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? ? 7 bulan yang lalu Not sure about everything although they seem logical but the most certain (for me) point is the one about sansa wanting jon to have a claim to the throne. That would give power to her family and would leave her lady of winterfel (even if bran had the main title he wouldnt be in full power). Melissa Blackwood 7 bulan yang lalu Girl, I hope they're paying you. Gendry Reforging of ICE as the screen fade to black. Derek Knight 7 bulan yang lalu Costco walmart. 'm dyin Anna Beasley 7 bulan yang lalu Red Hot Chili Peppers. Deborah Longtin 7 bulan yang lalu I love the fan fictions. Howard Johnson 7 bulan yang lalu this was a very good one Teresa Burress 7 bulan yang lalu That was awesome more please redfishradical 7 bulan yang lalu Soooooo. Our universities charge platinum prices most can't afford without big loans, grands or scholarships. Well in any event, ain't no ifs, ands, or buts about YOU having the good juice! Sarah. aras Boucher 7 bulan yang lalu As always amazing video. I totally agree with you and your views on the show. hank you for helping to get us through the longggg night. That's exciting they used your videos for college studies. can see why you help put things into perspective by going over the book in depth but also you are realistic and truthful on your thoughts. So many YT videos on GOT this summer have put up fake leaks just to get viewers I believe full on knowing that shit was fan fiction.

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This year, Sony and others have already launched TVs that can be controlled by voice. LG, Whirlpool and Delta have also added Alexa’s voice recognition skills to help people control everything in their homes from microwaves to refrigerator. In 2019 and beyond, we will see even more companies and products adopting speech recognition technology. They store all data in a digital format- sensory, text or time and use it to classify and group the information. For example, humans can recognize handwriting easily but in order to teach an algorithm we have to feed it with vast amounts of handwritten data to recognize patterns in it. There is already a huge demand of neural networks in robotics, to improve order fulfillment, to predict in stock market, and diagnosis of medical problems or even to compose amazing music. In 2019, the neural network technologies and algorithms will improve more which will enable this type of AI to become even more sophisticated as better training methods and networks are developed. Neural networks are also backbone of deep learning which are the powerful set of algorithms that can be used for image processing, speech recognition or to process natural languages. Neural networks are also helpful in autonomous vehicles or fraud detection and even to detect diseases. Artificial intelligence will make it much easier to prevent and fight off cyber threats and hackers in 2019 and beyond. Actually to do that we don’t have many other options. Several companies like Darktrace are already using AI and ML to detect online hackers in real time and to identify cyber threats even before they arise and spread. AI can pick up on the indicators of any abnormal activity and defend your system and solution early on i. . much before the threat becomes uncontrollable. Conclusion. Rather the growth of AI technologies and devices will continue to rise in 2019 and even after that as the focus of everyone else is now shifting towards the new technologies and applications in the industry which can solve many inherent problems related to customers and general public. AI will lead the race in this space and will help the companies to achieve their targets and in providing excellent customer service to their customers. Au?


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He tapped the service bell with his palm. It did not ding. Then, to Rhymer’s amusement, he examined his hand with a frown and wiped it on the thigh of his pants. Heat was about to call out again when her phone vibrated. Leave the door up where it is, don’t touch the handle again. Just stand guard and get the Evidence Collection Unit on this with a fine-toothed comb. And when I say ECU, I want Benigno DeJesus and only Benigno DeJesus. When she turned back, she was looking at Nikki’s shield. The picture made it hard to argue. “Dude paid up two weeks in advance in cash. Wondering about site contamination and forensics, Nikki asked, “Has housekeeping been in here? . She and Rhymer rested their hands on their holsters and went in first. She backed away and said, “I gotta call the owner,” and rushed out. The bed, especially the pillow and head end of the top sheet, was a dry lake of deep rust. A pile of towels on the floor beside it was likewise saturated in red. The desk, which had been moved to the middle of the room, was covered by the ripped-down shower curtain. On one end of that vinyl sheeting, there was yet another pool of blood that had separated over time, with amber at the edges and deep maroon in the center of the stain. Cinnamon red, like drippings from a candle, clung to the sides of the shower curtain where blood had leaked and made small puddles in the rug, which also looked dried.

