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We can leave the outright assassinations to her sister. She’d be on her own turf, and if she can convince Ramsey she supports him (“I just want peace for the North,” “Rob’s mission was foolish,” “Oh Ramsey you’re so smart,” “Thanks for torturing the guy who killed my brothers,” etc. then she’ll be in a very good position indeed. Her role won’t be anything like Theon’s; he’s a war captive whom everyone hates. It wouldn’t even be like Jeyne Pool in the books; Jeyne’s also a captive, and has no game-playing abilities whatsoever. He has no reason not to keep her as Lady of Winterfell and she has no reason not to bend the knee to him. That might be too fortuitous to hope for, though; this is Game of Thrones after all. I did see the Leia Organa wannabe but I really thought it was a Sand Sanke. That’s where he and Osha were headed in show-world. I’d think we would have heard something hinting to his return, or that Natalia Tena had been on set, or something, if viewers were going to get to see him this season, but whenever I think of him, my mind just starts going in circles. I tend to suspect that’s who the pigtailed girl is, but Faceless Arya is certainly an intriguing possibility. That’s a Braavosi woman played by model Ollie Kram appearing in ep.

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The night is turning into madness and we are about to forget where we are. This is DJ food for the techno floors out there and we just want to dance to this. However with a nice acid bassline and a decent beat, too which keeps our bodies moving. The right tune to guide us into the sunrise and to the beach-afterhour - the last goodie in a basket full of almost all things house and techno. Pushing beats, emotions, acid and techno, and even epic moments and oldskool flashbacks - you all find it in here. What a night, what a party, this is techno for the summer of 2015. This atmosphere full of deep emotions mixed with wild energy, salty air and hot summer nights. This is what we want to give to you and what we tried to present right from the start of our great ibiza adventure more than 15 years ago. All led by the big mastermind mister Sven Vath who started back then on the white island with his vision and made it come true more and more year by year. However Sven also called the right artists and friends to his side to help him with that project. People who understood what he had and still has in mind and what kind of creative input is needed for all this. For this season we asked again two artists of our line-up to do us a favor and create a mix that should reflect this special ibiza feeling.

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Again, it could be a case where none of them know enough about the Wall to realize that this would not be a safe-haven if Ramsay pursues them there. The Wall and the Watch seems to be something about which southerners are too familiar, and pre-War Sansa was not the type to concern herself with such things. They aren’t some silly couple to take on such a silly name. The fire-funeral of Siegfried at the end of twilight of the gods and Brunnhilde stepping into it-Daenerys stepping into her husbands-funeral. Hunding does represent the same patriarchal stereotype like Robert Baratheon. And Siegmund is also hero, who hates to be a hero, because it brings a lot of pain whit it, a little bit like Jaime. Sieglinde loves also very much her child like Cersei does, but nothing more connects them two. Siegfried is a micture of Joffrey, Tommen and Jon Snow. And that in GoT most people want is the Throne, who is the power and in the Ring, who is the power is the Ring, but every wearer of the him does inflict a ( his own) death, what you can see likewise in GoT, the five kings wanted power and now they are dead. They’re clearly leaving out the “Griff and Young Griff” subplot, so why take one element from that plot and incorporate it into the show if it weren’t in some way important, especially since they keep stressing that he has it. Why bother giving Shereen the greyscale for that matter. Why have Gilly discuss it with her so we learn about how much wildlings fear it.

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The age range seems a bit high for Balon's youngest brother, although Aeron certainly wouldn't be the first character aged up for the show. The chapter ends with Arya assassinating Raff and then returning to her role in the play. If fans ever hope to see Lady Stoneheart appear on the show, then the writers would first have to reintroduce the band of brigands that she ends up leading. Perhaps these eclectic characters could be used to fill out the ranks of the Brotherhood alongside Thoros of Myr and Anguy the Archer. A large boy, 12 year old boy, 7 year old boy Probably: Brandon, Eddard, and Benjen Stark. As we all know, Bran's storyline was put on hold this season due to a dearth of source material. But you can bet your britches that he'll be back in full force next season, and he could bring these three characters into play. His visions include a young version of his own father, Ned. Could these three boys be Ned and his two brothers, elder Brandon and younger Benjen, in the show's second-ever flashback scene (following the Season 5 opening scene featuring a young Cersei ). Could be: Edmure Tully, Petyr Baelish, and Brandon Stark. This is another crucial scene of the past that Bran could potentially witness: the duel between young Littlefinger and Brandon Stark. While fostered at Riverrun with the Tully children (Catelyn, Lysa, and Edmure), Petyr fell in love with Bran's mother, who was betrothed to the eldest Stark son.