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Barnett, 73, had an 11-year playing career before he retired from the N. B. A. in 1977. He endured his share of tough seasons. He was a second-year guard on the San Diego Rockets when they went 15-67. He later played for the New Orleans Jazz, who were 5-42 when they traded him to the Knicks. “I firmly believe that you’ve got to be resilient as a player,” said Barnett, who added that he never took his N. B. A. career for granted. “Even when it’s bad, it’s still good. The same goes for his approach as a broadcaster. Even when the Warriors were horrible, Barnett treated each game as a fresh start. He called minor league baseball games in the New York-Penn League. He called college basketball. “I survived a lot of buses to nowhere,” Roye said.

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Plus, it may have the best end credit sequence of any movie ever made. Conservatives have argued that the film is essentially liberal propaganda designed to celebrate President Obama’s most visible triumph and to sway the election in his favor, and liberals have argued the film justifies the US’s use of torture. Ultimately, Zero Dark Thirty is concerned with none of this. Instead, it is concerned with objectively and truthfully telling the story of the hunt for the most infamous man of the twenty-first century and, in a more thematic sense, the psychological toll of revenge. The film isn’t higher on my list because I didn’t really like its framing the story through the experiences of one woman, known only as Maya and played by Jessica Chastain. Still, this issue does not overshadow the film’s well-craftedness or importance. However, when he is able to make a film as ridiculously entertaining as Django Unchained, it doesn’t matter how fresh he is. Like Inglourious Basterds, its spiritual predecessor, Django is pure entertainment. Indeed, its most impressive feat is that it never slows down in the entirety of its nearly three hour running time. Tarantino is known for getting great performances from his casts, but Django features especially strong performances. As he did in Basterds, Christoph Waltz again steals the film, but this time as a mirror image of the previous film’s ruthless Jew hunter, as a cultured antislavery dentist turned bounty hunter. Jamie Foxx gives a surprisingly morally grey performance as the title character, and Samuel L. Jackson gives a twisted and inspired take on the old Uncle Tom stereotype. The highlight of the film, however, comes from Leonardo Dicaprio as sadistic plantation owner Calvin Candie. Dicaprio electrifies the movie with a wild and chaotic performance, most notably in the rightfully celebrated scene where he cut his hand and decided to improvise by smearing his blood over Broomhilda’s face. This year, there was no hero more enjoyable than Christoph Waltz’s verbose German bounty hunter, no scene more thrilling than Django’s Tupac Shakur-soundtracked shootout, and no film more purely entertaining than Django Unchained. Among this storied class of movies, Looper is especially rewarding.

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Cio significa che ogni volta che visiti questo sito web dovrai abilitare o disabilitare nuovamente i cookie. To download and subscribe to The Really Awful Movies Podcast by Chris and Jeff, get iTunes now. Their passion and respect for the material is obvious and it’s always delivered with a good doses of humour. Funny and smart, I can't wait to listen every week. Their true love of these films shines through in every hilarious podcast. Elle (Paul Verhoeven, France, Belgium, Germany, 2016). Cahn, USA, 1932), and everything else in MoMA’s Carl Laemmle Jr. The I Don’t Care Girl (Lloyd Bacon, USA, 1953), The Merry Widow (Curtis Bernhardt, 1952), and everything else in MoMA’s Jack Cole retrospective (organized by Dave Kehr and Debra Levine). Bernie Sanders message to supporters, June 16, 2016. Her Man (Tay Garnett, USA; 1930; programmed by Dave Kehr, MoMA). Strange Days (Kathryn Bigelow, USA, 1995; programmed by Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan at Film Forum). Las letras (Pablo Chavarria Gutierrez, Mexico, 2016) 6. Homo Sapiens (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, Austria, 2016) 7. Tales of Two Who Dreamt (Andrea Bussmann, Nicolas Pereda, Canada, Mexico, 2016). But all I mean by that is that I love them (Susan Sontag). Sieranevada stands, for me, as the maximum achievement for film in 2016 and a testimony of a very strange time in our history. Maren Ade has nailed it completely once again, and her tragicomic Toni Erdmann was a pleasure to watch, even if The Forest for the Trees is stil my absolute favorite of hers.

