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I'd come up with the basics of a major, three-way plot. Because of the massive destruction, however, it will probably take him all day. In the meantime, his wife is trapped in her bathtub under the rubble of their house—with a perverted neighbor trying to get his hands on her. All three plots needed to be coordinated, the distances and timing worked out so that everything would intersect properly. I ended up making very extensive notes in which I developed all three plot-lines. The single-spaced plot synopsis turned out to be 15 pages long and contained a total of 62 different scenes. Each scene description included the time of day at which it was supposed to happen. The pages piled up, I checked off scenes, but there were still so many scenes still to go. I soon realized that, if I actually followed the outline, the manuscript would end up over 1,000 pages long. After leaving it behind, I wrote Endless Night (a nice, simple story) and In the Dark (less simple, but still a long distance from the complexity of Quake). Just a few days before quitting Quake, however, I'd sent a synopsis and sample chapters (a few hundred pages, I think) to Bob Tanner. I did this because Headline had asked for information about my new project. Bob had not only sent a copy to Mike Bailey at Headline, but he'd also submitted it to Tom Dunne at St. Martin's Press. I had no idea that he might submit it anywhere. About the time I was finishing In the Dark, Tom Dunne made an offer on Quake.

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Pat Toomey is locked in a close race against Katie McGinty; North Carolina, where Sen. Richard Burr is in an unexpectedly close contest with Deborah Ross; and Missouri, where Sen. Roy Blunt is trying to fend off challenger Jason Kander. The fund’s intentions were first reported by Politico. The fund also plans expenditures in Nevada, where Republican candidate Joe Heck and Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto are campaigning to fill the vacancy created by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s retirement; Indiana, where former Democratic Sen. John Kasich, a former 2016 Republican presidential candidate, emailed his supporters Tuesday seeking contributions to aid embattled GOP Senate candidates. He also said he is putting off discussions about his future with the team until after the season. Cutler, 33, addressed the media for the first time since he suffered a sprained thumb in Week 2 against the Philadelphia Eagles. On Monday, he was cleared to return from the injury. I've had good conversations with Foxy this week, last week, the week before. We're both very open and honest, and we're on the same page. He underwent surgery Sunday and is expected to be out six to eight weeks. He also said he didn't worry about his status on the depth chart while he was out, as he wasn't healthy enough to play. But right now it's not something that I worry about. I've seen a lot of ups and downs, and it's how it goes. At the end of the year, we can have those conversations.

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Really, we could possibly see airport closures before all is said and done. If that's not enough, the storm system bringing in some very strong winds behind it. We could see gusts 55 miles per hour today in Charlotte, Atlanta around 35 miles per hour, so everybody in the east may be impacted by this storm -- Kiran and T. . CHETRY: All right. Jacqui Jeras for us. Thanks so much. This morning's top stories are just minutes away including it is real, and we now know who paid for the George W. Could the people behind it really be Obama supporters. HOLMES: Also coming up at 7:05 Eastern time, cribs that have killed are now coming off the shelves. Details of a huge government recall involving half million of cribs that have been sold at the biggest retail chains. CHETRY: Oh, and speaking of recall, 7:20 Eastern, first Toyota, now Honda recalling hundreds of thousands of cars, the issue, air bags that could cause harm not prevent it. Those stories and much more at the top of the hour. Fifty-two minutes past the hour. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) UNKNOWN MALE: Ladies and gentlemen, the Most Valuable Player of the world champion New Orleans Saints, Super Bowl, Drew Brees. CHETRY: They almost looked like they were coordinating a dance for a minute there.

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Remember? Arya saw him talking secretly to a servant girl in that secluded walkway. And he's being watched as he's talking to other lords in small groups. He knows Arya is watching him and he is trying to figure out a way to get rid of Arya. If he can drive a wedge and get Arya to harm Sansa, he can get rid of Arya himself with few people to object to it. If what you care about is putting yourself in their shoes, those shoes are harder to imagine when they can bend space and time itself. They talked about her lovers, Jon Snow's too short, Cersei is a monster, how do we handle her, etc. Something to indicate that Gendry getting back to send help is feasible in that world. And WTF have Dany sitting at Dragonstone. any should have been sitting at Eastwatch with Drogon, waiting, or at the very least doing a fly over to see if she could help find the fuckers. Some dialogue here and there to help the fucking story be coherent. That's all I ask. We all know the Night King can bring the winter. Waiting for water to freeze when you have the ability to freeze instantly makes no sense. Does Jon have some power he's not aware of but The Night King knows and is afraid of Jon. Given how easily he took down Viserion, he could have killed Jon a couple of times now and hasn't.

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I also remember at the end of the movie he enters the small dog in a dog competition. I saw it when i was still a kid and i dont remember the title (in fact, i dont know it). As a child of the 1960s I remember watching an old black and white movie at night that had a snow white Collie. The dog was walking and running in a woods I believe at night, and if I remember right he or she was protecting someone or something. Bugs me that I don’t know the name of the movie, or where the beautiful dog came from. And I remember the dog and his friends seeing this dirty older dog around the movie. Then at the end of the movie it was raining and this cleaned up the dirty dog’s fur, making it look very white and the little dog realised that the dirty dog is his mother. I am sorry for the weird explanation but I really hope someone can help me out. The top racehorse isn’t running well until the boy’s dog arrives. At the end of the movie the boy has to decide to go back home with his dog or leave the dog behind with the racehorse. A trapper is starving to death in a brutal wintery environment and is forced to kill is dog in order to survive. Only the dog senses it before the man can shoot him and the dog runs off. The dog is taken in by a boy and his family and they become fond of the dog. Later on, the trapper shows up in town in the summer or sometime later and encounters the boy and dog and wants to take the dog back. After much consternation, they agree to let the dog decide. They place the dog between them separated by some distance and the dog keeps running back and forth to each trying to decide.