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Elk's smart, bold, and nicer to use than calculator-like conversion tools. There are a variety of levels, too, so you can just take on something to lose some weight, or you can train for a marathon. What makes Pear special is that you'll get interactive coaching from athletes while you're doing your workouts. So instead of a generic robot yelling in your ear, it'll be an Olympian who will use their personal stories to motivate you. Fresh. But if steps are your thing, ActivityTracker Pedometer zeros in on steps, calories burned and distance travelled. Scroll down a bit and you can also peruse when during the day your steps occurred, and how today's efforts compare with those from the past week. But today, Apple Watch can barely deal with maps when you're hiking, biking, or merely ambling. Fortunately, WorkOutDoors provides zoomable, scrollable vector mapping on your wrist. Bold colours, auto-rotate, breadcrumb trails, and live stats showcase an app very much designed for the wrist first, rather than Apple Watch being an afterthought. ViewRanger gives you live turn-by-turn navigation and trip stats for hundreds of hiking and cycling trails worldwide. You can also download (and pay) for additional topographic maps. Define on your iPhone which exercises you're happy to do, and then pick a duration on the Apple Watch. Try the half-hour 'Pain' mode, which you'll find is aptly named as the app flings semi-randomised rep sets at you for 30 agonising minutes.

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Thanks Pete Pete Peppers On the show Gendry is a combination of two characters. In the books he is still in the Riverlands hanging out with the brotherhood without banners who are being led by Lady Stoneheart. The other character he's based of is Edrich Storm who went to the free cities after Davos sent him away to save him from being sacrificed for his King's blood. Daenerys would be the last thing on his mind unless he knew his heritage. So if i'm right that means either bran or Meera's father Howland tells Jon the truth early on or the rumors are true about ned leaving a clue to Jon's heritage inside the stark family crypt. Pete Peppers Hard to say at this point since we don't know at what point in the season all of this stuff is happening Matt Theboardrider I think this is the result of Jon learning his lineage and heading south to meet his Aunt and just sort of reconcile all of that. Learn more about his family and go from there. t makes sense that Jon and Dany would end up together, as that's what Targaryen's do. Plus, they're now adults and only meeting for the first time. re they supposedto instinctively not be attracted to each other. They're two of the best looking people in Westeros and they coulnd't look more unrelated. eople in the real world married closer kin in the last century, shoot they still do it. These two will be related because of some shared blood, but they will have no familial attachment. Makes sense that most likely Dany legitimizes Gendry, but for what purpose other than just to have more houses in the fold.

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To learn more about the work of the PFC Foundation, visit. Curated by a collective of music lovers, 2Seas Sessions film and record stripped down live sets performed by talented artists, bands, and songwriters. With no borders, the 2Seas Sessions platform is dedicated to discovering as well as showcasing music and people that inspire. Dosto aaj ki video me mai ham log bat karne wale hai KXIP Vs MI dono teams ke final playing 11 ke bare me btane wala hu. Don't Forget to Like Share And Subscribe My Channel. Jeff and Sara are joined once again by Jeremy, Andrea, and Keegan to talk about Cryptid Noir. Why was a Bigfoot movie made in 1987 the apex of Cryptid filmography. We also talk about the 90,000 year old interspecies girl, sex boxes in Zurich, and how Jeff almost got bamboozled into reading some Bigfoot Erotica. After getting into the upcoming Mardi Gras season, and just how bad of Catholics our friends are, Andrea schools us on the Rougarou (or Loup Garou (or Cajun Werewolf)). That's right! Along with his love of Bigfoot, Jeff is also very interested in Zen Buddhism and Meditation, and he often likes to put these two loves together and think about whether or not Bigfoot has Buddha nature, and what that might mean for the species and for us humans. Some of the stories and things mentioned include: SassiSquatch. om - Awesome Bigfoot Stickers Living Among Bigfoot - Book Giveaway BKOTF Blog - Is Bigfoot a Zen Master. We were able to sit down with Virginia and discuss a wide variety of topics, from her inspiration, to her writing style, and the many different genres she writes, including Christian fiction and Western Romance.

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Lauren Biglin of Marian also defended first-place honors from a year ago, successfully retaining her top spot in the 500 freestyle. Turnovers doom Cass Tech as West Bloomfield prevails rssfeeds. etroitnews. om. But the rain wasn’t done causing havoc on special-teams play. It’s something that we pride ourselves on, but we couldn’t get it done today. It will take on Livonia Franklin at 1 p. . next Friday at Ford Field. Cordy Tannehill led the way with 18 carries for 93 yards. Finn finished with 131 yards on the ground for King (11-2). The junior signal caller was 6-for-15 through the air for 64 yards. “We executed our game plan offensively,” Spencer said. “We just had a couple of dropped balls, and that was the difference.

