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Po perse apo qe ta perhape neper te kater anet e shkolles dhe qe ata zoterinjte prifterinj te me vine e te me qahen qe t’im bir flet kunder fese. Galilei - (duke ngrene mengjes): Une dhe Andrea, Zonja Sarti, pas ca diskutimesh te rrepta dhe duke u pershtatur mbi ca kerkime tona te perbashketa, kemi bere ca zbulime te cilat nuk duam t’i mbajme fshehur nga bota. Ka zene fill, zonja Sarti, nje kohe e re, nje kohe e madhe, ne te cilen po do te jete qejf i madh te rrosh. Po shpresoj qe ne kete kohe te re, zoti Galilei do t’i paguaje te pakten qumeshitesit te prapambeturat (duke i treguar letren e rekomandimit). Ju lutem shume, eshte i vetmi nder qe ju kerkoj, mos shikoni ta percillni me kete sikunder i percjellin dhjetra te tjere gjer tani. Andrea - Hic gje s’kam kuptuar, po qe ja thashe asaj ato, e bera qe ti shes mend. Andrea - Ashtu, ashtu po sonte naten e mendova mire e mire me koke time kete pune dhe e kuptova qe sikur toka te rrotullohej vertete atehere po une do te rija koke poshte tere naten e nates. Andrea - Mos merrni gjithnje te tilla shembuj, zoti Gelile. Andrea - Nje njeri i shkathet mund te provoje me shembuj c’te doje. Atehere po vete fyq tere puna, ja keshtu, ua them une. Ja, veshtro ketu. Kjo eshte toka. Dhe ky ketu je ti, qe rri mbi te. (Shkul nje ashkel nga nje cung druri aty dhe e nguli ne molle). Dhe nuk vazhdon te qendrosh drejt, (e shkul ashklen dhe e vertit). Edhe ti, edhe ajri mbi trupin tend dhe te gjitha sa jane mbi glob.

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It said 23. My heart almost leapt out of my chest with panic. Do you have a couch? Nonplussed, I stopped in my tracks. Your man picked up my photo. “Not the most flattering of pictures,” he remarked. “Mind you, they never are. All you have to do now is pay. “Here, here. I thrust thirty quid at him (which Charlotte had lent me because all my spare cash was in traveler’s checks awaiting unloading in the Zara on Fifty-ninth and Lexington). “You pay at the cashier’s. That ’s the next hatch. He slid the bundle of papers under the glass hatch and back to me, and I stepped three feet to my left to the next hatch, the one that said CASHIER. At the same time he stepped three feet to his right. For a moment we eyed each other through the new glass and he said (and I’d say he was joking, I hope he was joking), “Can I help you? Once again I slid the bundle of paper under the glass to him and this time he took the money.

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He provided Jakobson with the first detailed outline of (what else? his proposed Prehistory of Slavic Languages. In 1925, Jakobson, Savitsky and Trubetskoy helped formed the Prague Linguistic Circle, along with some other Czech and Russian colleagues. This would pursue many of the theoretical questions that had interested the 54 COALS TO NEWCASTLE 55 Eurasianists, and gave them a more respectable theoretical gloss. They would meet regularly in Prague, either at Savitsky’s house or at the downtown cafe U Prince. Over beer and sausages, they would develop the outlines of a new theory that would revolutionize linguistics. Collectively, the writings of Trubetskoy, Jakobson and Savitsky sought to argue that cultures and civilizations have natural boundaries that delineate the extent of the unconscious architecture of a unique cultural geometry. They are characterized by an entire substratum of unconscious relationships between language sounds, music scales, folk dress, art and even architecture which will naturally occur over a certain territory and end at common geographical frontiers of common culture. These delineate the boundaries of large-scale cultural change, much like a watershed, inside which culture and language flow towards each other. The Eurasianists proposed that such a boundary runs roughly from the Russian city of Murmansk to the westernmost Belarusian city of Brest and on to the Romanian town of Galati, dividing Europe along a number of interesting criteria. On one side is the Orthodox world, on the other side the Catholic. On one side, many Russian songs are composed on the pentatonic scale, which is also widely in use among the Finnish and Turkic peoples of the Russian zone, but is barely to be found on the other side of the line. The line also roughly divides some rather esoteric linguistic structures: on the Eurasian side of the line one finds the phonological correlation of consonants,7 which is absent on the other side. To Trubetskoy, that was the boundary of the Eurasian cultural conglomerate. But it had trouble explaining why all Balkan languages, for example, despite being from different ancestries, had come to resemble each other over time. Trubetskoy and Jakobson drew on their phonological research to argue that acquired language traits are not acquired by accident, but result from the internal workings of a language’s systemic ordering principles.

