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This very (! important scene showed us the long-awaited wedding scene between Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. We also learnt about the true name of Jon Snow being Aegon Targaryen and we finally got to see the epic boatsex scene ourselves. ’Truth’ may be one of the most emotional scores in the history of television and brought Ice and Fire closer than ever. It’s a rare bird since it’s the only song in the official soundtrack that features the piano. The sequence itself made up for one of Game of Thrones best moments both in direction and acting. ’The Light of the Seven’ remains the most popular song in Game of Thrones as it’s being streamed more than 30 million times on Spotify and is being used for more purposes of marketing (remember the epic season 7 trailer version). Ramin Djawadi’s soundtrack elevated the massive scene to a level the show hadn’t seen yet. Today we will discuss Cersei’s endgame and how her last story will be told in the upcoming season. Her first scene would be together with Euron, who’s arriving in King’s Landing with the Golden Company. Euron will notice two things: Jaime gone and Cersei visibly pregnant. I don’t think Euron is stupid and he knows that Cersei’s only using him for her own good. He would want something in return now and with Jaime gone he wouldn’t wait longer. He has done a great deal in Cersei’s favour already: bringing her Ellaria Sand and her daughter, attack the Unsullied during their assault on Casterly Rock, ferrying the Golden Company to King’s Landing. Euron doesn’t want to lose more time and proposes Cersei to marry him right away. Cersei understands that she needs his alliance since she’s surrounded with enemies at all fronts. This time, Euron will stay a while in King’s Landing. Of course he will, who’s Cersei going to interact with otherwise. I’m sure he’ll bring Yara with him since it’s not a bad idea to remind the viewers of her whereabouts.

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Also, don’t hinge your whole plot on how this person needs to travel to the afterlife to be with the woman he loves if then the woman he loves turns out, through no fault of her own, to actually be the woman he loves but not as much as this new woman who he only is in love with because they decorated a Christmas tree together. And also also, if you’re a ghost and you need to fulfill some kind of condition to cross over to the other side, and then you fulfill said condition, YOU DON’T GET TO JUST DECIDE TO COME BACK TO LIFE. It is about a ghost and he falls in love with a non ghost. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at time, no penalties. Totally worth it! Thomas Beaudion, y'all, I mean, really. Christmas is approaching, and with it interesting stories are approaching in Passionflix. This Christmas we will be able to enjoy these three great Christmas love stories. ICYMI If you want to breathe the Christmas atmosphere on Passionflix, look at this lovely movie! The result would be something like that, would not it. You know, when you have an actor in your team who has multiple talents, it results in a message full of humor and emotions to celebrate our 20th anniversary. JaguarGator9s Week 11 Weird Stat Thread'What I learned after a weekend on Tinder' fan, spinnin' around, havin' a panic attack I don't pop no pills 'TIL In 1990 NYCs head D. . oversaw the wrongful conviction of five 15 year-olds by using coerced confessions and intimidation tactics. In 2002 the real culprit confessed and to this day the D. . refuses to apologize to the men. She is now a multi millionaire author based on her legal expertise. For Sale: Part of Grand Teton National Park.


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( weet ook wel dat Godzilla fictief is. Bevatte alles. Mindfucks, plottwists, romance, comedy, actie, een beetje thrill en Oh man wat heerlijk om eens een dik Formule geluid in een bioscoop te hebben gehoord. Bijdehandje. ( weet ook wel dat Godzilla fictief is. Misschien oneerlijk bij een sci-fi, maar kon ik het bij deze film alles bij elkaar genomen toch niet echt loslaten. Aardig wat morelen erin, wat het wel echt een kinderfilm maakt ook. Haha echt he. Leuk vermaak maar uiteindelijk eigenlijk best een bout film:D. Back home to his wife and kids after four tours of duty, however, Chris finds that it is the war he can't leave behind. Maakt het geen slechte film, maar je moet het wel met een flinke korrel zout nemen. Verder wel een prima film, maar het hoge U. of fucking A gehalte stoorde me wel. Verwacht geen fantastisch acteerwerk of een diepgaand verhaal, gewoon botte actie met heel veel headshots. Film kijkt lekker weg, leuke actie, en het verhaal is leuk standaard revenge verhaal maar leuk. Ook erg vet hoe hij zijn tijd in dienst erbij haalt. Maar ja het blijft m'n guilty pleasure en ben dus ook erg blij dat er dit jaar weer een vervolg komt. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZ Ik ben letterlijk in slaap gevallen (heb hem dus ook nog niet af gekeken). Maar ik dek mezelf alvast in voor dat men komt met je kijkt naar kinder films;).