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Looking to build an army to carry its nefarious deeds, Division king pin Henry Carver (Djimon Hounsou) persistently blindly administers a fatal power-boaster drug to potentials. Second generation mover Nick Grant (Chris Evans) has been living off the radar since the murder of his father by division 10 years prior. Hiding out in the grimy tenements of Hong Kong and utilizing his so-so telekinetic talented to scam local sharks, Nick's theory to lay-low is blown when agency sniffers arrive and steal his toothbrush for future tracking. Moments after his unwarranted visit, precocious 13 year old watcher named Cassie (Dakota Fanning) knocks. Handing him a replacement brush, Cassie proceeds to explain to Nick she needs his help. Cassie's drawings compel them to seek out escape pusher Kira (Camilla Belle) where it becomes a race against time (and predictions) as powerful pusher Carver is also on the Kira hunt. The not easily deterred Carver believes Kira holds the key to unlocking the drugs potential as she is the sole surviving test subject. However, is it her unparalleled power or the case's true contents he is after. With Cassie's visions constantly changing, Nick's abilities always questionable, a vicious family of triads tapping visions and working always one step ahead, and parts of the city missing, nothing is as it seems. This confusion, as previously stated, resonates throughout the entire plot and script. With great power comes great responsibility, heaving with back-story it screams for future sequels. The film's major saving grace is that it manages not to fall into the Transformers-esque over-the-top ADD style stereo type. Lensed with an artisan's eye, Ex Photographer Director McGuigan's willingness to savour his images means viewers actually get the chance to digest the future-punk Hong Kong based cinematography and individually-compelling set pieces that establishing the movie's off-kilter alternate reality. Its minor, the acting (with a one noteable exception). Fanning's portrayal as a vamped-out edgy preteen proves she has the ability to chewing up and spitting out actors twice her age whilst seamlessly making the transition from child star to quality actress. Evan's once again demonstrates his perfectly calibrated mix of heroic enthusiasm and cynical detachment, while Hounsou does a great job as the wasted wait-for-character-development-in-sequel evil division leader. The exception, the eminently slappable and bland Belle who lacks any screen presence or appeal.

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It would have been a waste of film and time—the latter of which was precious. You simply won’t capture stars at that setting, not during daytime on the Moon. Stars photography requires exposures of tens of seconds. 3- Use a high ISO film. (above 800). The lunar surface will blow out to white and the over exposure will fog the dark sky. Ever notice that in billions of photos of the Moon taken from Earth, never a star can be seen in the photos. Check out the high-resolution scans of the 70mm film photos and it’s clear that it’s a “whole Earth,” all the way out. (Not to mention the previous images from Apollo 8 and 10. Also an “astronaut’s arm” isn’t getting in the way of the Earth—that’s the edge of the hull of the spacecraft outside the window (for example ). It’s drivel like that that made me assemble this post in the first place. Why do all the conspiracy theorists simply share links without doing any investigation or research for themselves. Bone-idle lazy. I always like to see what other youtube videos they have made. Turns out that the source of this video also has videos on why the earth is flat and how people are hiding perpetual and free energy generation technology. It’s fairly easy too since all of them rely on people knowing nothing about photography, physics, or spaceflight. Account for the time lag of distance and one easily records the lift off and the empty landing site afterwards.

