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Pred 2 lety supernova 25 what do you think about the theory that Jon's father is not Rhaegar but SIR ARTHUR DAYNE. Pred 2 lety frstarter25 littlefinger was the last one with the Valerian dagger. Lyana was the only one though that didnt have that sword on her lap Pred 2 lety wellswoman Theory: Maybe it's the knife Arya (found at the Twins) uses for Walder Frey. Pred 2 lety Andrew Spencer Thanks guys, love all your videos, I would love to be a moderator for you guys. I very much appreciate the content and discussion style of your videos. Pred 2 lety Roni Vallejo What if the first white walker was a Stark and all he's trying to do is go home to Winterfell to Rest In Peace in the crypts with his family. Pred 2 lety Laila Mendes Is possible that Dawn is buried with Lyanna. In the Jon's birth scene, there is some attention to the sword, so I've got a felling that it may show up again. He loves GOT Pred 2 lety Marilyn Bentley Julia Price I have a suggestion for you: Do a free trial of Audible. It's how I did all of the books in the series in fact. For the monthly fee you get a credit for another audio book. Unless you love the feel and experience of paper books then you can't beat this deal. So long as you're a subscriber of this channel you get entry even without social media. Pred 2 lety Tadhg O'Sullivan Do you think Jon could actually be Lightbringer.

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I can see him standing at the remains of the Wall, surrounded by rocks and corpses, with a broom in his hand muttering to himself, much like Argus Filch at the end of HP7(B). OF COURSE it would be his luck to have to clean up after everyone else. Yet as Drogon and siblings blitzed the Night King’s minions, it was worth considering whether this was also the moment jaw-dropping spectacle tipped into empty bombast. Just two episodes ago GoT treated us to a glimpse of the dragon apocalypse with Daenerys’ sortie against the Lannisters. Some viewers will have felt that was quite enough fire and ashes for the moment. Could we get back to the more juicy business of skulduggery, betrayal and over-sexed Machiavellianism. But now the dragons were hot and bothered all over again. Daringly, they attempted to outdo the entire zombie thriller film movement in one epic 20-minute TV sequence. This episode’s bloodcurdling final act took its time coming, though, in a season that has tended towards too much talking and not enough action. We sat through more details of Arya’s relatively directionless Braavos internship in the hands of the Many-Faced God, without immediately obvious results, and Daenerys’s long-awaited meeting with Tyrion was more muted than expected. Cersei's continued incarceration remained a source of delight. Refusing to confess to her many sins, she was now so dehydrated that she was forced to lick water from the stone floor to moisten her tongue. But viewers haven’t been completely left in the dark. Thanks to on-set reports, actor resume updates, and the occasional confirmation from HBO, we have at least some indication of where season 6 is going.


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00 or more and you should get a blazing fast processor, plenty of RAM, hordes of storage and a gorgeous display. You should also expect excellent build quality and premium materials. If you're looking for a great laptop deal, check out our hand-picked bargains in the carousel below. And for our pick of the 10 best laptops you can buy, continue reading. We've shown you our favourite laptops available right now and offered some advice on how much to spend, but if you're still undecided we might be able to help break down your options further. Here we talk about screen size, storage, processors and more to help you make your decision. A smaller screen might be harder to work on and offer fewer ports, but it will be more portable. A 17in laptop, on the other hand, is a desktop replacement laptop and not deigned to be moved around often. You'll likely get a full-size keyboard and potentially an optical drive. Generally, 13in is the sweet spot for portability and usability. While many laptops have a resolution of 1366x768, Full HD, Quad HD and even 4K laptops are available. A touchscreen will add to the cost and generally isn't needed on a laptop. How much storage you need depends on what you want to use a laptop for. As a general rule of thumb get as much as possible without wasting money on the upgrade.

