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€ť Also inherent in the model of filling that 2,300-seat hall is the scale of what you have to produce. Without trying to lay too much blame, we can trace most of that back to Wagner and the parameters he set in expecting his audiences to see art forms as he saw them: moving opera and symphony from a public, pop-culture marketplace to a ritual, where all the lights go down, you sit quietly and don’t applaud 34 T H E A U S T I N C H R O N I C L E MAY 13, 2011 a u s t i n c h r o n i c l e. Contrast that with Rossini’s time, where The Italian Girl in Algiers was written for theatres that were also casinos, and in addition to the money that he got for composing the opera, Rossini got a share of the casino winnings. You could say that Rossini was like the floor show at Caesar’s, bringing people in to gamble. And yet we have taken that idea of art as ritual and imposed that in the 20th century economically and artistically on what we expect our audiences to do. But the business model won’t sustain that scale anymore. Your second point, about perception: With opera and symphony, there is the expectation that you’re going to give me a repertory that I know and am comfortable with. One thing that has always made me jealous of the theatre world is that audiences don’t seem to have that preconception of a core repertory that they want to see over and over again produced exactly the same way. We have very loyal audiences, but at the same time, we have highly opinionated audiences that don’t want a lot of deviation from one section of the repertory to the other. So to say to an opera audience, “I’m not going to put on Traviata, but I’m going to give you a double bill of Kurt Weill’s The Seven Deadly Sins and Schoenberg’s Erwartung,” which both take one singer and an orchestra, is probably not going to sell the same number of seats. Both of those points are really valid in how we look at our business models as we move forward. One of the interesting things we were exploring at Austin Lyric Opera was the realization that the current business model for opera in Austin is not sustainable in the long run. Instead of doing three operas, four performances, what if we did one or two main-stage productions with a variable number of performances and supplement that with one or two or three chamber operas that broaden and provide multiple layers to the season and expand upon some things that we did very well, which was collaborating. More than any time in the company’s history, we actively sought and executed more collaborations and in doing so not only enriched the artistic environment but were also cross-pollinating audiences. There’s a lot of opportunity in Austin, especially as entrepreneurial and innovative as it is, to take the form and re-create the business model in a way that will be unique to Austin, because I don’t think that in every city you could take one model. In fact, what we see as the traditional opera business model of a standard season with a certain mix or repertory with a certain subscriber base and a certain contributed income base may continue to work among the top five or 10 opera companies in the United States, but for regional opera to thrive in America, regional companies are going to abandon that traditional big-house model for a unique set of models that will work for them and are adapted to each community. We’ll no longer be cookiecutter, and that’s fantastic. WEEKDAYS 7-10am C R E AT I V I T Y CONFIDENCE C H A R AC T E R a u s t i n c h r o n i c l e. True to Sayles and his producer and partner Maggie Renzi’s independent, do-it-yourself aesthetic, they are supporting the novel with a national tour in a rented Prius.

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Boston. 617-267-9300. mfa. rg. Ice Cream Social starts things off, followed by Lauren Bateman. Take in the show between Sinatra Sunday sets from the Al Vega Trio at this alluringly unmarked bar. There will be Utz chips and Heinekens to go around. Snack on deviled eggs, pigs in a blanket, and other classic bar bites while sipping cocktails like the Joan (a Tom Collins), the Betty (a vodka gimlet), and the Salvatore (a Campari Squeeze) during the show. 10 p. . Tavolo. No cover. 617-822-1918, tavolopizza. om. The two sharpest dressers at the hot spot's shindig Sunday will win breakfast for two at Henrietta's Table. All that primping is sure to leave you parched, no. When the latest heir is ready to move in, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson metaphorically move in to solve the mystery. Three actors play 16 characters in this farcical version of the tale written by Steven Canny and John Nicholson.

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Dany is finally headed to Westeros. Holy shit. Some Shakespearean shit going on there at the Frey household. I wonder how many recurring characters died in this episode. I wonder how many recurring characters died in this episode. 8, Plus a bunch of minor recurring characters Margaery Tyrell, Loras Tyrell Mace Tyrell The High Sparrow Lancel Lannister Pycelle Tommen Walder Frey. The overwhelming theory is that Lyanna ran away with Rhaegar Targaryan. They both disappeared for a year before he was killed in single combat by Robert Baratheon and she was found in the Tower of Joy with the child. She asks for her brother to take the child because Robert is still out to kill every Targaryan who could lay claim to the throne, which her child could. As for the succession, Bran would be first in line at the moment, then I think Jon, then Sansa and Arya. She's the epitome of imperialism yet nothing can ever harm her. In a show where everyone has a weakness and is usually killed by it, she's flawless. She's constantly getting more and more followers and killing anyone who refuses her idea of rule. She's a tyrant but the show makes her out as a savior, and the fans agree. But my girlfriend and I were talking about it and found another reason I don't like her. She and her entourage are extremely feminist to the point of man-hating. Her entire story arc is men telling her what to do, and she refuses and kills them. She has teamed up with Asha Greyjoy, who talks about how they're gonna show the men that women can rule. Not to mention shes at the head of an army of dickless men.