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From a creative standpoint, it also makes sense to give characters something to do. There’s quite a lot of sitting around doing nothing or wandering around doing nothing in A Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons. Not yet at least. They sit in the Vale and hang out with Sweetrobin. Littlefinger does a little bit of plotting, but Sansa remains Alayne and nothing really happens besides some plotting to marry Sansa off to Harrold Hardying, who’s the heir to the Vale behind Sweetrobin. Sample chapters from The Winds of Winter show that this stasis continues at least into the early parts of that book. Only this plotline doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. Putting aside the fact that Cersei is weaker than ever, it’s hard to imagine a single scenario where whoever is in control on King’s Landing isn’t furious that Littlefinger has been secretly hiding a girl wanted for regicide. The fact that he brings her to marry into the most dishonorable House in Westeros not named Frey is simply ridiculous. It would be completely out of character for him to do a background check on Ramsay and he wouldn’t have to do very much digging to find out what a monster he is. Even putting aside his weird infatuation with Sansa, it’s unfathomably foolish of him to put any amount of trust in Roose and Ramsay. While it makes sense from a storyline perspective to give them all something to do, it doesn’t really add up. With the Iron Bank of Braavos now backing the Mannis, it seems even more likely that the two should want to put aside their differences. If Stannis can’t have Jon Stark ruling Winterfell, Sansa is the next best thing (perhaps even more so given that she isn’t a bastard currently sworn to the Night’s Watch). Lord Slynt will not be missed by many, whether it be characters or people watching. Problem is that you kind of feel bad for him as his head gets chopped off. That seems to be accomplished here as well, but Slynt was never really made to look like much of a threat. Maybe this is not a big deal, but I wasn’t a big fan of the way it was handled. It’s looking like the Night’s Watch might head south of the Wall, which would be a major deviation.

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reaches the point where Pither normally. Pither (V. . : Sept 2nd. Did not fall off outside Iddesley. Line of cars. Pither's head just above the roofs of cars. He suddenly disappears, the music stops and there is a crash. . Pither: I suppose it is still available in this area. Girl: ( taking off ring) Goodbye James. (She runs out sobbing. . Pither: I wouldn't mind buying her a bottie of Tizer. Man: (turning on Pither) Would you like me to show you the door. Pither: Well that's extremely thoughtful of you, but I saw it on the way in. Pither: Oh! The very words of the garage mechanic in Bude. Pither: I had just fallen off.


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W. Stevenson. Faith was concerned about his falsettos. Alicia liked Josh's 'timbre' and Miley called him 'effortless'. But Blake went 'technical' and chose Sundance for going 'outside of the box'. Next was Alicia's 'folksy' Californian Kylie Rothfield against Texan duet Whitney and Shannon. Kylie, who recently recovered from a vocal hemmorage, did Hound Dog. 'My first concert was Elvis, he could not sing Hound Dog like that,' Faith told Kylie. The sisters did I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz. 'There's no one like you on the show,' Miley told Kylie. Alicia called Whitney and Shannon 'brown goddesses' but chose 23-year-old Kylie. Miley then paired Alabama woman Ali Caldwell, 28, and Californian Lauren, 25. Miley had a tough choice. 'I'm drenched in sweat,' she admitted, before picking Ali. Adam pitted Dave Moisan, a medical supply salesman, against Simone Gundy. Dave, 33, from Kentucky, tried Sam Smith's Like I Can. Adam went with Simone. 'I think Dave got a little nervous,' he noted. Next was Alicia's powerful 17-year-olds Courtnie Ramirez and We McDonald.