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From Enkiduism and the Divine Nature of Sasquatch, to The Holy Order of the Sasquatch, and the creepy Sasquatch People, people around the world love to worship our hairy hominid friend. Some of the stories and things mentioned include: Your Weekly Strange: November 25, 2018 Listverse: Top 10 Cryptids that Turned Out to be Real Enkiduism Website Enkiduism PDF The Holy Order of the Sasquatch Join the Holy Order. In the first part of the show, Sara talks about all the feet that have been washing ashore on the west coast of Canada lately. Is there a serial killer on the loose in the wilds of British Columbia. In the second part of the show, Jeff talks about his trip over Memorial Day weekend this year with their son, Chance, and the general awesomeness thta is Canada. He also goes into Mishipeshu, the water panther, Mer-people in Lake Superior, Ontario Sasquatch sightings and more. Jeff jets off to the far-off, magical land of Iowa, the land of Sara's and Jeff's youth to spend the weekend with the Loquist children and while there, they decided to talk about Wapsi Willy, Dragons, ghosts, Cryptids, and all other weirdness that the Hawkeye State has to offer. We include several reader stories, including what may well be a Skin Walker, a Haunted College on Long Island, a creepy ghost hugger, and disembodied mom voices. We also get into our own paranormal experiences, including the ghosts of dead relatives, shadow figures, sleep paralysis and dreaming, and even a creature that can only be described as an extra-small Martin Short. Also, in honor of our 13th episode, we also discuss the history, fear, and impact of Friday the 13th, and the number 13 throughout history and into modern times. Sara and Jeff attended the Texas Bigfoot Conference on October 20, 2018 and got to meet the great and powerful Bob Gimlin. That's right! THAT Bob Gimlin from the Patterson-Gimlin film. We also got to hear great presentations from Lyle Blackburn, Nick Redfern, Shelly Covington-Montana and Dr.

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Every aspect of life from communicating, to eating, to recreation cleverly revolves around one simple concept: staying silent. And of course, with Halloween set to release later in October, we’re witnessing a return to the classic slasher icons of drive-in theaters, back when horror was held in higher esteem. From The Conjuring to this year’s Hereditary, horror isn’t so much becoming a part of our cinematic zeitgeist as it is shaping it. Filmmakers are approaching their craft with a deep appreciation for the genre and in turn, fans are digesting the fruits of their labour with a zealous appetite. All the broken box office records are not mere coincidence. Even the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science is slowly remembering that horror, when done right, can be worthy of recognition—ring Jordan Peele and ask for yourself. Hell has returned to Hollywood, a rebirth of terror and trepidation. Such a shift has forged a newfound respect for horror, a reverence that’s been missing since the good old days when high school proms featured buckets of pigs’ blood and the heads of bedridden teenagers spun 360 degrees. And when TVs crackled with static and little girls eerily proclaimed: “ They’re heeeeeeere. Hopefully this time it’s to stay. For me they need to be timeless, unique, and ultimately still be able to bring a chill to my spine. Very few monsters and murderers meet these standards but I’m here to tell you why these following five classic horror villains have become icons of the genre. The first movie I think of when autumn rolls around is Halloween. No film really sets the mood for scary as well this one.

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Suggested talking points: DuckTales Returns, Nanner Team, Blank ATM Card, A Kitty's Gift, Car Courtesy, My Trademark, Not Again Daniel 59:27 August 14, 2017 Episode 91 - Summer Rewind: Alison Desir To celebrate Run 4 All Women’s upcoming national events, this summer rewind features our interview with Run 4 All Women founder, Alison Desir. Be sure to check out a race event happening near you and support the movement by visiting 52:59 August 10, 2017 MBMBaM 366: Sorry, Todd In today's episode, we're pretty sure we meet the God-King of Yahoo Answers. Do not look directly into the Todd; his splendor is not intended to be witnessed with human eyes. Suggested talking points: Dog Days of Summer, Smooth, Return to Sender, Goose vs. Dog, Hashtag Hell, Stealth Tacos, Cruel Idioms 58:49 August 7, 2017 125 - Steve Patterson on Life as an Independent Intellectual Steve Patterson is a rationalist philosopher and intellectual entrepreneur working outside of academia. He is the host of Patterson in Pursuit, a podcast featuring deep conversations with top thinkers in philosophy, mathematics, and many other disciplines. He is also the author of What’s The Big Deal About Bitcoin and Square One: The Foundations of Knowledge. This episode is a behind the scenes dive into life as an intellectual entrepreneur. From approaches to interviews, to handling haters, and the motivations behind Steve’s philosophic journey, it is a wide ranging conversation that will have a lot of interesting perspective for anyone interested in living an intellectual life. 1:26:00 August 7, 2017 Episode 90 - Summer Rewind: Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric Bryan and Peter celebrate their 90th episode by going on vacation and leaving us with their amazing 40th episode. We travel back to August 2016 and go under Harvard stadium with November Project. Check out the crazy post-workout interviews with Caleb Daniloff, Emily Saul, Chris Capozzi, and November Project co-founders Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric. And stick around to the end of the show for updates from the NP “Giant Men” recorded this past week. 1:09:33 August 3, 2017 One Guy, One Guy, and a Chicken Place Folks, from movie reviews to daring escapes, this episode has it all.