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Show alluded to only one theory so unless two babies were born. The Three Eyed Raven line that hasn’t been said yet is “We Watch, We Listen, and we remember. We also don’t have Bran’s ” They don’t know what is going to happen”. And something feels as if it’s creeping up behind as a surprise. Just goes to show how much you can pack in, unless you happen to be Sergio Leone. The horn blasts were from the Bolton alliance lining itself up for a days worth of carnage and fun. The expression and sentiment was wrong, and her entire arc went on a downhill curve when she threw Rickon under the bus. The Starks in many ways symbolized an actual happy family that truly cared about one another through out the series. Most of the putative examples are things that fans blew way out of proportion from narrative details of the sort that book authors have to include in an attempt to capture things with words. These have been labeled “Mount Molehills”: that is, mountains built from molehills by fans. Tolkien fans and Rowling fans certainly did the same: the latter is particularly instructive, as many of the wildly incorrect conjectures from hardcore fans about how there series were based on small narrative details that were, in the end, just small narrative details, whereas the correct conjectures from normal readers were based on the well-hung guns of the series. One thing that has largely distinguished GRRM from most other fantasy writers is that even the plot twists are set up in advance: when something happens, then you can look back and go, “oh, that is what X and Y meant a chapter or two ago! . And this just gets to the basic psychology of men like Robert. A wife would have been completely different from any other woman to him: a wife is supposed to be virtuous and chaste, and thus should be a virgin at marriage, even with regards to him. He would not have pressed himself on her because he would have projected this onto her. What that shows is that Sansa really has few delusions left: and she also has no illusions about Ramsay acting at all “honorably. Now, I would not call Jon a deluded individual: but he is a heroic one, and he has a “saving people” thing. As we’ve seen, he will go to great lengths to save someone, and even if he knows that the odds are against it, at his core, he won’t accept that he cannot until he’s seen it’s too late.


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While some 48. million people are expected to travel by car, another 4. million will travel by airplane, a five percent increase from last year. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Fire over fame: Before and after satellite images show. Illegal immigrant, 18, who was deported two years ago, 'shot. Security lines across the country are expected to be the most crowded on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Partition of Bengal in 1947, part of the Partition of India, divided the British Indian province of Bengal based on the Radcliffe Line between India and Pakistan. Predominantly Hindu West Bengal became a state of India, and predominantly Muslim East Bengal (now Bangladesh ) became a province of Pakistan. At the preliminary joint session, the assembly decided by 120 votes to 90 that it should remain united if it joined the new Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. Later, a separate meeting of legislators from West Bengal decided by 58 votes to 21 that the province should be partitioned and that West Bengal should join the existing Constituent Assembly of India. India's independence on 15 August 1947 ended over 150 years of British influence in the Indian subcontinent. East Bengal later became the independent country of Bangladesh after the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. While the Muslims were in favour of the partition, as they would have their own province, Hindus were not. This set the stage for the creation of West Bengal as a province of the Union of India and East Bengal as a province of the Dominion of Pakistan. Further, the Boundary Commission headed by Sir Cyril Radcliffe decided on the territorial demarcation between the two newly created provinces. Power was transferred to Pakistan and India on 14 and 15 August, respectively, under the Indian Independence Act 1947. Bengal provincial Muslim League leadership opinion was divided. Among them was the influential Bengal provincial congress leader Sarat Chandra Bose, the elder brother of Netaji and Kiran Shankar Roy. However most other BPCC leaders and Congress leadership including Nehru and Patel rejected the plan.