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Mob mass Chantni, Study Kinesiology Nationally accred Diploma HLT52415 Free Introductory evening 6 to 8pm Coolangatta 19 July, Byron Bay 26 July. Treating all your healthcare needs including cancer and palliative care. Purchased at auction in Bombay in pillars, patch on one of the pillars. 2300mm high. Collect or transport extra. Michael FIREWOOD DELIVERIES ALL YEAR ROUND Supplying commercial, wood fi red bakeries, pizza restaurants and residential, combustion stoves, open fi res, pot belly, kindling. VOLUME DISCOUNTS. Matt NATIVE PLANTS FOOD PLANTS The Largest range of native plants in the Byron Shire. Tubestock to Semi-advanced MULLUM CREEK NURSERY 110 Yankee Ck Rd, via Wilsons Ck Rd Mullumbimby Open Wed Fri 10am 4pm, Sat 9am 1pm MIELE WASHERS Dryers and dishwashers available at Bridglands Mullumbimby ARCHIBALD S CHEAP QUARRY PRODUCTS Road base, gravel, blue metal and metal dust. PROMO: Free husks for WIRES volunteers until end July. Ph Matt GARAGE SALES BYRON FLEA Byron Youth Activity Centre (YAC), 1 Gilmore Cres, 2nd Saturday of each month 8am-1pm. Alloy wheels, 4 speaker stereo, built-in bluetooth, aux and ipod connect, air-con, front wheel drive, ABS airbags elec wind. Ph PROPERTY WANTED LOOKING to buy small (spacious) place in or around Broken Head UNITS FOR SALE CENTRALLY located unit, adjacent to St Kevin s Catholic church in Bangalow will become available within the next month. U cover park. Big sunny deck, BBQ, tranquil garden. No faeries or wizards BANGALOW 1 lge br with ensuite, f-furn or unfurn. Charming: on 2ac, waterholes, fire place, decks, peaceful.

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But she has to then stop being helpless, and be part of her own direction. But she’s not. Still, I think it won’t be the same relationship as before. Or maybe LF will think it is, but I think Sansa will be wiser to it. As more and more characters interact in larger groups, who will be the PoV for those meetings. But I don’t really see the point — Jon (or whoever) doesn’t lack for reasons to kill Ramsay, so Sansa lying about that doesn’t gain her anything, and it would mean she’s stuck married to Tyrion, whereas if Ramsay gets killed she’s a widow as far as everybody is concerned. They are there to accept Ramsey’s surrender after Boltgaryenbowl. But he still holds a card or two (what, I don’t know). So when he catches sight of Ramsey, he decides Ramsey can’t live. Not at this point. In fact, I see Wun Wun killin Ramsay and Littlefinger escaping, without Sansa. Moreover, I just wanna see Wun Wun stomp and squish some more. , and Sansa kills LF, and that’s her giant. If her sole purpose is to be LF’s bitch, then GRRM should have given HIM the POV, not her. At least that way, we’d know wtf he ultimately wants. I want her to make decisions for herself because it’s what SHE wants. He fights with enthusiasm but without any particular concern with aim or tactics.

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Lmao ok. The Armchair Spaceman Tom 3 bulan yang lalu train woman is short enough to fit neatly between the rails. It sounded exactly like in the clip. (clip 1) liz 3 bulan yang lalu My husband Past away in my bak yard. You should see the picture I HV that I took in my yard YouTube2 3 bulan yang lalu As scary as a big bag of white shite you'd give you're aunty on Christmas day. Come on you copy 'n paster get out there and find something uniquely scary. I'm fed up with this regurgitated tripe that passes for Top5Wanks. Mohammed Qadeer 3 bulan yang lalu If you look carefully on the last one you can see a person young boy it looks like staring towards the sky. Meanwhile, the onlookers are spending the rest of their lives in therapy. Wouldn't think they would need to, being dead and all. Odin Satanas 3 bulan yang lalu I mean, that train was almost at a full stop. She landed dead center, probably got bonked pretty hard and maybe shambled off after, could have died nearby but definitely possible to live from that, if she didn't fall flat and get run over on the rails. I mean. eah, that or it's a spooky ghost, based on you know, not knowing haha, must be a ghost. Do ghosts have shadows Nick qfn 4 bulan yang lalu dID the bird look to d door or BOOOOO. Mark Batarina 4 bulan yang lalu Damn, at least those ghosts have minutes. James White-Aldworth 4 bulan yang lalu Good to know you still get network coverage in hell Russy W 4 bulan yang lalu Makes you think twice before picking the phone up.

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