just that once the second act and the conflict of Marion Cotillard's character being a double agent is underway, the movie loses momentum completely. Sure, we continue to follow Brad Pitt on his quest to prove that their love is not based on a(l) lie(d), but the passion and excitement seem to be as quickly squelched as they were ignited. You stumble and meander with them through another hour of ambiguous intrigue waiting for the barely cathartic climax. It is not so easy to separate the feeling from the thought. In war time, and even in the day to day, we are forced to adopt roles that we may not fully commit to or believe in, and once we do, who are we truly. We are not so simply qualified by just our actions or our ideals, so when does our judgement, internal or external, end.


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