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I like to think of the show as autobiographical fiction. It's me, and it's what my life feels like, but very few of these things have actually happened to me. I've never worn a suit on a date with a girl who wore a t-shirt, but I wanted to live those moments. I feel that way sometimes on dates, like I'm wearing a suit and she's wearing a t-shirt. I feel like I make horrible train wreck decisions, like kissing a girl at the front door the way I did on that date. I don't think I've ever done that, but I feel that way. That date definitely encompassed a lot of moments that I feel like I've had. I've definitely had play dates where the kids play and the grownups drink wine and smoke out the window, and let their hair down. That's pretty common stuff, and it's pretty much the only comfort you get in the world when you have kids in grade school, so I wanted to show that. The people in the show, none of them match my real life. They're really engaging and they're very sweet and they're easy, but that's not funny. So the only thing I take from my real daughter and gave to the fictional daughter is that she is reading constantly. She just shuts the world out and reads books, but that's great.

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They now moved along the choked northbound lanes of I-55, and were less than fifty miles away from the Mississippi border. They’d been buddies before the outbreaks, and it didn’t seem fair. Ian was trustworthy enough but pretty unpleasant to be around, always talking about needing pussy, always picking at his ears and nose and fingernails and scalp. You’d think with a perpetual hygiene jones like that, he’d smell a little better than he did. It was hard to talk about things now in any normal way, but he guessed he wasn’t really interested in her religion or her favorite music, anyway. Scanning the area for dead folks, Wayne wondered again if he should just pull his piece and pop each of them in the back of the head. No movement anywhere, only cars and trucks bumper to bumper for all-time, some of them unscathed, some blackened and twisted, others glass and steel tombs whose misshapen and sun-baked occupants watched soundlessly as the three men strode between them. A little later, and he’d lose his chance to get the drop on them. The loading door was partially open, and the ground around the truck was littered with rusted and broken kitchen appliances-toasters, blenders, indoor grills-sitting among the faded and disintegrating remains of cardboard boxes. The boxes near the door were weathered and rippled. Toward the back, they were intact, their contents as useless as the trailer in which they sat. A few hundred feet away, a lone form shuffled toward them. He scampered onto the cab of the semi, shielding his eyes and scanning the area.

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And I can’t find anything about it nowhere in the web. I know HBO’s film “Confirmation” had its Red Carpet this past Sunday and it premieres 1 week before GoT, so it would make sense for GoT’s to be this coming Sunday. I wonder if only them will be showing this or did I miss something. I feel like in the books it will be the opposite, with Roose killing Ramsay, mainly due to the line “The son is a shadow of the father”. It doesn’t matter which happens really, so long as only one Bolton is left for the battle. Of course, I’d prefer Roose, but the show seems to be focusing on Ramsay a lot more. Just because a character is absent from some scenes doesn’t mean they are dead. We’ll just have to wait and see what it it looks like, and hopefully get it posted at that point. Thus, Jon Snow, having been killed at the end of S5 must have a funeral pyre. As soon as the first sparks of fire hit the pyre, the scene cuts to Bran’s weirwood vision: A group of men, led by Ned Stark draw their swords atop a hill and begin to fight against Ser Arthur Dayne and the Targaryen kingsguard outside the Tower of Joy. This fight is interspersed with scenes of the fire growing and spreading towards Jon’s body on the pyre. Having defeated Dayne and his men, Ned and Howland enter the Tower and as soon as they enter the room which is holding Lyanna, the fire on the pyre engulfs Jon. Then it cuts back to the reveal that Lyanna has had a son with Rhaegar.

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There’s information on resuscitation and CPR, treating breaks, bites, and stings, burns, allergies, blisters and more. If you’re a non-Australian reader and have NO idea what we’re talking about, bushwalking is the Australian word for hiking (tramping, rambling). In other words, it’s more than just a guide to finding which hikes are nearby your campsite. You can also search by name ( I think it’s some kind of Honeyeater) and by taxonomy if you’re a real bird nerd. Each flower features a full colour photograph and detailed field notes. Their website has a quick start guide and a detailed set of tutorials to help get you going. There are over 2 million geocaches hidden all over the world, so finding a few won’t be too hard. She believes a bushwalk is not a real walk unless it’s over 10km. I love wikicamps, it saves us a lot of money in our trips. Snakes can be quite variable in appearance even amongst particular species. Like most animals in the outback snakes can be cryptic, ie you don’t always see them as they have disappeared before you even realise. Even though they don’t have ears they are sensitive to vibrations or scent and often sense this and get out of your way. I reckon too that they are most often hiding away during the time most of us are travelling the outback.


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Barristan was more interesting and I hated that we lost the badass scene where he battles the Pit Fighter Khrazz in full plate armour and just mows him down with a few slashes. Barristan the Badass, you were so wasted by idiotic writers. 12. ittlefinger killing Lysa Arryn: Now, this went PRETTY close to the books(though we DID have the idiocy of there being no Marillion to take the fall(or some other singer, since Marillions tongue was cut out in season one). However, the intensity of the scene is not as high because, since the show is omniscient, we show Lysa watching Petyr kiss Sansa and we don't have as much a build up to the reveal. She also doesn't reveal through her anger and hysteria how she poisoned Jon Arryn(indeed, many of my show watcher only friends missed this in the earlier scene before she and Petyr married)and sent the letter to Catelyn. Because of the removal of Hoster Tully as anyone of importance, Lysa was likewise cut down to a one dimensional character because theres nothing of her conceiving Petyrs baby and how she was married off(despite having lost her virginity)to Jon because she was fertile. The reason for the failure of Loras and Renly on the show(aside from Loras being made just a stereotype, given his lack of motivation and his being tossed in a cell by the Sparrows without so much as a fight)is Renly not being the charismatic character he was of the books, the younger version of Robert. He seems more of a whiner rather than someone who would sit on the Small Council(given his scene where he complains about seeing blood). The homosexuality in the books, while clear, is SUBTLE, something the show writers clearly fail at. We didn't NEED to have a lot of gay jokes about Renly and Loras(indeed, there was no reason to remove Willas, a character who has never appeared, on paper or on screen, from the marriage plot to Sansa, except so they can make several jokes about him being gay and thinking about fancy clothes when he and Sansa are talking about their wedding. Show Loras has none of the fire of book Loras, who kills two of the Rainbow Guard in rage for Renlys death and becomes best friends with Jaime, even at a time when Cersei had absolute hatred for the Tyrells. The first guy(Conan)had more of the brutality, I felt that embodied Ser Gregor.