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The selfie was posted to the social networking site on Monday afternoon, while she lay snugly at home under a blanket, wrapped up in a thick indigo sweater and looking coquettishly at the camera. Scroll down for video Her tresses fell loosely around her head on the white pillow she was lying on, accentuating the striking red shade she now appears to be sporting. She also posted a photo last week of the Disney character Ariel from The Little Mermaid, famous also for being a red head. She had captioned the photo 'My dream role' - hinting that she would one day love to portray Ariel on screen. While her new do might very well be an ode to The Little Mermaid, it's also reminiscent of Lindsay's character in the hit movie Mean Girls. She plays Cady Heron in the cult film, alongside Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried, and sported naturally auburn locks in the 2004 comedy. The actress hasn't hidden the fact that she would one day like to reprise the role of Cady. Just last month she sent her 5. million Instagram followers into a frenzy when she posted a throwback shot of her Mean Girl cast members captioning it 'Miss you all. The actress' name has, over the last few days, been cited in a battery case involving two Russian men. According to TMZ, a 24-year-old man reported an assault in his Las Vegas hotel room last month after the men accused him of spreading rumours about the Georgia Rule star. The man reported the incident, which allegedly took place at the Excalibur hotel, to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police in a report seen by the site. The report claims that the men believed they recognised the victim from Coachella, in April but he denies saying anything about Lindsay. A representative for Lindsay Lohan told the website that she does not know the alleged victim, and MailOnline has similarly reached out for comment.

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This may promote a slight cooling effect owing to a change in circulation, which may be amplified by your suggestions. You may test the person's response by gently pinching the backs of both hands for comparison. (We suggest you seek the patient's permission for this. This may not be necessary, as subjects often report some degree of cooling or numbness without the test. In Chapter 26, we shall discuss ways of potentiating this suggestion in patients who are not responsive to standard imagery. Another suggestion one may use (in patients who have up to this point been very responsive) is the finger lock challenge. This can be a very convincing demonstration of the effectiveness of suggestion and hence a useful way of building on the patient's expectations for a good response to the treatment to follow. It comes with the risk of a very obvious demonstration of failure should the patient separate the hands with ease. After asking the patient to squeeze the interlocking fingers together as tightly as possible, suggest an appropriate image. The one we recommend is that of the roots of a tree that have become so entangled that they are absolutely impossible to separate. You may now say, 'Now, holding that image and that idea firmly in mind, try to separate the hands'. There is one more trick to incorporate into this technique, but first note this. You have asked your patient to do something which the patient would normally have no difficulty whatsoever in doing, namely separating the two hands. However, the patient has to do this while holding onto an image that would make separation impossible.

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He was the one that focused on everything more and was able to bring it to the light. ? ? ayzie INTO THE FUTURE In December 2013, The Art of War: World War III was released on Seven Arts Music and BTNH Worldwide. Labeled as a Bone Thugs-n-Harmony release, the album actually featured a different trio of members: Layzie, Bizzy and Flesh-N. Krayzie and Wish still appeared on the album, as it was comprised of several unreleased tracks as well as new material. The majority of production reunited Bone with U-Neek. I guess the situation was not what it was supposed to be or whatnot to make my brothers not even want to participate in it anymore, so I don’t even know what’s going on with that album. I never had nothing to do with it, never recorded anything for it. So I really don’t know what’s going on with it. ? ? rayzie Despite the record going to print, none of the five members seemed comfortable with the end-product: “We just gotta get those things out of the way because it’s absolutely not true and we wanna make sure that it’s known clearly and not speak too much on it and give it too much hyphy because it ain’t a finished project It’s just some damn snatch-and-grabs off the goddamn Internet. Hall ?

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On-mountain dining in Japan will feel like a steal when compared to Europe and North American. Dining out in the villages is also quite affordable. In Japan, onsens (hot-spring fed pools) serve that purpose, but like almost everything in the Land of the Rising Sun, they are steeped in tradition and ceremony. The mineral-rich water is not only soothing on ski-weary muscles, but it also provides incredible health benefits. In fact, Hokkaido has long been a wellness destination for the Japanese. Some onsens in Hokkaido have been in operation since the 1860s. Now, even the modern hotels have their own onsens and provide their own onsen kits, which include a towel, comb, soap and toiletries (in some cases). Onsen etiquette If you’re planning on visiting an onsen, which we highly recommend, here are some rules that must be followed: Leave your bathing suit at home. Onsens are divided into male and female pools, which are separated by a wall. Note: some onsens are outdoors and those are called rotenboro. Wash thoroughly in the washing area before entering the bath or pool. Be sure to use lots of soap and scrub with the wash towel. When walking to the bath or pool you can use a towel for modesty, but before entering the pool, it must be set aside or on your head. Never splash or dive and never wring or wash the towel in the pool.