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Thankfully, they were finally able to diagnose Pooka with Meningoencephalitis. “Scary stuff,” Alderson tweeted. “It’s been a tough weekend. I know that together with all of my family and friends, we will beat this. Just a bump in the road on this crazy ride we call life. I will keep all of you updated as we go along. Our thoughts are with the Alderson family. This isn’t the first Llanview alum to share medical news in the past few months. In August, Alderson’s former co-star Kassie DePaiva (ex-Blair; ex-Eve, DAYS) announced that she was being treated for Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It’s an absolutely beautiful photo of little Enzo, who seems to be enjoying the water a little bit more than dad! Fishburne is producing with Cinema Gypsy partner Helen Sugland and JP Sarni, who heads development for Cinema Gypsy. Hightower, the 11-year old who had a breakout turn in the Sundance film The Fits (she was just nominated by the Gotham Awards in the Breakthrough Actor category), plays a young drifter driving around in her ’77 Chevy Caprice, who decides to take action after her father (Fishburne) is framed for murder in a crime-ridden Midwest wasteland. She finds the police show little interest in solving the case. Fishburne, who will next be seen in Passengers opposite Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, and in John Wick 2 opposite Keanu Reeves, is currently shooting the Richard Linklater-directed Last Flag Flying with Steve Carell and Bryan Cranston. Hightower most recently wrapped the indie And Then I Go opposite Justin Long, Melanie Lynskey and Carrie Preston. The actress is repped by Paradigm and Principato-Young Entertainment. Fishburne is repped by Paradigm, Landmark Artists and Del Shaw Moonves. Rachel is repped by WME, Anonymous Content and Bloom Hergott. The North American rights to Ruby in Murdertown are being repped by Paradigm and WME Global.

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oogle. om. u. 2005. ISBN 0156032511. Retrieved 2013-05-11. Etymology In Basque, its name is Biarritz or Miarritze. History Prehistory Analysis of stones from the Middle Paleolithic show that the Biarritz area was inhabited at that time. Middle Ages The oldest mention appears in a cartulary, Baiona’s Golden book, from 1186, where it is named Bearids; some years later the name used was Beiarrids. Whaling Further information: History of Basque whaling Most of the documents, records and official agreements gathered in the archives from Biarritz mention whaling. The first lighthouse of the village was built in 1650. 18th century The Cape of Biarritz. In the mid-18th century, the city began to change into a worldwide known bath-city. 19th century From 1784 onwards, after the French Revolution, taking a bath at the sea was no longer a behaviour of those who were fools; sea-baths were fashionable. Hotel du Palais, Biarritz, France(2). PG Hotel du Palais, Biarritz, France (2) Biarritz became more renowned in 1854 when Empress Eugenie (the wife of Napoleon III) built a palace on the beach (now the Hotel du Palais). After World War II At the end of World War II in Europe, the U. . Army's Information and Educational Branch was ordered to establish an overseas university campus for demobilized American service men and women in the French resort town of Biarritz.

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I'm leaning more towards Petyr not knowing just how bad Ramsay was going to be. The show runners have always confused an adherence to honor with a lack of wits. I was both relieved and astounded that page Ned was not an idiot. He just didn't understand a complete lack of inherent decency as an animating force. Then I think about the Flash of Warty Willy and know that people spending time and effort on that scene must think that is what audiences think is funny. She wouldn't have backed Stannis if, say, he had killed Renly in a fair duel either, even though Stannis was the true heir of throne, not Renly, never never never Renly. Brienne's loyal to a fault, that's her biggest quality and her biggest problem; we saw that with Renly, Catelyn and you bet we'll see that with Sansa one way or another. That's who Brienne is, among other nice things, and it works for her and against her equally. Look at Jon. Look at Tyrion. Look at Davos. Look at Danaerys. Look at Ned. Look at Brienne. Those all adhere to honor, those are all moral, without lacking wits or being self-righteous. Sure, all those did make mistakes, sure they were not the brightest or the kindest or even the humblest from time to time, but those are fundamentally good, noble people adhering to doing the right thing. We could even add Varys, Missandei, Robb, Greyworm, and a few others in there. She was loyal to Renly because he was kind to her and little else. He only had one line, yet on a show as dark as GOT a Hodor scene always seemed like a guarantee that at least one decent person was around.