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Coulson and Fitz enter the room, and Yo-Yo tells them about Ghost Rider. They watch the press conference that the Director is holding. The Director announces that the Inhumans were not behind the blackouts, which were actually caused by human extremists wanting to spread fear. He then announces that an “old friend” is back, and is responsible for turning the lights back on — and that old friend is SHIELD, who is there to protect everyone, human and Inhuman alike. Before SHIELD shows up, he puts his AI, Aida, to sleep. Simmons brings May into Radcliffe’s office and explains what happened to May. She estimates less than 6 hours until certain death. Radcliffe thinks he knows how to solve their problems: they’ll have to kill May. He reasons that it’s like when you shut down and restart a computer, and that when they kill and revive May, her brain will go back to “default” and eliminate the hyperactive areas that are causing the hallucinations. Simmons reluctantly agrees, and injects May, killing her. Simmons tries to perform CPR on May to revive her, but to no avail. Radcliffe suddenly remembers that Aida has a magnetically shielded battery, which they then use to power the defibrillator. Simmons then uses it to successfully bring May back to life. She tells him it should be him up there, referring to the Director’s press conference, but Coulson says he’s right where he belongs. He speeds to the Metro train station to get his brother. On the way, he tells Daisy that he believes that if he rights the wrong his uncle did, then he can get rid of his Ghost Rider powers.

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Actors' Equity (Equity), the national labor union, and Broadway League, a trade association of producers, are at an impasse in their negotiations, and Equity may hold a limited strike in which its members would be barred from participating in any developmental work with commercial producers. Lasseter will start this month at the company, which Ellison started in 2010 with money inherited from his father, the Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison. Michael Lang, one of the producers of the original Woodstock Festival, is at the center of a planned 50th anniversary reunion festival, sponsored by an arm of Japanese advertising giant Dentsu. The festival will be held around the Watkins Glen, New York, racetrack, which has recently been the site of festivals by the jam band Phish. Publishers don't like scandals that might threaten the bottom lines of the multinational media conglomerates of which most form a small part. These clauses release a company from the obligation to publish a book if past or future conduct of the author is inconsistent with the author's reputation at the time the agreements are executed, comes to light, and results in sustained, widespread public condemnation of the author that materially diminishes the sales potential of the work. Boone is to be sentenced on January 18th, having pleaded guilty last year to two counts of filing false returns, a charge that carries a maximum three-year prison sentence. Her lawyers had asked the court to spare her prison time because her offenses were the product of depression and anxiety brought on by childhood trauma. A federal jury in California found that the Mongols motorcycle club must forfeit its rights to the trademarked Genghis Khan-style emblem that identifies the organization. The jury's verdict concluded the second phase of a wide-ranging eight-week racketeering trial in which jurors also branded the Mongols a criminal enterprise. The presiding judge, who in the past has ruled in favor of the Mongols, said he would not immediately order the club to forfeit the logo until he has a chance to review the club's arguments and consider their free speech rights. A recent study by the Authors Guild, a professional organization for book writers, shows that writing may no longer be a livable profession. Now, most writers need to supplement their income with speaking engagements or teaching. Strictly book-related income -- which is to say royalties and advances -- are also down, almost 30 percent for full-time writers since 2009. Writing for magazines and newspapers was once a solid source of additional income for professional writers, but the decline in freelance journalism and pay has meant less opportunity for authors to write for pay. Many print publications, which offered the highest rate, have folded.


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To celebrate Scoobtober we have gathered some of the spookiest moments from Mystery Incorporated for you, happy Halloween. Screen Rant reports that it's never been odd to see older men with younger women, both onscreen and off. They call this ghost 8 feet tall girl aswell to make it simple to say. Photo: One World Studios I Am ZoZo is an independent horror film inspired by accounts of real supernatural events. The story concerns a Ouija board experience that goes wrong on Halloween weekend and five young people who become the target of a malevolent spirit called ZoZo. Writer-director-cinematographer Scott Di Lalla embarked on the making of I Am ZoZo with his One World Studios partner, Zack Coffman, who served as producer-editor. Di Lalla and Coffman had met at UCLA in the Tae Kwon Do club. Then in 2004, they produced Choppertown, a cinema verite biker documentary that was embraced by the motorcycle community, went on to win festival awards, and launched a full-fledged distribution outfit. For I Am ZoZo, the filmmakers’ first narrative feature, they agreed that a good horror story requires the perfect setting. Seattle and San Juan Island were chosen for their gloomy, dreary weather to accentuate the feeling of isolation. When I learned it was digitized Super 8, I was sold. Compared to HD video, it really wasn’t significantly more expensive to shoot film, especially Super 8. Film has more latitude than digital video in high key light situations and the negative is extremely forgiving. Coffman adds, “When you shoot on film, every shot is so planned. Yes, our budget went to a new level because of this decision, but cheap is cheap. We wanted quality.

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WMCA Weber Raps N. A. B. Miller's In a circular letter addressed Mutual affiliates Monday (23) Fred Weber, the network's genthe rapped manager, eral National Association of Broadcasters for the part it has taken during the Senate Interstate to Commerce committee's hearing on the White Resolution. The NAB, charged Weber, used its 'organization facilities,. hich are supported by many Mutual affiliates, for the purpose of stencilling, distributing and publicizing the testimony of all those who appeared In opposition to the Mutual Network and in support' of Senator White's resolution. Next session is at least a week off, with Chairman Burton K. Wheeler, the resolution sponsor, Senator Wal lace H. White of Maine, and other cross-quizzing, but when Senator most interested solons on the road. The three days of the proceedings were a decided,. let-down, After Niles Trammell. The windup meetings could have been held in an ante-room. Trammell did a thorough-going Job of explaining why the- industry will suffer grievously U the Commish last (25) to July 23. The apprehensive licensees had asked until Sept. 15 to. prepare NBC Warning their cases.