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Adegan ini ironis sekali karena kita tahu, Lauda nyaris gugur balapan di sini. Chloe Moretz (left) and Julianne Moore star in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures and Screen Gems’ horror thriller CARRIE. Carrie dibesarkan dengan pelajaran agama ekstrim dengan ketat oleh ibunya. Entah karena sering ditekan, atau memang turunan setan, Carrie developed some sort of telekinesis power. Seperti Elsa di film Frozen, Carrie mempelajari bagaimana cara menggunakan kekuatannya. Tapi beda dengan Elsa, Carrie lebih berani dalam menggunakan kekuatannya. Tidak hanya untuk membela diri, Carrie menggunakan anugrah (atau kutukan ? ini untuk menyerang balik orang-orang yang sudah melecehkannya. Carrie ini adalah re-adaptasi dari novel Stephen King, tapi tetap predikat the best nya nempel. Hubungan psikologis Carrie dan ibunya tergambarkan lebih dalam di sini. Mungkin karena director nya cewek, feel di film ini terasa sekali dan gak begitu menyudutkan sisi humanis perempuan. Cewek-cewek yang mem bully Carrie enggak seganas yang versi 1976, ketua mean girl nya pun terlihat seperti korban dari kemanjaan dari didikan ayahnya. Dan Carrie, meskipun ntar ngamuk dan bunuh semua, masih mengingat akan kebaikan beberapa orang-orang and spares their life. Teman-teman yang sudah mengejeknya, ibunya yang telah membesarkan Carrie dengan cara yang tidak lazim, dan dirinya sendiri. Carrie yang terlahir kembali, kembali untuk membunuh orang yang telah melahirkannya, lantas dia sendiri mati malam itu juga. Serem abis ngeliat Chloe Moretz bermandi darah sambil nari-nari kayak kesurupan begitu. Itu loh, makhluk abadi penghisap darah manusia, biasa tinggal di rumah gede di atas bukit, kebanyakan cakep parah, dan no, tubuh mereka tidak berkilau. Well, sudah banyak film yang berangkat dari tema vampire, jadi saya harap kalian belum bosen karena Byzantium ini adalah salah satu drama vampire terkeren yang pernah saya tonton. Segera kita tahu kalo kakak- beradik ini rada enggak beres.


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Meditation is used to calm the “voices” of modern, hectic life so that the practitioner can better hear his or her guide. Meditation often includes the breathing practices of Buddhist meditation (anapanasati) and may also include the idea of chakras. These may include standard prayers (Hail Mary, Shema Yisrael or Salah etc. , focusing on the name of God (Jesus, YHWH or Allah etc. or other aspects of a holy nature. Like most meditation techniques, imaging (intensely imagining a place or situation) is common. There are specific imagings used to “meet” one’s guide, connect with those who have died, receive protection or support from God or simply calming the mind. In Britain especially, such mediums are trained to produce clear evidence that the spirit contacted is the person they claim it to be before going on to give any “message” from the spirit. Such evidence can be details of where they lived, including addresses sometimes, particulars of illnesses suffered and notable events in their lives, often known only to the person in the congregation being given the information. The healer uses his or her hands to affect repair of damaged or diseased tissue and it is claimed all or part of the patient’s good health is sometimes restored. Spiritist centres differ from Spiritualist churches in that they are not formally organized as ecclesiastical bodies. Most of the social works provided by such societies is also informal and irregular. They have a fairly large number of members (ranging from about 100 to thousands) and usually provide significant social work, in form of schools, clinics, food distribution for the poor, etc. The activities carried on by a spiritist centresor Centers such as the Ascension Center for there are of many types. Divulgation of doctrine is carried on in many ways. Material assistance is intended to provide relief to the immediate needs of the poor and the unhappy. The word asemic means “having no specific semantic content”. All of this is similar to the way one would deduce meaning from an abstract work of art. The open nature of asemic works allows for meaning to occur trans-linguistically; an asemic text may be “read” in a similar fashion regardless of the reader’s natural language.